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No bsseo crashcourse

  1. 1. No B.S. SEO Crash Course No B.S. SEO Crash Course By Jack Sarlo Jack Sarlo Straight Talk, Inc. No portion of this Guide may be reproduced without written consent from Jack Sarlo Straight Talk, Inc., Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved.Page 1 of 13
  2. 2. No B.S. SEO Crash CourseFriend,Your success is my goal, thats why Im writing this ebook – Im going to use this ebook to try and CUTyourself loose from something very “evil” out there that I call junk-info, much like junk-food but it hasgot nothing good not even its taste!This ebook is NOT intended to overwhelm you with a thousand different SEO techniques, hundreds ofSEO terms, quotes and research studies OR other useless stuff! Thats for the nerds not thebusinessperson.Its simple going to show you what one has to do to get top rankings starting with A then B and finallyC!My approach in Internet Marketing is one of straight talk! Youre going to learn SEO the way its meantto be learned AND this is probably going to be something youre NOT used to hearing!In fact... This IS NOT your Average FREE SEO ebook!I used to teach SEO, now Im teaching and also saving you from catastrophic failures because of thecrap thats out there!Nowadays the web is littered with SEO stuff, everywhere articles, tips, tactics, and other stuff! So bearwith me as I shall explain the PRINCIPLES that havent changed from the time I first started, 2004!Unlike what everyone else may tell you there are SEO principles that never change. The SEO tacticsmay slightly change but the foundation remains the same.Let me explain...SEO is done so your website is displayed on first page of when someone types a searchterm. Ideally you want to be located in the first 3 positions – because these positions get the mostclicks/traffic.The principle is this: You cant just put up a crappy website use some SEO techniques, then sit backwhile traffic floods your website!You have to follow this guideline or even rule: Give search engines what they want! You cant RECIEVEonly, you have to GIVE as well! You cant pretend to receive all the traffic but give nothing back!So what you give back is what search engines want: A quality, valuable and useful website! If you wantto rank for the term italian recipes, then Google pretends that a) your website is actually about italianrecipes, it has quality information, value, in other words its not crap!Page 2 of 13
  3. 3. No B.S. SEO Crash Course Give Search Engines What They Want! Greedy Doesnt Win! You Have To Give In Order To Receive!Thats the first rule to follow, memorize it!So many people put up a crappy website and then pretend to get top rankings. Thats why you have tohave a good product/service or content, etc and work on your website conversion and so forth.I can help you with all this at http://www.straightmoneytalker.comIt boils down to this... Delivery a positive experience to someone who visits your website after doinga Google search – give them what theyre searching for!OK, now that you know that...The second rule I want you to know is that KEYWORDS are everything in SEO. Choose the wrongkeywords and you ruin everything! You have to absolutely do keyword research before anything else!You have to know which are the RIGHT keywords to choose to rank for!That is critital! I spend lots of time on keyword research because theyre the foundation of everythingelse you do afterwards. Everything will FAIL if you dont do keyword research properly! Theyre thecore!Once you do keyword research youre going to start implementing what we call SEO techniques. Callthem anything you like, tactics, strategies, etc. There are those techniques we do on the (or to the)website itself (we call them Onpage Optimization techniques) and those we do off the website (we callthem Offpage Optimization techniques).Thats it.Once we start doing the Offpage techniques youll start seeing your website rising in the search enginerankings. is the #1 search engine on the Internet thats why you care only about gettingtop ranked on Google. Its the best traffic you can get...Only 1000 websites appear for every keyword someone searches for. Youll start seeing your websiteappear at the very bottom and slowly but surely it will rise up till it joins the first 10 websites on pageone!Keep doing the Offpage Optimization techniques until you get to #1 position (or your desirable spot). Ialways aim at the best, which is #1 position, if you have done keyword research properly you shouldhave a set of keywords that you can almost guarantee it youll get the #1 position for!Once you reach your goal if the competition outranks you and loose the position YOU SIMPLECONTINUE doing the offpage optimization techniques.Page 3 of 13
  4. 4. No B.S. SEO Crash CourseYou have probably understand by now the power to get top rankings lies in the offpage optimizationtechniques!But you can also pay someone else to do these techniques (or some of them) for you.Do I recommend you outsource from the beginning and do nothing yourself?Yes and no, its up to you. But if you decide to outsource first understand them yourself CAREFULLY, soyou give exact instructions to the person you outsource – you dont want to get scammed by someoneclaiming to be an SEO expert who will take matters with his own hands, NO you want to tell themwhat to do yourself!For example: “Need someone to find forums and participate on them!”That is something you can outsource, you will get links to your website from the forum signatures.More about links later on...Http:// are many other websites you can find proper people to hire! (Look at their resume, previousexperience & work done similar to what you want, comments left on their profile, etc).Now you already know what A) SEO is all about and B) What you have to do to get top rankings!Know well cover the actual techniques you do, what you take action upon.Lets begin with keyword research tools, the free or paid tools, I recommend paid tools, since keywordresearch is CRITIAL you want to do it right – your goal is to uncover keywords that meet these twocriteria:1) They receive medium or high search traffic2) They have medium to low competitionYou dont want to pick a keyword which gets too little traffic. I give you exact numbers further below.Neither a keyword with too many competition that it will be impossible to rank for at the very least onpage one!Search traffic refers to the number of times a keyword has been searched for. Some tools tell you thedaily search traffic (i.e. the average number of times a keyword has been searched for in one day),Googles own tool tells you the monthly search traffic.Tools I use and recommend:Wordtracker (the #1 keyword research tool) – they have a 7 day free trial, within 7 days you can find the rightkeywords and export them to excel file, etc. Or take the full version if you have some extra money.Page 4 of 13
  5. 5. No B.S. SEO Crash CourseIf you do take the trial, since you have just 7 days make sure you know precisely what to do, if youreserious enough and want to know insider techniques to uncover “killer keywords” check the No B.S.SEO System!Most of the competition use free keyword tools so you will have an advantage if you use a paid toollike Wordtracker, since you will uncover a ton more keywords competition dont even know exist!Google Keyword Tool at: How do Keyword Research Tools Work?Lets say your website sells a book about “italian recipes”!You want to get top ranked for keywords like italian receipts, but dont just pick the first keywordthat comes to your head like italian recipes - remember you have to know the traffic volume andcompetition number.You simple type in italian recipes in the tool, (Fig.1.1) and it will return all keywords people searchfor related to italian recipes. Head on now to: and tryit out! Beware of keyword research tools thats out there, most of them provide inaccurate data! For something as important and critical as keyword research I advise you use top-notch tools like the ones I recommend!You want to look for a keyword that receives a minimum of 5,000 searches a month, nothing less!Page 5 of 13
  6. 6. No B.S. SEO Crash Course Fig.1.1As you can see there are plenty of keywords, Googles tool lists up to a 100, with other tools you can find thousands of keywords... hence your chances of finding the bestpossible ones increase!Apart from the amount of searches they receive you want to know the competition number of eachkeyword too! To do that simple go to type the keyword and hit search (Fig.1.2)Page 6 of 13
  7. 7. No B.S. SEO Crash Course Fig.1.2It says 54,700,000, typically anything over 7,000,000 is too competitive! So we have to look at otherkeywords in the list for example italian appetizer recipes (2,830,000 competition) or italian soupsrecipes (5,300,000). Both these keywords get well over 5,000 searches a month! You will notice that if you check the competition number of the same keyword tomorrow the number may slightly vary. My suggestion is to check the competition number twice, today and tomorrow or another day Make sure on both days the number is below 7,000,000! Practice Makes Permanent!With practice youll begin to uncover hot keywords in minutes, so spend some time studying thekeyword research tools, how they work and practice! Thats how you become an expert.There are more important nitty gritty details when it comes to keyword research but I have no time toexplain them all in here! But you have to know all the secrets since being able to find great keywordsis key to success in SEO!!Thats why Ive written the No B.S. SEO System, for those serious about their Internet Business whowant to know all the trade secrets!Ok now you have an idea how to conduct keyword research! Now what?What you start doing is the Onpage Optimization techniques. For instance title tags. This is done byinserting one or two of your keywords in the <title> <title> tag of your website html file.Page 7 of 13
  8. 8. No B.S. SEO Crash CourseDo you have to do this?Yes and no. Heres something very important: I do some of these Onpage Optimization techniques butnot all of them. Thats because these techniques wont help increase your rankings for the keywordsthat much. You can say theyre little important.What is important on the other hand are the Offpage Optimization techniques!Heres a list of some Onpage Optimization techniques I do (remember these are techniques you do ONyour website):-> Insert keyword/s in title tags of homepage only.-> Insert keyword/s in description tag of homepage only.-> Alt tags on homepage pictures only.-> Make sure my website is of quality and valuable-> Create and submit sitemap to Google Webmaster ToolsAll of that can be done within 20 minutes! Theyre very easy stuff.Now when you do the Offpage Optimization techniques is where you start to get excited. Its thesetechniques that start to really make magic happen.Type in a keyword you chose when doing keyword research in and youll probably wontfind your website anywhere within the 1000 websites that appear! By the way TIME is money, dont waste it – you dont have to check all 100 pages trying to locate your website. Whenever you want to see where youre ranking just check the first 10 pages only!But youll start seeing your website on these first 10 pages at when you implement theOffpage Optimization techniques.So why do these so called Offpage Optimization techniques increase your website rankings? Thatsthe question you have to make to understand SEO!See, these techniques are all related to getting other websites to LINK to you. That means for instanceleaving a signature text link in a forum or telling someone who has a website to put a text link pointingto your website.Google sees these links as a “vote” or a “like” from others to your website! The more votes or likes youhave the higher up you go in the search engine rankings. So then you might think: Well then thewebsite with the most number of links gets the #1 spot!Fortunately or unfortunately depends how you look at it its NOT the case! See Google is moreintelligent – its NOT just how many links you have, other factors are considered.Page 8 of 13
  9. 9. No B.S. SEO Crash Course Are the links from crappy websites? Are the links from website related to yours? How many links is your website getting over time?There are many factors, yet Google doesnt reveal the algorithm (how their rankings process works)BUT with experience and so on real SEO experts have uncovered some of the most important factors!In plain English you have to follow a proven plan or strategy to get links! Now you know theyre thekey to getting top rankings – BUT you cant just lay your hands on every product, service or solutionthat promises thousands of them!I want you to really understand and memorize this: You have to get the links (also called backlinks)using the right strategy, the one the REAL experts use!So thats it really... thats SEO in a nutshell.Get the foundation wrong and youre doomed to failure thats one of the reasons I wanted to writethis ebook – to give you solid foundation! The Other Junk-Info About SEO!Im sad to say this but the truth is that theres a helluva lot of junk out there about SEO! Itsuppresses what any good advice there is! If someone wants to learn SEO hes going to learn someof the negative, untruths and false stuff thats out there!My strategies work, if you want the exact methods I use you should check out the No B.S. SEOSystem.Whats NOT in the system I strongly advice caution before using... for instance the so called blackhat techniques, content generation software, etc. If youre serious about finding white-hotkeywords and getting top ranked for them you simple have to follow the No B.S. SEO System andnothing more or less!Everything you do thats not in the system is entirely at your own risk... I wont be held responsiblefor that!Page 9 of 13
  10. 10. No B.S. SEO Crash CourseHere are some of the good ways to get backlinks to your website: * Sign up with forums related to your topic or niche, leave valuable replies and insert a link in the forum signature! * Write quality articles and submit them to article directories, insert your link in the bio section! * Write good-quality press releases and submit them to press release directories! * Contact other website owners in your niche or bloggers and ask them to swap articles with them, trade links or become their guest author (you write for them free articles in exchange for leaving a link in the article)The list of ways to get backlinks is huge.Remember I told you its not just the website with the most number of links that gets the topposition – there are other factors – learn about them here: are they?It teaches you the ideal number of backlinks to get every day, when and how often you use akeyword in the link text, and so forth. Youre a Businessperson NOT a Geek!Who cares about the panda update, sandbox, penguin or other stuff Google comes up with –technical stuff! I tell you who cares about that.Its all those who arent following a system thats not overcomplicated and works all the time!Many folks who worry about the penguin or panda updates, etc are those who from the starthavent got a real clue how to do SEO!They probably think they have to cheat, trick, or use the latest most expensive thing to get toprankings. Dead-Wrong!You dont have to worry, or even think about all this geek stuff when you follow what Ive beenteaching you here. I laugh at them, seriously.So I want you to realize you can stop chasing your own tail like everyone else is doing when it comesto SEO.Beware of forums thats where the majority of confusion concentrates on! Like I said, I cant justteach you SEO only, I have to save your neck from the overwhelming amount of hogwash all aroundon the web about SEO.Page 10 of 13
  11. 11. No B.S. SEO Crash CourseFor instance it gives me a headache when people spend $110 to get their website indexed, whenthey can do it for... FREE! You dont even have to think about getting indexing AT ALL!! And I feelsorry for those who submit their website to a 100 different search engines! And so many more...Really! Its all about knowing the right information, from the right person! I hope you got that bynow... that not everything you read about SEO is worth a dime of your time! No System = Confusion!I follow an SEO system, the one I wrote – those who dont have a system and plan of action tofollow have a thousand fold questions – until you have a system to follow created by any expert (notjust me) youre going to keep chasing your own tail in circles.Im trying to save you time here... by opening your eyes and ears to whats really out there.Thats your crash course in SEO, congratulations. The less you know the better when it comes toSEO... its crucial you understand that!Here are some products Ive developed to help you get backlinks: OutRankSmart™This software allows you to make unlimited linkexchanges, submit to 3736 FREE directories andget more free one way links from little-knowncontent websites - and LOTS of them...If you want backlinks, this software is the weaponyou need in your arsenal to outrank yourcompetitors as if it was a race humans VS ants!Should you use just this software? Hell NO!! You should use all the tools you can afford...If you want the full-blown course in SEO without useless theories and other bull s*** then you have to(or youll be punishing yourself) check the...Page 11 of 13
  12. 12. No B.S. SEO Crash Course No B.S. SEO SystemThis system is simple, straight forward and quick - but it works. Stop "chasing your tail" trying to figureout how to get or keep top rankings in Google! With this system I spoon-feed you step-by-step allmethods and techniques you need to apply to get those rankings!I can make this ebook 200 pages long seriously if I would tell you everything about SEO! But 80% of itis BS, stuff you dont NEED to know...So re-read this short ebook another time, get it in your head that SEO isnt complicated, know the 3simple straight-to-the-point steps Ive outlined.Back in 2004 when I started everyone was doing it all wrong – I was doing everything different thenalmost everyone else... They were worrying on stuff that matters little and will change over time suchas: making sure keyword density is 7.3%, putting a keyword in footer & 3 times in the body, generatingpages upon pages of content everyday, and other such tactics.They where focusing on SEO tactics – they looked at SEO from a technical point of view only, have7.4% density and get #1 rankings (which never happens). I was following the principle I alreadymentioned: You have to GIVE in order to RECEIVE!Give search engines a quality, user-friendly website...Make your website the favorite place for yourvisitors, give them a positive experience theyre looking for...Thats the foundation of everything else!Dont ruin the quality of the website just to implement some weird SEO tactic like keyword density.Google wants that when someone searches for say “italian food” theyll see a KICK-ASS website about“italian food”!Thats what they want and thats what you should GIVE them. In return youll RECEIVE a tsunami oftraffic! This is really common sense, basic stuff yet most dont try to do this!Page 12 of 13
  13. 13. No B.S. SEO Crash CourseTheyre too quick at overlooking the importance of a quality website, instead thinking that doing SEOtactics = #1 rankings and boatload of traffic. Knowing this will help you to eliminate 99% of SEO tacticsthat dont work and do just those that DO WORK which not surprisingly are all related to link building!See you at the top, Jack SarloPage 13 of 13