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Rocks and minerals 2.1
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Rocks and minerals 2.1

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  • 1. Welcome back!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend
  • 2. Please…  Copy your objective into your agenda.  Take our your ISN.  Update your Table of Contents – 1/10 Identifying Minerals p. 18-19
  • 3. Catalyst  I would like you to write a paragraph (3-5 sentences) that includes the words… – Element – Atom – Crystal – Mineral – Rock  …explaining how they’re related.  Do this in a way that a 4th grader could understand.
  • 4. Why is it important to properly identify things in the world around us? And HOW do we do it?
  • 5. Let’s take some notes…  Identifying minerals is very important. – Why? Think about the uses…  Many minerals have similar characteristics – We need to look at a variety of characteristics in order to accurately classify them.
  • 6. Let’s make a foldable. Stop. Pencils Down. Eyes On Me.
  • 7. Title: Identifying Minerals  Tab 1: Hardness  Tab 2: Luster  Tab 3: Streak  Tab 4: Cleavage/Fracture  Tab 5: Specific Gravity
  • 8. On each page, we need: Definition, Additional Info, Pic
  • 9. Tab 1: Hardness  Hardness is the measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched. – Different than how easily they break.  Measured on the “Mohs Scale” – Named after Fredrich Mohs – 1-10 – The higher the number, the harder the mineral.
  • 10. Did you know? Diamond is the hardest mineral known - only a diamond can scratch another diamond. Because of this, diamonds are often used as the blades of saws designed to cut through rock!
  • 11. Tab 2: Luster  Luster is the way a mineral reflects light.  Two types of luster – Minerals are either shiny - called metallic minerals, or…. – …not shiny, which are called non-metallic.
  • 12. Tab 3: Streak  Streak is the color of the mineral in a powdered form. – This is NOT always the color of the mineral.  Test this by scratching on a porcelain tile. – This only works when the mineral is softer than the surface!  This is a good way to tell the difference between minerals that might look the same.
  • 13. 13
  • 14. Did you know? Diamonds are so hard they will scratch the tile rather than leaving a streak - you cannot identify the diamond by streak because it is just too hard!
  • 15. Tab 4: Cleavage/Fracture  Minerals break apart differently.  Cleavage is when minerals break along smooth, flat surfaces.  Fracture is when minerals break unevenly, leaving a rough or jagged surface.
  • 16. Tab 5: Specific Gravity  Specific gravity is the ratio of its weight compared with the weight of an equal volume of water.  To be able to identify specific gravity, we need to know our sample minerals volume AND mass.  Density = mass / volume.
  • 17. Say what?!?! Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about specific gravity tomorrow, so don’t freak out if that sounds real hard.
  • 18. Let’s staple our foldables into our ISN Page 19, below the notes!!!
  • 19. So, how are we going to be tested on all this stuff? I’m so glad you asked.
  • 20. Information on minerals is often organized in a table. Properties of Minerals Mineral Hardness Streak Copper 2.5-3 Copper-Red Galena 2.5 Dark Gray Gold 2.5-3 Yellow Hematite 5.5-6.5 Red/Brown Magnetite 6-6.5 Black Silver 2.5-3 Silver/White
  • 21. Here’s another - your turn. Properties of Minerals Mineral Hardness Streak Quartz 7 White Feldspar 6 Gray Halite 2-2.5 White Pyrite 6-6.5 Green/Black Apatite 5 White Silver 5-6 Black 21
  • 22. Let’s copy this into our notes Properties of Minerals Mineral Hardness Streak Copper 2.5-3 Copper-Red Galena 2.5 Dark Gray Gold 2.5-3 Yellow Hematite 5.5-6.5 Red/Brown Magnetite 6-6.5 Black Silver 2.5-3 Silver/White 22
  • 23. Time for an exit ticket.  You need a scratch piece of paper.  Expectations – No Talking – Eyes on own paper – Use your table from your notes! – Turn paper over when you finish – There are 3 questions... 23
  • 24. I am a mineral with a hardness of 2.5 and a dark gray streak. Who am I?
  • 25. I am a mineral with a hardness of 5.5 and I have a brown streak. Who am I? 25
  • 26. I am a mineral with a hardness of 3 and a silvery-white streak Who am I? 26