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Questionmark Web Services
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Questionmark Web Services


John Kleeman of Questionmark discusses the use of web services for importing questions.

John Kleeman of Questionmark discusses the use of web services for importing questions.

Published in Education
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  • 1. JISC CETIS Assessment SIG (27 Jan 2009) John Kleeman, Questionmark product manager
  • 2.
    • Questionmark and integration
    • Web services and Questionmark’s QMWISe
    • Some examples
    • A new method for importing content
    • Recommendations for others considering using web services
  • 3.
    • Founded in 1988
    • Premier Standard of Assessment Management Systems
      • To create, deliver and report on assessments
      • For exams, tests, quizzes, and surveys
    • More than 2,500 customers have purchased Perception
      • For Corporate, Government, and Education markets
    • More than 14,000 authoring systems installed
    • Integration is critical to our customers and our business
      • Questionmark aims to be best of breed, and needs to integrate with others
  • 4.
    • AICC Certified -- 4 consecutive times
    • QTI compliant
      • Helped author IMS Learning Consortium’s Question and Test Interoperability standard
    • Early adopter and promoter of PENS
    • HR-XML certified
    • ADL SCORM compliant (SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004)
    • .NET certified
  • 5.
    • Questionmark specific integration points offer flexibility and ease of access including
      • Open database
      • HTTP APIs
      • JavaScript entry points
    • Our main recommended integration point is web services
      • QMWISe (Questionmark Web Integration Services environment)
      • Introduced in June 2002 and still our main integration point
  • 6.
    • A series of web service methods for example
      • CreateParticipant
      • ScheduleParticipant
      • GetAsessmentResultListByAssessment
    • 37 methods in 2002
    • 109 methods in 2009
    • Once a method is defined, Questionmark sticks by it. Integration code that worked in 2002 will still largely work today
  • 7.
    • XML is sent over HTTP via a protocol called SOAP
  • 8. Slide
  • 9.
    • Stable and long lasting, safe to commit to
    • Insulates from changes
    • Uses technology that will last
    • Can be called from any environment
    • Easy to log and debug problems
    • Secure
    • Efficient enough
  • 10.
    • Around 25% of Questionmark customers have access to QMWISe for their own integration
    • Common uses
      • Populating people from management systems
      • Pushing results into management systems
      • Getting URLs to allow single sign on
      • Calling assessments from other systems
      • Getting a list of available assessments
    • Includes several UK universities
  • 11.
    • Questionmark use QMWISe for our own products
      • Blackboard Connector uses QMWISe to interface to Perception
        • Continue working as Questionmark software changes
        • Clean interface which allows independent development
        • Clear logs to identify where problems are
      • Other Questionmark products which use QMWISe
        • SAP Connector
        • Moodle Connector
        • Questionmark to Go
        • Content Packager
  • 12.
    • Questionmark Consulting use QMWISe to interface to Perception
      • Create specialist reports
      • Single sign on
      • Link to student management systems or enterprise HR databases
      • Registration systems and e-commerce front ends to Perception
  • 13.
    • Web services allow interfaces for academic communities into Questionmark Perception
      • Shibboleth single sign-on
      • uPortal
  • 14.
    • QMWISe has a simple security model
      • An encoded key is used to allow/disallow access
      • Access once granted gives full capabilities in the system
    • Installations often use Windows security to prevent unauthorized access by IP address
    • SSL is useful
  • 15. Slide Area # Details Administrative URLs 3 Generate URLs to allow administrator or reporting login Participant URLs 4 Generate URLs to allow participant login Administrators 12 Create and manage administrator users Assessments / content 11 Create, view and manage assessments, topics and questions Assessment snapshots 6 Create and deliver a snapshot of an assessment and score results Group s 10 Create groups and assign participants to them HR-XML 1 Generates result in HR-XML format Participants 9 Create, view and manage participants Result data 22 View and manage results from assessments Scheduling 27 Schedule assessments System 4 About and configuration
  • 16.
    • Suppose
      • A student exists in Questionmark Perception
      • And is scheduled to some assessments
      • A portal has authenticated the student
      • And wants to pass through to Questionmark Perception
    • Then
      • Portal can call QMWISe to get a URL
      • And pass student through to it
  • 17.
    • SOAP request
    • <soap:Body>
    • <GetAccessAssessmentList xmlns=&quot;;>
    • <Participant_Name>kleeman33
    • </Participant_Name>
    • </GetAccessAssessmentList>
    • </soap:Body>
    • SOAP response
    • <soap:Body>
    • <GetAccessAssessmentListResponse xmlns=&quot; &quot;>
    •   <URL> http://LONL-JOHNK/q4/perception.dll?NAME=kleeman33&EXPIRES=25:01:2009:20:11&ACCESS=5639331035251589 </URL>
    •   </GetAccessAssessmentListResponse >
    •   </soap:Body>
  • 18.
    • Questionmark are currently introducing a new web service for question import
      • ImportQML
        • Takes a question in QML
        • Adds it into repository
        • Allows its use in questions
        • Can include questions with resources
    • QML is Questionmark’s XML languages for questions (
  • 19.
    • Combined with an existing method for creating assessments, this allows entirely non-Questionmark authoring systems to populate Questionmark repository
    • This method might be a route whereby external authoring systems could “publish” questions to Questionmark Perception for delivery
  • 20.
    • Questionmark web services provide a stable and safe way to integrate with Questionmark software
    • There are over 100 APIs, and a new method allows import of questions into the Questionmark repository
    • We recommend others who need to define interfaces into their software to use web services as they work in practice over the long term
  • 21.
    • Commit to continuity
      • People won’t integrate with you unless they believe the interface will be stable
    • Use them yourself
      • Eat your own dogfood
    • Log all traffic
      • This will allow problems to be diagnosed easily
    • Good documentation with examples
    • Error handling
    • Check scalability
  • 22.
    • Please feel free to send any follow-up questions to