L’Atelier (Shanghai) Ltd. – BNP Paribas Group
Our mission                   Assist your organization to understand and engage online                   consumers, design...
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Our workClient                        Needs                                               Services provided         Launch...
What we can do for you ASSESS  YOUR  MARKET                           DESIGN  DIGITAL  STRATEGIES                     DETE...
Workshop capabilitiesCLASSROOM STYLE                                   ON THE FIELD Digital Marketing Training workshop fo...
Digital Business Club                              powered by L’Atelier       Club for Brands & Retailers     ENRICH YOUR ...
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L'Atelier BNP Paribas (Shanghai)
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L'Atelier BNP Paribas (Shanghai)


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L'Atelier BNP Paribas in Asia provides market research and consulting services assisting organizations to understand and engage online consumers, design and optimize their digital strategy (communication, marketing, sales) and detect the latest disruptive trends arising in their industry.

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L'Atelier BNP Paribas (Shanghai)

  1. 1. L’Atelier (Shanghai) Ltd. – BNP Paribas Group
  2. 2. Our mission Assist your organization to understand and engage online consumers, design and optimize efficient digital strategies (communication, marketing, sales, internal organization) and detect the latest disruptive trends arising within your industry throughout Asia. RESEARCH STRATEGY E V E N T S TRAININGL’ATELIER, Innovation unit created by BNP Paribas Group. At the forefront of digital technologies since 1978.
  3. 3. Our Services & ClientsRESEARCHMarket & ConsumerDisruptive InnovationsCompetitors AnalysisTrends ScoutingSTRATEGYDigital CommunicationDigital MarketingE-RetailingE-Business ManagementE V E N T SConferences organizationOn-site tours: China, Japan, South KoreaKeynotes of expertsTRAININGWorkshops SessionsTraining SeminarsCustomized Online Platform
  4. 4. Our workClient Needs Services provided Launch e-Commerce in China • Overview of the market, trends & competitors Market study delivered to the country board of Converse with • Assessment of business opportunities recommendations and action plan validated by the global CEO • Define market entry strategies (USA). • Business modelling & planning 2 Training Seminars (3 days each) organized for L’Oréal APAC Digital marketing training seminars for APAC (14 countries) about digital marketing in order to help the client • Design and organization of training sessions to stimulate a customer-centric approach in marketing plan and • Attendees: Marketing & Brand directors/managers to upgrade digital skills to walk new business opportunities and plan impactful cross-media campaigns. Accelerate the digital transformation of Danone Global program where we designed & organized Learning • Acceleration Workshops with Danone Waters & Expeditions & Workshops in 3 regions (Europe, North America Danone Baby and Asia) to accelerate the digital transformation of Danone • Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China Launch several e-Commerce brands in China • Business meetings with local e-commerce players Organisation of 2 Learning Expeditions combined with Market • e-Commerce Insider monthly report Research (monthly reports), workshops (Paris and Shanghai) • Advisory e-Business global department and Strategic advisory to support PPR’s online business development in China. Design, prepare and deliver 1 conference (half day long) in Being partner of the Digital Business Club Shanghai in order to present the company, meet potential • Topic: E-mailing marketing in Social Media Age clients and gain visibility with local market. • Attendees: +40 brands & retailers
  5. 5. What we can do for you ASSESS  YOUR  MARKET DESIGN  DIGITAL  STRATEGIES DETECT  DISRUPTIVE  TRENDS We perform studies, reports and We support organizations to design Since more than 30 years, L’Atelier hasbenchmarks allowing our clients to get a projects and strategies involving a strong been at the forefront of detecting andclear view about their position within the expertise into digital fields such as analyzing digital innovations impactingonline industry. Our researches explore Digital Communication, Social Media, markets, companies and consumermultiple axis including Consumers e-Marketing and e-Retailing Strategy. behaviors.(size, segmentation, behavior), Through various working formats With teams of experts within 3 continentsCompetitors (key players, strategies, (acceleration workshops, on-site tours…) (Europe, North America and Asia), webusiness models) and Market views and along with partners, we help you to offer our clients a unique platform(size, structure, trends, value chain…). bring ideas into motion! allowing them to see in advanceOur results allowed international brands upcoming disruptive trends and shift them Our company also supports organizationsand retailers to identify new business into new opportunities. to accelerate their digital transformation.opportunities, launch new projects and Through Trend Scouting reports,support their digital strategies. We deliver Digital Training seminars Customized newsletters, workshops and Conferences for employees, from with start-ups and cooperation with INDUSTRIES ALREADY COVERED execution to board level. think-tanks we deliver to our mother Cosmetics In order to infuse the digital culture within company (BNP Paribas) and to our key Luxury their organization at a larger scale, our clients continuous updates and analysis Insurance & Finance clients can also “plug” into a customized about upcoming changes arising within Mum and Baby Care online platform. Then, L’Atelier takes their industry or impacting their customers. Footwear & Apparel care about the animation of your internal Gaming communities, including daily market Automotive updates.
  7. 7. Workshop capabilitiesCLASSROOM STYLE  ON THE FIELD Digital Marketing Training workshop for L’Oreal Google China visit Baidu visit Visit of Liba.com
  8. 8. Digital Business Club powered by L’Atelier  Club for Brands & Retailers ENRICH YOUR NETWORK & SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE Conferences Round tables Networking e-Reputation Group Buying Customer Relationship ManagementSocial Commerce e-Commerce Solutions Online Luxury Online Community Management Innovative Startups In-store innovations
  9. 9. About us Contact us L’Atelier (Shanghai) Ltd. 哲翰管理咨询(上海)有限公司 asia@mail.atelier.net L’Atelier is an independent consulting firm, part of Find us BNP Paribas Group. L’Atelier BNP Paribas SHANGHAI OFFICE Cloud Nine Plaza, 9/F 1118, West Yanan Road 200052 Shanghai - China (8621) 62818533 Shanghai
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