Global Fitness Media Plan Final


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Social Internet Marketing Plan

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Global Fitness Media Plan Final

  1. 1. Stow • Tyngsboro New Media Marketing Proposal Created By Lindsay Skirven Lucarelli April 2009
  2. 2. Outline Stow • Tyngsboro • Overview – Marketing in a Social Web World – Social networks: beyond myspace and facebook – Competitor’s Website: let’s evaluate Global Fitness Center’s Strategic Intent • Global Fitness Media Platforms • Phase Development Plan • Monthly Themes • Email Marketing Campaign • Global Fitness website • Brand Ambassador Program • Next Steps •
  3. 3. Marketing in a Social Web World Stow • Tyngsboro Create a Two way relationship communication (not an event) (not one way) Build Organic Communities (not synthetic) (not a website) Being everywhere Integration (not just in your (not interruption) domain) Source: Building a Community with Social Media and Web 2.0 – A Cisco Product Launch Case Study
  4. 4. Social Networking Stow • Tyngsboro beyond myspace and facebook
  5. 5. Competition: It starts with the website Stow • Tyngsboro For Example: Information, Promo s, Events New Things Work Out Smart: Suggested Workout based on desired results. Multiple locations Missing Options: Promotion: New •Stay Connected membership •Community incentive. •Trainer Profiles •Online group training registration/payment Online membership purchase option Membership satisfaction survey
  6. 6. Global Fitness Centers: Strategic Intent Stow • Tyngsboro • Enhance the Global Fitness Center brand with existing members and prospective members. • Maximize membership experience and revenue potential. • Expand membership base. • Promote as the primary communication vehicle for the gym’s on-goings. • Identify and engage with a visible community. • Create synchronized – but, independent (Stow, Tyngsboro) – online community platform centers.
  7. 7. Global Fitness Media Platforms Stow • Tyngsboro Three mediums need to be leveraged to identify and engage a community around the Global Fitness facilities. (existing website) GlobalFitnessTrainerBlog Global Fitness E-zine Member Discussion Boards (start a monthly e-zine) (create a weekly blog) Distribute via Email Database Promote via Social Networks
  8. 8. Stow • Tyngsboro the website is the hub of all internet-based marketing efforts. All communication must be synchronized in the purpose, message, and branding – but, linked back to the main website. Provide a Link Weekly Blog and Allow online Complimentary Monthly E-zine purchases. Download •Website is the hub •Make learning and purchasing price easier. •Ensure synchronization •Trainer’s 4-week workout amongst all media •Be transparent. •Exercise of the day platforms •Include trainer •Give the consumer •Monthly themes profiles, client something that is relevant testimonies, calendar, and •Make a reader want to price information. come back by creating a purpose for a return. Sign-up for Email Offers Read our blog Follow us on: Share This
  9. 9. Phase Development Plan Stow • Tyngsboro •Website enhancement •Create social network groups • Did you learn something about your Phase 2 - Engagement Phase 3 - Assessment Phase 1 - Information (facebook, sparkspeople, members that you didn’t know before? •Trainer profiles •Connect website to social network •Did your members learn something about •“stay connected on updated” pages (and vice versa) you? •Regularly update and post on website. •Trainer’s Blog •Were you able to engage your members •Online purchase option in new conversations? •Identify and leverage strategic business partnerships that target the same •Do your employees have an effective •Organize and utilize membership audience new tool for external feedback and database reputation management? •Apply new membership incentives to •E-zine specific area groups. •Free Exercise Download •Go Live with Brand Ambassadors •Incent to participate in online •Solicit online feedback after training membership survey. sessions, new BTS launches, special group •Build Dave’s Facebook training, or other one-off programs. •Synchronize face-to-face and in-the-gym •Create a recipe swap and member collateral with online media content and message board that connects the format. community. •Collect email addresses at every possible point. •Promote website in-the-gym. •Initiate Brand Ambassadors
  10. 10. Monthly Themes All communication must be synchronized while offering relevant content that addresses the readers’ Stow • Tyngsboro needs, challenges, and desires. A monthly theme plan will help ensure synchronization, while creating a plan of relevant subject matter. May June July August Sept October Theme TRX Suspension Competition and Resolutions: 6 Kids Fit Month – Before (and After Get Ready- the System Training months after – fuse yoga with – which should Holidays are how are you karate be in January) coming! doing? Profile Announce new Coaching and To help you Partner with local Start leverage Programs that training training for 5Ks, assess your karate studio social networks can keep equipment and 10Ks, triathelons, progress with any and market a to create a people stress certification of etc. Make it fitness-orientated Kids Fit month at group of 5 free, on the Global relevant for 2009 resolutions Stow Shopping people that will schedule, and trainers. weekend warrior. Plaza. be chronicled healthy during with their before- the holidays. and-after transformations. On the website Videos, links, Member profile – Get a trainer to Show places of Client diaries – Healthy recipes. promotion, free 3 members – 1 make-over a interest for active allow people to trial day, trainer older, 1 triathlete, new member’s kids/families. comment and Promote profitles, 1 weekend food shopping Download a cheer them on! Gather’s Kitchen warrior. Have habits. Chronicle fitness routine for Links to social to pre-make them be it online and kids. network groups healthy family promotion assessed by Julie. PROMOTE IT. Suggest fun Link to dinners. music for families Get a member to m Feature 15 who has been minute blast military to train workouts. and evaluate online. E-zine content In development In development Launch E-zine. Kid-approved Start offering Discount for Incorporate meals, pictures, local businesses subscribers to suggestions, feature the child feature spots Gather’s Kitchen. workouts, etc. care staff Include stress- reducing yoga poses.
  11. 11. Email marketing Campaign Regular communication is essential for any impactful marketing plan. Maximize existing resources • Tyngsboro Stow to distribute gym information, schedule changes, announce new groups, etc. To compliment monthly themes and to continuously reach out to members, drive at least 2 email campaigns a month. May June July August Sept October Theme TRX Suspension Competition and Resolutions: 6 Kids Fit Month – Before (and After Get Ready- the System Training months after – fuse yoga with – which should Holidays are how are you karate be in January) coming! doing? 1st email Announce TRX 3 Member’s It’s been 6 month Check out our e- Twitter hit, if and create Profiles that are since….. zine to get great something to say electronic training for a promotions, gym collateral around local Road Race, Just a reminder insight, schedule it. 1st Triathlon, or ? we are here to updates, etc. help you with your goals – even if you got side- barred. 2nd email Updated Class Start a morning Here are some Twitter hit – hey, We have new Schedule run club – 6am at great things you check out our classes – make coming up and Delaney. All can do at home site to chat with sure to pick up a chance to try welcome! if you can’t get our new trainer your BINGO card TRX after a class to Global….. to get entered Invitation: Group for the IPOD Ride with – BTW – Lorraine shuffle. triathlete training burned 900 Meanwhile – try member calories at some new Group yesterday’s Ride classes. Class. You go girl! 3rd email Have you heard Special Do you know? the buzz? They promotion at We love love it! (include Marx Running testimonials from Shop in Acton for m – you can join the trial and Global Members. Free and get announce the great fitness tips
  12. 12. Brand Ambassador Program Social network sites help facilitate conversations between individuals, not companies. Once you haveStow • Tyngsboro a sense of what people are talking about, it’s time to identify the appropriate people inside Stow and Tyngsboro to participate. Find the People People want to have conversations with company representatives who are experts in their area, who are passionate about their work and who are empowered to act on the feedback they receive from the community. Identify the best of the best to act as your Global Fitness Brand Ambassadors. Set Rules of Engagement Establish a social media policy that offers guidelines to your employees on the appropriate way to engage in online conversations. Microsoft’s Channel 9 Doctrine is a good place to start. Define Your Strategy Social media is comprised of many different platforms. Rather than trying to participate in all of them, begin with one or two that seem to make the most sense. Having an engagement strategy will help to determine how much time employees will devote to social media communications, what will be the focus areas for engagement and it will help to measure success.
  13. 13. Next Steps Stow • Tyngsboro •Design header for email blasts Get email database ready •Activate email database and ensure efficient management of address changes and additions. •Prepare a portion of email to allow people to “unsubscribe.” •Implement purchase process, requiring email submission. •Include all class, group training, and private training/trainer descriptions, prices, and schedules. Enhance Website •Incorporate download initiative, requiring email •Consider adopting membership portion of the site, if discussion boards will be done. •Announce Website enhancement Initiate Email marketing •Introduce TRX news via email and website. Synch up with focused in-the-gym communication. plan •Distribute new Group Class schedule, including descriptions of the classes. •1st target activation date is May 1, 2009 •Work with web host to evaluate their e-zine and blog host offerings. •Design a magazine cover and determine an approximate value for the e-zine. Create an e-zine •Develop format and determine if revenue potential exists or is desired •Go live with e-zine in July / August. And distribute via email database, allowing readers to unsubscribe. Design Blog Concept and •Assign Blog Authors and meet to outline expectations, calendar, content, etiquette, etc. •Utilize email database to announce blog site and give reader option of unsubscribing. Roll-out •Consider going live in January 2010 Implement Brand •Identify brand ambassadors and get their buy-in on their role via social networks. •Identify the two most relevant social network sites and leverage Global’s presence. Ambassador and Social •Link social network pages to Global’s website, inviting visitors to become a friend. network plan •Go live in September 2009