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Incepted in 1988 by Dr. Lalit Kumar, Laser Science is India's premier distributor of Lasers and Spectroscopy instruments. Our range of products covers scientific and industrial laser systems, ...

Incepted in 1988 by Dr. Lalit Kumar, Laser Science is India's premier distributor of Lasers and Spectroscopy instruments. Our range of products covers scientific and industrial laser systems, spectroscopy, microscopy & imaging systems. We distribute major brands that are reputable global market leaders in their respective fields. These names include Coherent Inc (USA), Femtolasers (Austria), Optronis GmbH, PCO AG (Germany), Beneq (Finland) and many others.



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Laser Science Services (I) Pvt. Ltd Laser Science Services (I) Pvt. Ltd Presentation Transcript

  • Step in to… the world of
  • Dr. Lalit Kumar (Managing Director)Founded the company at the age of 31, in the year 1988
  • Leading distributor in the fields ofScientific and Industrial laser systems,Spectroscopy, Microscopy & Imaging. View slide
  •  2005: 250 KHz Regenerative Amplifier system at TIFR Mumbai 2006: High power DPSS Green Laser ( 18W) for atmospheric studies at IRDE Dehradun  Single box computer controlled fs laser for MPE application at CDFD Hyderabad  Commercial streak camera at NCBS Bangalore and BARC Mumbai 2007: Combined Ultrafast amplified system at 10 Hz and 1 KHz at BARC Mumbai  20TW femtosecond laser system at TIFR Mumbai View slide
  •  2009: High energy Oscillator>200nJ, 5.5 MHz at MAHE Manipal  Supercontinuum Laser for OCT application at CAT Indore 2010: CEP amplifier system at TIFR Mumbai  Atomic Layer Deposition System for material research at CAT Indore & IISc Bangalore  Low Temperature SNOM with CFM and STM system at IIT Mumbai  THz Spectroscopy Kit at IIT Bhubaneshwar 2011: <25fs Amplifier system at TIFR Mumbai
  • Industrial & Scientific
  • Inc. Micro-machining,Semiconductor, Photovoltaic’s andMaterial Processing Laser Pumping and Direct DiodeMaterials Processing LabMax Diode Lasers Diode Lasers & Modules Diagnostic ToolsExcimer Lasers for Pulsed Laser Autocorrelator Diodes SilhouetteDepositions, Spectroscopy & FBG Beam Delivery System for Micro-Machining and Material Processing
  •  Pulsed Fiber Laser  CW Fiber Laser Marking on Cu Hypo tube cutting Butt welding Stent cutting Colour Marking 3.5mm Stainless SteelDeep Engraving Day Night Marking
  •  Cutting Heads  Welding Heads2D & 3D Cutting heads
  • Products:  Short Pulse UltrafastOscillators: Femtosource™ Laser  Oscillators ( 10 – 50 fs)  Amplifiers  CEP Systems RAINBOW™ INTEGRAL™ FUSION™ Amplifiers: Femtopower Compact™ SYNERGY™ Pro™ V Pro™ CEP™
  • Products: Super Continuum Sources & Accessories Femtopower Ultrafast Fiber Laser High Energy picosecond Laser UV High power fiber laser UV fiber laser Super Continuum High Energy fs fiber laser
  • Products: Single Mode DFB Lasers Fabry Perot Lasers Copper Indium Selenide Lifetime Measurement System Room temperature emission DFB Diodes CIS carrier lifetime spectrum of a QC Fabry Perot measurement system
  • Products: Pulsed Q-Switched Nd:Yag Laser CW Q- Switched Nd: YAG Laser Broad Band OPO FPSS Nd:Yag Laser
  • Optics Opto-Mechanics
  • Products: GPX-3000 LFS-4000 CAS-4100 LDC-400Application Areas:
  • Applications Test & LIDAR measurement Spectroscopy Birefrigence measurement Injection seeding Metrology Photo Elastic modulator (PEM) Moke system Anistropy measurement
  • Products:  Atomic Layer Deposition  Aerosol CoatingsApplications: TCO coated 1.2x1.2m2 Uniform coating in trenches Anti-tarnish coating on Silver Optical Coatings glass
  • Products: Time Resolved Spectroscopy Setup Helios Fs Transient Absorption setup EOS Sub ns transient absorption setup Transient Absorption Spectrometer Halycone Fs fluorescence Up-conversion & TCSPC module Proteus ns Flash photolysis setup Kronos microsecond flash photolysis setup ns Flashphotolysis systemApplications: PL & Raman Spectroscopy He-Cd Laser
  • Applications: Beam Profile Measurements M2 Measurements Beam Diagnostic Camera Applications:  LIDAR ASE Source Rock Single Freq laser  Test & Measurement  Spectroscopy  Injection seeding Metrology
  • Applications: Micro Drilling Glass Machining Micro Grooving Machining of Silicon, Polymers, Metals , Non-metals, Glass, Diamonds, etc. Silicon Machining Grooving of PMMA/Ceramic plates for fibre mount
  • Products: TeraHertz Spectroscopy & Imaging THz Organic crystals (DAST, DSTMS and OH1) Diode pumped Cr:LiSAF Laser 820-950 nm KnbO3 Waveguides Applications:  Metrology  Microscopy & THz Imaging  Material Processing Photoconductive THZ spectrometer Autobalance antennas detectors
  • Products Sensitive Cameras Specialized Cameras High Speed Cameras High Speed Camera Sensitive Camera Intensified CCD CamerasProducts Streak Cameras High Speed Cameras Streak Camera
  • Products: Tunable Diode Laser Diode Lasers Accessories High Power LaserApplications Spectroscopy Photoluminescence Setup Opto-Mechanics
  • Products: Solar Simulator : from 5x 5 cm2 to 30x 30 cm2 Individual /Integrated QE & IV Measurement CPV IV Measurement Products: Inline Electroluminescence - System (EL) EL-MES Cell Tester Edge break inspection & measurement of solar wafer and solar cells Coating thickness measurement of solar cells EL-MES String Inline
  • Products: The Pioneer PLD System High performance IBAD systems Laser MBE/RHEED Pulsed Electron Deposition source
  • Products: Low Temperature AFM/MFM/STM Low Temperature SHPM mK SHPM Room Temperature SHPM Room Temperature AFM Hall Effect Measurement System
  • Products: Femto second Ultrafast Pulse Diagnostics Pulse check Auto corelator Femto second Pulse Management Femto second Wavelength Conversion Acousto Optics Spider Harmonic Generator Cavity Dumper
  • Products: Ultra-steep Short- pass Standard Bandpass Filters Tunable Bandpass Filters Edge Filters Single - Notch Multi-Laser-Line Blocking Notch Filters Plarization Filters Multiphoton Filters Full Multiband Sets Microscope Filter Sets Pulseline Femtosecond Mirror Broadband Mirrors
  • Laser Science Services (I) Pvt.Ltd.Tel: 91-22-41553232Fax: 91-22-2778 1672Email: sales@laserscience.inWeb: office:Laser Science Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.A-454, TTC Industrial AreaMIDC,  Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400 710Branch Offices:Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata