Riches in Niches.. Master the #1 Newbie Mistake!


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IF you want an info marketing business start one in a niche you’re
passionate about, love, have experience in, and so on. Take this advice to avoid building a business in a niche you'll later regret it.

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Riches in Niches.. Master the #1 Newbie Mistake!

  1. 1. Riches in Niches.. Master the #1 NewbieMistake!Sometimes I feel like I’m going to throw up while I’m searching the web – I really hate someproducts out there about making money – fake, hype, ridiculous, I just hate them.I’m not going to mention the name but the claim is $9,000 a day after 3 days…Video testimonials all saying they made $9000 after 2 days lol (hired from fiverr.comprobably)…After a simple search I found out it’s a video course showing you how to setup a squeezepage, driving traffic and email your list! Worse much of the content is PLR not originalOMG!!These folks could make some real money by finding an untapped profitable nicheINSTEAD of scamming!If you try to exit the website you will get the product for $10 off, if you try to exit againyou’ll be presented over and over with a discount until you can get the product at no costlol…That’s INSANE!!!Clickbank already started to reject all salesletters that mention “make X amount ofdollars”… Too many newbies try to build a business in the “how to make money” niche – toomany do this wrong…How can you teach someone how to make money if you haven’t yet made any yourself?Those successful online have build a REAL BUSINESS – instead of being a shop offline it’s
  2. 2. online, it’s REAL they’re not “playing around” they didn’t register a domain put up some‘make money product’ and got rich… Figure out their passions, interests, talents and doNICHE Research carefully… and then dominate the niche and become a king or queen oftheir niche.Later on some (depends on their interests) after they become successful they may start toteach their strategy and techniques, they build another business in the Make money onlineniche (but only once they are successful)!So take my suggestions if you want an info marketing business start one in a niche you’repassionate about, love, have experience in, and so on. You could have more than onebusiness too although you should start one by one. This is a list of potential businessesI can open in other niches (based on my interests, etc):* Clarinet nicheIDEAS: video tutorials how to play clarinet, manuals, ebooks… I can create these myself orpay professional clarinet musicians. There are many youtube lessons, I can contact someand ask them to pay them to create for me videos. In no time I can have a full-blown homestudy course I can ship to customers worldwide.I can also sell as an affiliate some physical products like clarinets, reeds, cleaning stuff,playing books, etc. I can allow offline businesses to advertise their clarinet related serviceson my websites (i.e. sell text links, ads, solo ads, etc).* Movies nicheIDEAS: Build a website/blog and promote as an affiliate movie related products. Since I havea passion in it, it will be enjoyable! There are all sorts of clickbank products, I can look atwhat competitors are selling and try to create something better – or become an affiliate! Youcan always create your own products and sell as an affiliate both better.* SoccerIDEAS: Once again there are a huge number of soccer products on Clickbank… I can findwhat they are and create something better… or simple promote affiliate products or do both!This website: has over 150,000 fans on facebook so I cantry to create something like it since it’s clear they are quite successful!These are all niche markets (of course one has to evaluate them first to know if they’reprofitable) outside the make money online niche. You can be making thousands a month andno one will know what you’re doing!! That’s exactly what I like! Remember the productcreation part is the easiest part, once you find the niche the rest kinda falls into place. Thereare hundreds of products that teach you how to create products – that’s not a problem. Theproblem is when you’re NOT in right niche.How can you manage a clarinet business if a) you have no interest, passion or affinity? You’llhave no competitive advantage, you might get bored, you won’t have enthusiasm!“Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.” –
  3. 3. Ralph Waldo EmersonDo not get discouraged with the thought of finding a niche — many folks probably enter themake money niche instantaneously because they’re afraid other niches are more difficult orfor the pros!When in reality it’s the other way round – take the clarinet niche for instance, there are justa bunch of articles on first page of Google, there isn’t even a REAL competitor somethinglike you could be working with very few competition! And mostanyway aren’t very good marketers their websites look very amateur.Jack SarloP.S. Now there’s an amazing tool which allows you to join an affiliate program and linkdirectly to their order form… forget about the old ugly affiliate links – now you can writeyour own salesletters, capture leads & link directly to affiliate program order form! (It’ssneaky no one will know you’re promoting an affiliate product!)