Future of Leadership?


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  • As Haig mentioned I lead the leadership and learning at Haig Barrett and the topic of today’s discussion is the “Future of Leadership.” This topic actually started a few weeks ago as I met with a group of leadership professionals and business leaders who had a deep interest to figure out where this complex phenomenon called “leadership” is headed”.
  • 2) In spite of what we by the meaning of leadership, leadership and its implications has the power to divide us and limit and imprison our potential.
  • And at the same time it can empower us and enable us to achieve our best.
  • 3) We also had to agree that given the intensity of our business, environmental and global challenges, there is immense need for leadership. As Warren Bennis once said, “the biggest risk to our world is the leadership of our human institutions.”
  • I was quiet intrigued by a comment by Bill George from HBS and the former CEO of Medtronics that in spite of investing over $20 billion annually on leadership by corporation,
  • We also need to give leaders tools for the most invisible and yet high leverage points at organizations 1) Clashing Cultures within an organization 2) Clashing mindsets or as my dear friend Lloyd Sergeant puts it Clashes of “point of view”. After all as Peter Drucker once said” Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.”
  • In about mid 1990s there was an interest among practitioners to look at systemic implications of leadership and the realization that the practice of leadership needs to focus on multi-stakeholder complexity that a leader is being asked to influence. With a growing influence on what we call transformational leadership that Kaliym will be talking about today. Customers… We realized the foundation phase for next phase of leadership needs to address the ever increasing complexity that leaders find themselves in
  • and the misunderstood aspect of organizational life like culture, clashing point of views, and mindsets
  • We asked ourselves one fundamental question: What are the themes or sign posts that we can look at that that potentially tell us where the business of leadership is headed?
  • We are noticing 4 distinct, yet concurrent developments that we believe create possibilities for leadership development in the next 5-10 years.
  • Future of Leadership?

    1. 1. What is the Future of Leadership?
    2. 2. Leadership Has the Power to Divide Us…
    3. 3. It Has the Power to Empower Us…
    4. 4. The Need for Leadership Is Immense…
    5. 5. $20 Billion Spending on Leadership Programs…
    6. 6. We Have Not Given Leaders Tools to Understand… Multiple Cultures Clashing Mindsets
    7. 7. Leadership 3.0… is Complex, yet simple
    8. 8. Leadership 3.0 Illuminates the Mis -understood
    9. 9. What are the themes or signposts?
    10. 10. Emerging Themes
    11. 11. Awareness Influence Action Leadership 3.0 Starts With…
    12. 12. “ Being Happy for Someone Else’s Happiness.” Leadership 3.0 Practice… … Empathetic Joy…
    13. 13. Thank You! Armin Pajand Global Learning & Leadership Practice [email_address]