Quickly & Easily Become a Book Author!


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Turning an ebook you’re selling into a real book is an extremely profitable investment you can make! Find out how to do it easily!

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Quickly & Easily Become a Book Author!

  1. 1. Quickly & Easily Become a Book Author!Turning an ebook you’re selling into a real book is an extremely profitable investment youcan make!You’re probably either never thought of doing this, or you’re thinking you’re NOT an authorthis is definitely not for you! However you don’t have to be an author, if you can write anebook you can have your own book too!Before giving away the No B.S. SEO Crash Course for free from my website it was on saleon Amazon and other bookstores. I managed to do that even though English is not my firstlanguage. So you can too.There isn’t anyone who’s going to make sure grammar is perfect and do some thoroughreview of it! So it’s very easy to do this.Here’s some benefits of having your own book: i. You look more professional, a book has a higher perceived value than an ebook! You look like an expert! ii. You can start saying: John Smith Amazon Author See what that does to you? You look like an expert!iii. You can make money from your ebook as well as from the book, sales you otherwise could never make, customers you otherwise could never reach!iv. Using a service like http://www.lulu.com or https://www.createspace.com you just submit your ebook follow their instructions and they handle the rest. They’ll submit your book to all bookstores not just Amazon! v. If your competitors are all selling ebooks you’ll be the only one with a book – you’ll stand out from the rest! You’re the only expert with a real book!That’s enough benefits to make this a good investment of your time and money, it will onlycost you some time investment to format the book properly (margins, etc). You will alsoneed to hire a graphic designer to make a book cover for you. Once again Lulu provideinstructions for all this.Tips when selling a book:q Try to have something your book readers will buy after reading your book. Something to take them a step forward in the learning. Something more advanced, a course, a software maybe… Advertise this advanced product at the last pages of the book – send them to a website URL for them to check it out.q You can also try to make the book and the advanced product with similar titles for a great example of this on Amazon: F.U. Money (book title) F.U. Money System (home study course)
  2. 2. q Put testimonials at the back cover of book – general testimonials about yourself. Here’s what people are saying about John Smith… This will greatly influence your readers that you’re an expert. They’re more likely then to buy the advanced product and/or check you out online and buy your other products.q Include FREE gifts along with your book. On book cover put something like: Includes 3 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $97! This will increase the sales of your book. Then at the beginning of your book create a page and direct them to get the bonuses online from a website.There you have it, your own book!Remember you can always stop selling your book anytime so remember nothing ispermanent with an Internet Business – free yourself from fear and try something new!