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How to Profit from Static Analysis
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How to Profit from Static Analysis


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Why it is profitable to use static analysis, how can it solves problems for developers, testing, security researches and quality managers. …

Why it is profitable to use static analysis, how can it solves problems for developers, testing, security researches and quality managers.
This session gives overview of static analysis - what is it for, what problems it solves, overview of commercial and free tools available as eclipse plugins (for JDT and CDT), how to adapt it for the organization to help developers.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Elena Laskavaia,Research In Motion,Eclipse Con, March 2012
    • 2.  Use Static Analysis Tools Sell Static Analysis Tools ◦ not discussing today 
    • 3. 12    10 Extra Cost Dev. Cost Profit8 Profit Profit Dev. Cost6 Extra Cost4 Dev. Cost Dev. Cost Dev. Cost Dev. Cost20 Before Ideal Real Real II Real III
    • 4. Analysis of source code without running it Reverse Bug Detection Refactoring Engineering Security Visualization Unused Code Code Style Metrics Code Clones Code Compliance X-Ref Cleanup
    • 5. Stage Bug Life CostAs you type 1s 1 centDeveloper build 10 sec 10 centDeveloper testing 10 min $3SCM check in 4h $10Integration build 1d $40Integration testing 10 days $200In the field from 30 days $1000+In outer space 3 years $100 million* 10000 1000 100 10 1 Dev Unit QA User Live Test Test Acc.
    • 6.  Finding of bugs for “Free” Detection of security vulnerabilities Enforcement of code style Assistance on software certification and audit Help with testing and regression testing Automation of code review Generation of software metrics trends
    • 7.  Cost of Tools Installation and Setup Users Training Build Integration and Maintenance Tuning and Customization Problems Triage
    • 8.  Use maximum of your IDE and compiler If you need external tools try to pick ONE Evaluate tool before buying Pay for integration Tune it Customize it
    • 9.  Integrate into existing software lifecycle! Be customizable Hide false positives without code modification Have ability to report new errors only Use adaptive error reporting Auto-correct errors Explain itself well
    • 10.  Incorrect integration Failure to tune: noise Obscure code Bug in tool
    • 11.  Developers Workstation ◦ Integrated as you type ◦ In local build ◦ As unit tests ◦ As extra “tool” to run on code
    • 12.  Code Review ◦ Bot code reviewer (gives -1 or +1 on review ) Commit Hook ◦ Veto on code submission Integration Build ◦ Send auto-alerts on new bugs ◦ Provide trends on sw quality, maintainability, size Run on Demand ◦ Audit - FDA, DO-178B, MISRA ◦ Find bugs for external triage
    • 13.  All bugs have to be fixed Free tool means no cost The more tools we buy, the more bugs they find, the better it is for us If we pay for the tools they will find all our bugs Tool just works out of the box Developers love to use a new tool
    • 14.  Zero Tolerance Warnings are Evil Progressive Exposure Stop the Bleeding Pick ONE tool for bug detection Smart code style Don’t argue, fix the code!
    • 15.  Buy 5 tools and add another 5 free ones Add all errors directly into bug tracking database Report code style errors instead of auto-correct Enforce obsolete and irrelevant code standards Enable errors that you don’t care about Enable errors which have limited applicability
    • 16. Type How it affects the code F.P. Rate DensityProgramming Errors Cause Program High Low MisbehaviourCode Style Fail Certification Low HighSecurity Violations Cause security exploits High HighUnused Code Bigger Code Footprint Low MedVisibility Reduction, Poor Maintainability Low HighCode Clean-upPerformance Code Executes Slower Low High
    • 17.  Set to Error!
    • 18. • Finds errors as you type• Provides quick fixes
    • 19.  Maximize gain ◦ Figure out what you want Dev. Cost Profit ◦ Find the right tool(s) Minimize cost ◦ Integrate ◦ Tune Dev. Cost ◦ Enforce ◦ Educate Before After
    • 20. Elena Laskavaia,