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Mobile Library Services for Smartphones

Mobile Library Services for Smartphones

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  • 1. Library Services for Mobile Devices: The NIE Library Experience Jacky Wong NIE Library and Information Services Centre (LIBRIS) Librarians for Tomorrow Seminar 2012 Tuesday, 25th Sep 2012 Biopolis Auditorium
  • 2. Overview• Introduction• Strategies• Outcomes• Conclusion
  • 3. Presentation Date
  • 4. “Global mobile data trafficgrew 2.3 fold in 2011”“Projected to grow by 18-foldbetween 2011 and 2016” –Cisco Systems Inc“Singapore mobilepenetration rate – 145%”“72% are smartphones, 3rd Presentation Datehighest smartphonepenetration rate in the world”– IDA Singapore
  • 5. Access Library Services& Resources:•Anywhere•Anytime•24x7
  • 6. March 2011 - Launched Bookmyne iPhoneApplication
  • 7. Feature-rich but costs nothing (almost) !!!
  • 8. StrategiesBookmyne:No customizations=No new mobile services October 2011 – Mobile Services Task Force formed to review Library Mobile strategy
  • 9. Features Web Application Native Application• Reaches different mobile • More responsive devices easily• Content can be retrieved • Excellent user interface from search engine results• Content can be easily • Take advantage of features in updated mobile devices, e.g. camera• Enhancements can be • More expensive – needs more deployed immediately effort to develop, maintain, update & enhance • Requires more skillsets • Need to develop multiple versions for different platforms
  • 10. Features Web Application Native ApplicationUnable to interface Able to interface withwith BookMyne and BookMyne and otherother native native applicationsapplications
  • 11. StrategiesHybrid Approach Adopted:•First Page is Native Application•Subsequent Pages are part of web applicationsAdvantages:•Best of both worlds – Native & Web•Ability to link to BookMyne, NIE Mobile
  • 12. Strategies Outsource Application Development Faster time to market Address issue of lack of internal skill sets Proper knowledge transfer Retain source codes
  • 13. Strategies Technical Considerations Retrieve data from Library Portal via RSS Avoid maintaining contents from multiple platform
  • 14. Integration
  • 15. • Engage student to develop Android version of LibGO!• Development completed in a mere 6 weeks!• June 2012 - Launched Android version of LibGO!
  • 16. Outcome•Greater convenience for users•Increased usage of Library services & resources•Higher visibility of NIEObjectives achieved without adding too much administrative pressure on staff workload
  • 17. ConclusionWhat’s Next for LibGO!Analyze usage patternsthrough statisticsConduct focus group surveyto gather user feedbacks Monitor developments andtrends in the use of mobiledevicesGather ideas to enhanceLibGO!