This Tool Guarantees You’ll Start Writing Like A PRO!


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Are you trying to write a book, article, blog post or anything else but you get distracted quickly? It’s as if you can never finish! Use this tool!

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This Tool Guarantees You’ll Start Writing Like A PRO!

  1. 1. This Tool Guarantees You’ll Start WritingLike A PRO!Are you trying to write a book, article, blog post or anything else but you get distractedquickly? It’s as if you can never finish!I found a free app that ALLOWS you to write the way you should (which I’ll explain howfurther below)!It’s a free app, best way to use it is to press F11 to go Full Screen. Then just start writing infull screen mode. There’s nothing to distract you: No formatting options, no menus, just fullscreen writing mode just you and the words you type.Sure you can then save and download as .txt or .pdf!Write as many documents as you want… no advertisements!The tool is great simple because when you want to write something YOU have to beCOMMITTED. You have to start writing and only afterwards edit your work. Worry aboutformatting at the very end. If you want to write a book use this app and start writing andwriting don’t really worry what you’re saying what’s important is that you create lots ofcontent. Then edit and format afterwards! Because the problem we face is not being able tocome up with words and produce content – well this app overcomes that by forcing you towrite there’s no other options apart from Save and Download!Get this app for free now at: (use it in Full Screen Mode toeliminate all distractions). You can change background and text colour how you like (go toPrefs). It’s also a Google Chrome app.The reason I write ebooks, articles, blog posts and anything else without hardly any effort isbecause I let my hands and mind type freely without allowing those constant questionsfrom popping in my mind like: Is this good? Should I bold here? I think I need to re readwhat I wrote so far! Those are all distractions. Loosen up your mind and let your handswrite about what you want to without considering anything!Then when I see I have written quite a lot of words & content I start reading what I’vewritten and format the content. I apply font colour maybe, bold, underline and italics as wellas modifying the content maybe add or remove some sentences, etc! But if you try to do thispart (the formatting and editing part as I call it) while you’re writing you’ll NEVER finishyour book or article or it will take you forever!Another tip is to make a list of topics or subtopics you want to write about. Thenuse this free app and the method I revealed to start writing about those topics andsubtopics.Jack Sarlo