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Lecture 5   Darwin Vs. God   Revised With Margins   Final
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Lecture 5 Darwin Vs. God Revised With Margins Final


Published on

Sean Pitman lectures at La Sierra University on Evolution and Creation

Sean Pitman lectures at La Sierra University on Evolution and Creation

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology

  • Is this perhaps the creationist equivalent of 'rick-rolling' someone? I was directed here by an email from that said:

    We found some more documents similar to Why all the fuss about Darwin and
    Evolution? that we think you might enjoy. So here they are. ;->

    I presume the smiley connotes irony. The cheap and slimy presentation 'Darwin Vs. God Revised With Margins Final' is definitely NOT similar to Eugenie Scott's magnificent presentation.
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  • If this presentation had any coherence or significant basis, it would have been submitted to a journal like Nature or Science, not gratuitously thrown at ordinary people who neither have time nor inclination to research the veracity of its out of context quotations.
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  • 23. ID Potential ID Potential ID Potential Non-Deliberate Potential ID Potential ID Potential ID Potential
  • 24.
  • 25. Is a simple polished granite cube miraculous? From the perspective of natural design it is . . .