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This is a presentation I recently developed. It is intended to facilitate a conversation with an executive staff about what features they would like to build.

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  • Over 70% of organizations fail to connect security to the business How can CISOs show value to their business organization in meaningful ways?
  • Humans are terrible at absolute estimation but quite good at relative estimationIt is generally faster - “What’s the use in being precise when you don’t even know what you’re talking about?”It gets a team thinking (and talking) as a group, rather than as individuals (group effort vs. individual person-hours)It encourages spending analysis time appropriately (analyzing and discussing)It is cost-effective
  • These are the types of metrics I will utilize to help you win
  • Agile_and_Scrum_Feature_Game_2013

    1. 1. Executive Team Presentation Laszlo Szalvay Direct of PO and UX (Candidate) 2 July 2013
    2. 2. #aboutme
    3. 3. What I heard… Define Business Case #bizcase “ ”
    4. 4. Our Story – How we win #winning “ ”
    5. 5. How I like to win
    6. 6. Agenda Interactive hands-on deep dive into a real world feature discussion, using teamwork
    7. 7. Discuss H2 ‘13 Epic Development (7 mins) Exercise: small table discussion
    8. 8. Detailed Instructions: – List all features (a.k.a Epics) you want built on sticky notes provided – Each person can have 0+N feature ideas / requests – Features can be at ideation stage – Put sticky notes on flip chart
    9. 9. Themes
    10. 10. Add Themes to Epics (4 mins) Exercise: small table discussion
    11. 11. • Detailed Instructions: – As a group create a ‘theming’ organization to your features – Add 0 + N themes per Epic on the flip chart(s) Create Named Themes
    12. 12. My Two Cents & Dot Voting
    13. 13. Dot voting (4 mins) Exercise: individual silent activity
    14. 14. Detailed Instructions: – In silence, Using Dot-Voting vote for the Epic(s) that you alone think will benefit our customer (CISO) the most. – You must utilize both of your votes
    15. 15. Rhetorical Persuasion
    16. 16. Re-voting (8 mins) Exercise: small table discussion
    17. 17. Detailed Instructions: – Employing your best rhetorical style, Using a Dot- Voting strategy vote for the Epic(s) that as a group you think will benefit our customer (CISO) the most. – Must utilize all group votes
    18. 18. #breakfor5minutes
    19. 19. Relative Sizing Explained Effort estimation is a means to an end. The ultimate goal is an achievable commitment
    20. 20. ROI Calculation (8 mins) Exercise: small table discussion
    21. 21. Detailed Instructions: – Using your (a) group based dot voting, (b) your themes, and (c) my relative effort based sizing create a ‘back of the napkin’ ROI calculator to help organize your backlog – Present to each other a stack ranked list of Epics to do in H2 ’13 that matches to our story
    22. 22. #AgileExecutiveDashboard
    23. 23. #ThankYou!
    24. 24. What facilitator needs to bring • Electrical Tape • Poker Chips or Pennies (20) • Pens, markets, sticky notes