Where is the Green Tech World Capital


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Article in the magasine Swedish Bulletin, your insiders guide to Sweden, Stockholm and Gothenburg. And CleanTech Region aka Jämtland and Västernorrland as a base. The reportage is about the many great innovations, ideas and burning desire there is to show the world all the good examples that are developed in the region

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Where is the Green Tech World Capital

  2. 2. We develop environmental solutions all over the world In the mid-1980s, IVL was approached by the Chinese Embassy in Sweden with a list of environmental problems to be solved. At that time, Tianjin was one of the few open cities in China. In the attempts to attract foreign investors, the city’s sub- stantial environmental challenges proved to be critical obstacles. The reason IVL got the honour to take on this environmental challenge in Tianjin was that Sweden had impressed the Chinese by having instigating environmental authorities, and that IVL was considered to be in the frontline when it comes to applied environmental research. This is still true today. The Tianjin story is a great example of our ability and willingness to take on complex international environmental challenges. What can we do for you?Tianjin skyline. Photo: Jonas Röttorp IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is an independent research organisation that has been involved since 1966 in the development of solutions to 2 2 3
  3. 3. Dear Readers, BRAZIL & SWEDEN | GERMAN AMBASSADOR | SIGVARD & MARIANNE BERNADOTTE PERSONAL RAPID TRANSIT | GOTHENBURG | SLU | GOURMET | THE GUIDE swedish bulletin YOUR INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SWEDEN, STOCKHOLM & GOTHENBURG AUTUMN 2010 SEK 50 In the afterglow of Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding to Daniel Westling, we feature a story about the 40,000 flowers from Colombia that graced the Swedish royal wedding. Or how Countess Marianne Bernadotte af Wisborg was able to have a famous carpet of iconic status stolen in 1995 rewoven in time for the Royal Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria. The South is always beckoning the enterprising Swedes, either for commerce and profit or for pleasure. This issue features Sweden’s growing partnership with Brazil in the field of ethanol 5 fuel technology. Many Swedes are going to Brazil on vacation and buying property along the northeast coast to enjoy the balmy weather and take advantage of liberal ownership regulations. A U T U M N I 2010 P U B L I S H E D BY The provinces of Västernorrland and Jämtland are attracting attention internationally for their SWEDISH BULLETIN HB success in developing the environmental technology sector. Swedish companies are racing ahead RESPONSIBLE PUBLISHER in their quest for green technologies. In Uppsala, Sweden, a unique and revolutionary public AND CHIEF EDITOR transportation system known as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), has been developed by Vectus. TERESA IVARS LANGUAGE EDITOR Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are at the cutting edge in several FA N G O R N E D I T O R S fields and head major EU-financed projects in pursuit of sustainable biological production. COVER R I C H A R D J U H L I N C H A M PA G N E C L U B Swedes are justly proud of the ultra-modern port of Gothenburg, the largest in Scandinavia, P H O T O TA K E N BY B R U N O E H R S handling one-quarter of Sweden’s foreign trade. But there is more to the vibrant city than L AY O U T shipping and quays. For one, this autumn the Gothenburg Museum of Art presents an exhibition L LO Y D A X T E N which includes 60 works of Ivarson, painted from 1924 to 1939. JAMES VARDY W W W. V I S U A L H E R O. C O. U K On the diplomatic front, SB interviewed H.E. Antonino Lisboa Mena Gonçalves of Brazil, who CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE LAUREN DYER AMAZEEN shares his experiences with you and Dr Joachim Rücker, Germany’s ambassador to Sweden, who BJÖRNSTIERNE ANTONSON raises the interesting question of the “emotional asymmetry” between Sweden and his country. D A V I D B A R TA L E L I Z A B E T H D A C E Y- F O N D E L I U S CHRISTINE DEMSTEADER Readers are encouraged to visit the new Museum of Photography, Fotografiska Museet, which ÖSTEN EKENGREN CHRISTIAN VON ESSEN features works by some of world renowned photographers. PER HOLMLUND EVA JONAS SON The observations of our expat writers on life in Sweden often reveal something of interest to JOY HUI LIN CHRISTINA LINDEROTH-OLSON readers. Jann Mitchell, one of our regulars, thinks that Swedes are quite superstitious, despite MARIA LUNDQVIST their scientific bent of mind.You go to a birthday party or some other happy event, and when JANN MITCHELL E R I C PA G L I A the cake is cut and served, the hostess is careful not to let the slice tip over, otherwise the cake- PAT R I C I A B R E N N A N R I C K N E L L eater will never marry. Elizabeth Dacey Fondelius in her contribution wonders why Swedes MOIRA SULLIVAN FREDRIK WICKLUND don’t like to disclose their voting preferences. GERMAN EMBASSY IN STOCKHOLM ADVERTISING Off the beaten track, Joy Hui Lin takes readers to a hunt she attended, albeit as a transporter G LO B E I N V E S T M E D I A rather than a shooter. At first she first had misgivings about going, until she was persuaded that +46 (0) 18 - 418 60 25 info@globeinvest.se unless culled, certain herbivores were likely to starve w w w. g l o b e i n v e s t . s e after denuding their habitat of all edible plants. A D M I N I S T R AT I O N AND SUBSCRIPTIONS As always, Swedish Bulletin caters to your interests and tastes, ranging from the sciences, fine dining places, Tomorrow is a greater day. LARS EKHOLM +46 (0) 8 - 446 13 13 OR +46 (0) 70 - 235 13 13 sport, leading business houses, to museums and the cinema. The autumn 2010 edition of Swedish Bulletin, PRINTERS PRINT STUDIO OÜ like others, features interesting articles on life in TA L L I N N , E S T O N I A Sweden, as well as events in the weeks to come. The Göteborg region is not quite like any other region. To us, the future is far more SWEDISH BULLETIN R Å D M A N S G ATA N 1 8 I wish you all a happy autumn season. interesting than the present. Together with a rapidly growing number of companies, 114 25 STOCKHOLM +46 (0) 8 - 446 13 13 Business Region Göteborg combines people, environment and successful business. FA X : + 4 6 ( 0 ) 8 - 5 7 0 2 7 4 3 6 info@swedishbulletin.se The way to the future is through sustainable growth. Thousands of companies know w w w. s w e d i s h b u l l e t i n . s e the difference it makes. Share the experience with us. © Swedish Bulletin. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any format or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopies, recording or by any information Teresa Ivars storage and retrieval system, without the prior written www.businessregiongoteborg.com permission of the publisher. Publisher and Chief Editor4 5
  4. 4. Private Banking makes life easier. Every fortune is made in a unique way. Be it from inheritance, hard work, bright ideas or talent. And every person has unique needs when it comes to protecting and increasing that fortune. Internationally, SEB is a leading provider of financial services, catering to the needs of five million customers in Northern Europe. And we’re present with offices throughout the world, where we offer private investment accounts and financial advisory services – aimed at helping you to reach your financial goals. For a personal wealth management solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. +352 26 23 20 01, contact@sebprivatebanking.com or www.sebgroup.com/privatebanking6 7
  5. 5. swedish bulletin AUTUMN 2010 10 Ambassador Antonino Lisboa Mena 26 SEB provides global guidance for the 42 Events Guide: What’s on in Stockholm, 64 Meat is King at Djuret Gonçalves wealthy Gothenburg, Malmo Rustic, inviting Djuret offers hearty, satisfying, impeccably Representing Brazil, the land of opportunity, in Sweden. Entrepreneurs, expatriates and athletes on the move all share the prepared meals. same problem: international tax laws and banking regulations can 46 New life science hub to be developed 12 Brazil – A bio-energy super power be difficult to track and understand. SEB helps them. in Stockholm 66 The Hunt Sweden and Brazil are developing a sustainable relationship One of the world’s largest life science projects is currently Hunters regard hunting not only as a sport, but a necessity based on ethical and environmental values. 28 Sustainable Business Captured on Film taking place in Stockholm. to maintain a balance of nature. Swedish production company Cre8it (read: create-it) is 16 The Brazilian “No” passionate about communicating through visual means. 48 Port of Gothenburg – Best logistic 68 Flowers from Colombia grace the Swedes can’t figure out why Brazilians avoid saying “No”. location in Sweden Swedish Royal Wedding 30 Autoliv – global market leader in Sweden’s largest sea port is also a vibrant cultural hub. Colombians are delighted their beautiful flowers graced 18 Interview with Ambassador Joachin automotive safety Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding. Rücker of Germany Night Vision and Pedestrian Protection are two interesting 50 A Photographic Meeting Place in Correcting the asymmetry of German-Swedish relations. innovations, but seatbelts and airbag systems remain the Stockholm 70 Swedish sun-worshippers find refuge Swedish company’s bestsellers. The new Museum of Photography plans to build on its in Brazil 20 Count Sigvard and Countess Marianne success. A new Scandinavian real estate business has emerged in Bernadotte af Wisborg 34 Brazil and Sweden fuelling ethanol Brazil that targets Scandinavians who just can’t get enough This creative, compassionate couple attract attention as market development in Africa 52 Ivan Ivarson – Life and Colours of the Brazilian culture and sun. Swedes observe the 200th anniversary of the Bernadotte Biofuels like ethanol are gaining increased attention owing The Gothenburg Colourists are much loved in Sweden. dynasty. to economic and environmental concerns. This autumn, Ivan Ivarson is presented in a major 74 Swedish Cinema Sound of Noise, which breaks new ground, is directed by 22 Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) could 36 SLU – Swedish University of 54 A fine diamond from Diamantina Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson. revolutionize 21st century transport Agricultural Sciences Brazilian artist Verônica Alkmim França , based in In Uppsala, Sweden,Vectus develops a unique, revolutionary Researchers at SLU are at the cutting edge in several fields Stockholm, is usually involved in about six different projects 76 Scientific Sweden’s supersitions public transportation system. and head major EU-financed projects. at the same time. Swedes may be a rational, scientific people but they cherish their superstitions. 24 System solutions: Greatest strength of 38 Lighthouse Maritime Competence Centre 60 German Wines - Leading the Field Swedish environmental technology The mission of this institution is to serve as an Again Worldwide 78 Don’t ask, don’t tell Swedish companies take the lead in developing new interdisciplinary centre for research, innovation and Germany’s northerly location makes German wines Swedish Diary explores Swedes’ secretive behaviour on voting. technologies to tackle environmental problems. education within the maritime sector. distinctive, with their renowned lightness and fruity aroma.8 9
  6. 6. IN FOCUS T wice has his president, H.E. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, visited Stockholm during his ambassadorship: a state visit in 2007 and for the Brazil-European Union Summit in 2009. Ambassador Gonçalves even had the opportunity to accompany King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia people live there – not just birds and fish and animals – and these people need jobs and economic activity.” The key, in his mind, for managing the Amazon is to balance the need for preservation with improving living standards for its human inhabitants. on their recent official visit to Brazil. “I have been privileged Ethanol has proven to be an important area of mutual interest in my mission in Sweden,” says Brazilian Ambassador Antonino between Sweden and Brazil. The two countries are working Lisboa Mena Gonçalves. together to develop biofuel production in third countries, such as Tanzania, and the Brazilian mining company Vale and Although politically significant, this flurry of diplomatic activity Scania have recently agreed to co-operate on developing pales in comparison to the explosive growth in economic ethanol engines for large vehicles. Most importantly, a major relations between Brazil and Sweden in recent years that have accomplishment of President Lula’s state visit was the signing seen trade flow more than double between 2003 and 2008.The of an agreement on biofuels. Sweden has since become the foundation of bilateral trade and investment comprises over 200 largest European importer of Brazilian ethanol.When it comes Swedish companies that are established in Brazil, some going to dining out in Stockholm, Ambassador Gonçalves remarks back almost a century. According to Ambassador Gonçalves, that “You can have amazing gastronomic experiences in “The companies are not only making profits, they are a very Stockholm, especially with the young and talented chefs that relevant factor in our economic development, generating over have managed to mix Swedish cuisine with other influences.” 50,000 jobs and contributing to Brazil’s national progress.” The Some of his favourites include Lux, Lejontornet and Zinc. ambassador mentions that Brazil is the leading global producer Ambassador Gonçalves also enjoys cooking, using herbs and of both Volvo and Scania trucks. tomatoes he has grown himself. Tending a garden in Sweden, “The Swedish companies are not only making profits, they are a very relevant factor in our economic development, generating over 50,000 jobs.” Of course steering wheels and catalytic converters are not the he concedes, requires far more planning than in Brazil, where only things moving back and forth between Brazil and Sweden. weather and seasons are not much of an issue. A number of Swedish executives working in Brazil have established families there, and in many cases brought spouses The notion of planning highlights some amusing differences and children back to Sweden, who now form an important between the Swedish and Brazilian mentality. “One of the part of the Brazilian community in Sweden. things that was interesting to learn when I arrived is that appointments must be made at least a month in advance,” The best known Swede of Brazilian heritage is of course Queen recalls the ambassador. “This has nothing to do with the Silvia, daughter of a Brazilian mother and who spent much of Brazilian mind. In fact, one of the problems in my work here her childhood there. Her charitable organization, the World is sometimes convincing Brazilians, especially government Childhood Foundation, is very active in Brazil, where in 2008 officials or performers and musicians, is that you simply Ambassador Antonino she gave a speech, in her fluent Portuguese, at an international cannot come to Sweden on short notice. Don’t ask me to have conference on protecting children from sexual abuse. This past appointments for you tomorrow or next week. Next week March the royal couple paid their first official visit to Brazil does not exist in Sweden.” since 1984, during which they visited indigenous communities Lisboa Mena Gonçalves in the Amazon rainforest. The rate of deforestation in the Amazon has dropped dramatically in the past few years, which Ambassador Gonçalves attributes However when one looks ahead the coming weeks, months and years ahead look bright for Brazil. Beyond the spectacular economic growth, Ambassador Gonçalves takes great satisfaction in the social development his country has enjoyed Representing Brazil, the land of opportunity, in Sweden to improved monitoring by authorities and an increased conservation consciousness in Brazil. He does emphasize, of late. Half of Brazil, he says, is now solidly middle class. “This part of the population has become real consumers. I am more however, that managing the Amazon, larger in size than all of proud of this than any published economic figures,” he says. T E X T: E R I C PA G L I A P H O T O : E R I C PA G L I A Western Europe, is much more complex than often thought. Uplifting the other half of Brazil’s inhabitants to similar levels “Sometimes people think of the Amazon as a very big national of development remains a major challenge, but one that he park, or a very big zoo,” says the ambassador. “But 30 million faces with optimism. 10 11
  7. 7. IN FOCUS THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN A VOLVO. THERE’S GRIPPING Brazil THE WHEEL, PUTTING PROTOCOL ASIDE AND FINDING AMAZING REWARDS ALONG THE WAY. THAT’S WHY ~super power A bio-energy YOU DRIVE ONE. With the largest sugarcane crop in the world, Brazil has become known as a bio-energy superpower. Thanks to an early commitment to eco-friendly fuels, Sweden is developing a sustainable relationship with Brazil based Professor Semida Silveira on ethical and environmental values. T E X T: M A R I A L U N D Q V I S T PHOTO: COURTESY KTH When you hail a taxi at Stockholm “When the oil crisis struck in 1973 many “These demands put a lot of pressure Arlanda Airport, chances are 75 percent countries were paralyzed. But Brazil on Brazil, but I think it’s good for the that it is run on environmentally friendly handled the crisis by looking at alternatives. development of the industry and the country ethanol. The airport gives ethanol driven With a sugarcane industry dating back to as a whole.” says Professor Silveira. cars priority in the taxi line. colonial days and experiences of ethanol production from the First and Second World “It has been 40 years since the oil crisis, “When I moved from Brazil to Sweden War, the solution was right there,” says but it is only in the last decade that the 25 years ago, ethanol fuel was something Professor Silveira. ethanol fuel has had international success. new. I remember that people used to laugh Before, money was spent on research while when I told them that cars in Brazil were By offering incentives to increase commercialisation was forgotten.Today, run on ethanol made from sugarcane.Today, the production of sugarcane-based commercialisation is a priority and the public Sweden is the biggest importer of Brazilian ethanol for use as a gasoline additive, awareness of bio friendly alternatives for ethanol in Europe,” reveals Brazilian born the Brazilian government managed the car has increased significantly,” states Semida Silveira, professor in energy and to reduce oil imports and create a Professor Silveira. climate studies at the Royal Institute of domestic market for renewable-energy. Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Today, the Swedish government has “In the mid-1980’s, 90 percent of all cars partnered up with Brazil in an attempt Despite the initial scepticism, Sweden in Brazil were ethanol-driven.Today all to further enhance research and would become one of the first the gasoline sold in Brazil is mixed with development of ethanol fuel production. countries in the world to commit to ethanol,” states professor Silveira. The project at Stockholm Arlanda ethanol by implying tax reduction Airport to favour ethanol-driven taxis on qualified vehicles and, in some The goal set up by the European Union has become a success. Thanks to a places, even offering eco-friendly is to achieve 20 percent renewable energy well-established exchange of Brazilian vehicles free parking. Today, the by 2020. European policies also state that know-how, advanced research and demand for biodynamic fuels is global. the import of bio fuels is only allowed if Swedish devotion, the two countries on Environmental concerns are the main it leads to an overall decrease of emissions opposite sides of the world might with reason, but also the realization that oil is a perishable energy source. Brazil’s leading with 60 percent compared to gasoline. joint forces be well on the way to make ethanol an eco-friendly alternative fuel TEST DRIVE THE NAUGHTY ALL-NEW VOLVO S60 NOW. position in the field is the result of the Imported Brazilian ethanol also has to live for the future. ability to turn adversity into possibility. up to given European ethical standards. VOLVO CARS DIPLOMAT SALES. privileged to serve you. Special diplomat savings and benefits on diplomat.volvocars.com 12 13
  8. 8. 14 15
  9. 9. C U LT U R A L I N S I G H T S Interpretation Interpretation Language training Language training The Brazilian able to speak language skills –native tongue when doing business Being able to speak your engage a professional BeingImprove your your native tongue when doing business language coach can make allcan make skills between a professionalfailure. and failure. all the difference between success Improve yourthe difference – engage success and language coach language “No” Tailored to suit your needs Many different languages Interpretation Interpretation Semantixyour needs Tailored to suit provides language Many different languages for which we pro- train- The languages Simultaneous interpretation and has 40 years of has 40 years of experi- Semantix Semantix which we pro- experi- Simultaneous interpretation and The languages fortraining include English, French, ing in business communication Semantix provides language train- vide consecutive interpretation groups – vide training include German,interpreting, translating, – individually or in for ing in business communication in all ence in Italian, consecutive interpretation for in interpreting, translating,Swedish, ence Spanish,English, French, T E X T: F R E D R I K W I C K L U N D conferences, or conferences, all within proofing, writing and training and training and in at all levels and Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish,writing and languages, groups – in business meetings, – individually business meetings, proofing, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin languages, Works Councilwithin Council is oneRussian, Mandarinof Europe’s leading sup- at all levels and meetings, Portuguese, of Europe’sone European Works focus meetings, is Europeanvarious specialist areas. We Chinese andleading sup- also provide Arabic. We shareholders’ meetings, tasks, meetings, delegations, We many African and Asian and various specialistshareholders’ areas. We focus on work-related delegations,Chinese andtraining inpliers provideand language pliers of qualifiedalso of qualified Arabic. language tasks, visits, such as on work-related study such asfact-finding missions, African services. training in many and Asian study visits, fact-finding missions, nego- communicationcommunication services. meetings, presentations or languages, such as Swahili, KhmerSwahili, Khmer meetings, presentations or nego- languages, such as marketing surveys and more. marketing surveys and more. ciations. ciations. and Hindi. and Hindi. Semantix has 40 years 40experience in translating, interpreting, proofreading, proofreading, Semantix has of years of experience in translating, interpreting, writingwriting and training, andEurope’sof Europe’s leading suppliers of qualified lan- and training, and is one of is one leading suppliers of qualified lan- guage and communication services. guage and communication services. A Swedish woman who had lived in Rio for over 12 years once said: “I really love the warmth of Brazilians! However, I don’t understand why my Brazilian friends make plans with me and then cancel at the last minute, or why they don’t show up for my get-togethers.” attending the intervention until the last minute. The intercultural term used for the Brazilians would be indirect communication style. The same tendencies are explicit in work situations, where the main complaint among Swedish executives is that A common reaction among Swedes to the incident above is Brazilian co-workers tend not to keep deadlines and instead to question why Brazilians don’t say they cannot come. How come up with last-minute explanations such as “I have not can friendship be viewed so differently? From a Swedish really understood the task” or “I don’t agree with it”. On point of view, being an individualistic people, trust is based the other hand, Brazilians cannot understand the Swedish on transparency and a direct communication style. Compared obsession to be on time since it is more important to be to Brazilians, Swedes are inclined to say what they mean and flexible, gentle and tolerant towards unforeseen troubles. For mean what they say. If you make plans with someone, you Brazilians, the difficulty among Swedes to be flexible would will turn down all other offers that arise later, because you confirm the stereotype that they are rigid and unreasonable. have already made plans. Therefore you will make sure to have done everything else you need to do that day in order to So what should a Swedish manager do to make sure deadlines be available. So why agree to plans if there is a possibility that are kept? Although there is no magic solution, it is important you won’t make it? to remember that collectivistic cultures are often hierarchical, which implies that a good boss is someone who takes care of Well, in collectivist cultures such as the Brazilian, a ‘no’ employees in return for loyalty. This care-taking aspect means is almost equivalent to cursing. Saying that you are not that a manager should regularly check up on the employees’ Interpretation: +46 (0)770-45 74 00 (24-hour service) available is too direct for Brazilians who are raised to value work and also be engaged in private matters in order to gain Translation and training: +46 (0)774-40 05 50 the preservation of social relations. Because of their direct the required respect to get the job done. In other words, info@semantix.se | www.semantix.se approach, Swedes may be looked upon as being insensitive for Swedish professionals to succeed and lead in a typical and even offensive at times. If Brazilians postpone giving an Brazilian working environment, they must understand and Interpretation:Interpretation: TRONDHEIM STAVANGER HAMAR(24-hour service) +46 (0)770-45+46 00 (24-hour service) 74 (0)770-45 74 00 SWEDEN STOCKHOLM GOTHENBURG MALMÖ NORRKÖPING UPPSALA UMEÅ Interpretation: +46 and training: +46 (24-hour service) (0)770-45 74 00 (0)774-40 05 50 FINLAND HELSINKI OULU NORWAY OSLO Translation answer, they are probably doing the best to avoid a direct deal with the fragile borderline between the private and Translation and training: +46 (0)774-40 05 50 ‘no’, and it might even mean they have tried and considered professional work relationships. Translation and training: +46 (0)774-40 05 50 info@semantix.se | www.semantix.se info@semantix.se | www.semantix.se info@semantix.se | www.semantix.se SWEDEN STOCKHOLM GOTHENBURG MALMÖ NORRKÖPING UPPSALA UMEÅ SWEDEN STOCKHOLM GOTHENBURG MALMÖ NORRKÖPING UPPSALA UMEÅ 16 SWEDEN STOCKHOLM GOTHENBURG MALMÖSTAVANGER HAMAR OULU NORWAY OSLO TRONDHEIM NORRKÖPING UPPSALA UMEÅ FINLAND HELSINKIFINLAND HELSINKI OULU NORWAY OSLO TRONDHEIM STAVANGER HAMAR 17 FINLAND HELSINKI OULU NORWAY OSLO TRONDHEIM STAVANGER HAMAR
  10. 10. INTERVIEW What are your main priorities now, Is there a similarity in business Why do you think Berlin has turned almost two years into the job? culture as well? into such a vibrant and liberal place? I would say public diplomacy, economic I would say so. People stand by their word, Berlin has a deep and controversial history, issues, and culture. and they show up on time, but that is not and I really think that the people of Berlin exclusive, of course. are dealing with that in an honest and open Symbolic reunification way. Berlin doesn’t try to hide anything, Now, twenty years after the German The recent royal wedding here rather it tries to integrate its different features reunification, Dr Rücker says, it’s a in Sweden attracted hundreds of into something that can have a positive good time to look back. German journalists, far more than impact for today and tomorrow. It is an Well, Germany is doing quite well right any other country. Why do you important city for the arts and music, for now. Economic growth is coming back; think the Swedish royal family is so culture in general.Thousands of immigrants the East is catching up with the West interesting? have contributed to the diverse and liberal and inflation is in check. Unemployment I was actually in church during the wedding, atmosphere which makes Berlin so unique. numbers are still high – more than seven per but not at the party. I am not surprised by cent – but they kept relatively stable even the interest, Germans love “Kungahuset”. How do you look upon the during the recent crisis. I would say we have Especially the “yellow press”. reunification today? a quite similar economic profile as Sweden, I think of the enormous significance the with a strong industrial, export-driven core. But why? reunification had. First Berlin was united; There is the same culture of not least budget Well first of all, Germans love the Swedes then Germany, then Europe – there is a stability in our countries; and in Brussels, in general.Their perception of Sweden is great deal of symbolism here. In Stockholm, we are definitely on the same page. German that it’s a more or less ideal country to live we will of course also be celebrating this export industry is good when it comes to in.The nature, the political system, the historic event with our Swedish friends and cars, machinery, high-tech equipment and monarchy – it’s all related for the Germans, partners on October, 3rd. agricultural products like wine.When it and some journalist coined the phrase comes to trade and investment, Sweden and “The Bullerby Syndrome” to describe Do you have an action plan for the Germany are very closely tied together, which the phenomenon. Astrid Lindgren is very rest of your stay here? is very important. Also historically of course, popular in Germany, so Germans grow up By travelling around in Sweden I would The reunification was symbolic for Europe but that is another subject. reading these children’s stories and naturally like to further improve the German-Swedish the image sticks, true or not. And of course, relations with a focus on economic issues. I there is Queen Silvia. All in all, I think the have already visited many enterprises. Swedes have a far more sober relation to the Twenty years after the German reunification, Swedish-German relations are better than ever. Germans, so there is definitely an “emotional But they can always be improved, says Dr Joachim Rücker, Germany’s ambassador to Sweden. asymmetry”. Maybe we can work on that.. He is doing his best to fight the “emotional asymmetry” between the two countries. T E X T: C H R I S T I A N V O N E S S E N PHOTOS: CHRISTIAN VON ESSEN It seems Joachim Rücker got his first On the wall next to the stairway in the service in Israel, a long political career deep lesson in Swedish culture just majestic, natural-romantic style building, in Germany (mayor for a decade) by moving here. We are enjoying an hangs a Carl Larsson-painting. Joachim and working as the UN special afternoon summer breeze on the Rücker knows that story too, of course. representative in Kosovo after the terrace of legendary Villa Ekarne at I can’t help but wonder where his Balkan wars, heading the interim Djurgården in Stockholm. The house is knowledge comes from. administration until Kosovo became also known as Laurinska Villan, and Dr I just started taking Swedish lessons and dove independent. Rücker tells the story of the previous into the history, language and culture the second owners, from the Laurin family, to late I got here, he says. Learning about new cultures How different are the roles as Stikkan Andersson with his epic ABBA- is one of the great advantages of this job. politician and diplomat? parties in the seventies, up till the There are similarities of course – great entrepreneurial couple Salvatore Long political career representation and social events for instance. Grimaldi and his wife Eva Swartz, who At the same time he is fast to admit But as a politician, you have your own still own it. On the other side of the that he has been in places far more agenda to follow. As a diplomat, I have the wooden fence the German Ambassador challenging than Sweden during his German government’s agenda. But there is has sheep and goats, it seems. Skansen is long career. From exchange studies also a lot of freedom. literally a stones throw away. in the US in the sixties, to civil 18 19
  11. 11. FEATURE Sigvard & Marianne Bernadotte endeavours: The Sigvard & Marianne Bernadotte Research Foundation for Children’s Eye Care, The Marianne Bernadotte Scholarship Fund for Prominent Dyslexia Research and Education and The Marianne & Sigvard Bernadotte Arts Fund. As part of the 200-year celebration of the Bernadotte royal family, significant attention has been paid to She created the Marianne and Sigvard Bernadotte Arts Fund in one of the family’s most creative members – born Prince Sigvard, Duke of Uppland and known as “The 1982 to mark Sigvard’s seventy-fifth birthday. The foundation Design Prince of Sweden,” Sigvard Bernadotte’s artistry and groundbreaking design had a great influence has awarded grants to over 150 artists since its founding. In 2009, on the occasion of Marianne Bernadotte’s 85th birthday, on the signature style of what we call Swedish design today. Furthermore, his third wife, Marianne a special celebration of the Arts took place at Stockholm City Bernadotte, to whom he was married for forty years, nudged him towards philanthropy and the couple Hall (Stadshuset) on June 18. Crown Princess Victoria presented five grants, each in the amount of SEK 50,000 – SEK 250,000 set up foundations both to support worthy artists in Sweden and children’s eyecare research. was awarded in total. T E X T: L a u r e n D y e r a m a z e e n Marianne Bernadotte’s interest in medicine began almost 30 years ago when she became involved with the development of an advanced wheel chair, the Permobile, made for the seriously handicapped. Founded in 1990, the Sigvard & Marianne Bernadotte Research Foundation for Children’s Eye Care supports pediatric ophthalmology research in Sweden, and a centre for research and advanced eye care for children at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The international arm of the philanthropy – The Bernadotte Foundation For Children’s Eyecare, Inc. – was incorporated in New York in 1993. This past summer marked another noteworthy episode in the Marianne and Sigvard Bernadot te , 1967 design studio 1:2:3, stockholm story of Sigvard and Marianne Bernadotte. Sigvard had designed a carpet in 1954, which his father King Gustav VI Adolf gave P as a gift to be placed between the two Royal Pews at beautiful and she agreed to serve as an advisor for the specific colours rince Sigvard was born on June 7, 1907, the second child been described as “functionality with a human element.” It Storkyrkan in Gamla Stan. In 1995 men who were disguised and methods used. (As it turns out, she and some others are of Crown Prince Gustav Adolf (who later became King was simple and refined, what we consider the signature style of as carpet cleaners stole it. Marianne Bernadotte had a strong producing a book about those special weaving practices from Gustav VI Adolf), and English-born Princess Margaret Swedish design today. They made items like radios for Bang & desire to have the carpet reconstructed, especially in time for Kristianstad, no longer in existence.) It took three to four of Connaught who was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria Olufsen, kitchenwares for Husqvarna, flatware for Scandinavian the Royal Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria. It would not months with three weavers working full time to complete the of England. In fact, he was the longest living descendant of airline SAS, and bowls for Rosti. During the 1960s and 70s be an easy task, as the small company who produced Sigvard’s reconstruction in time for the wedding. On the back of the Queen Victoria when he died at 94 in 2002. Prince Sigvard he was commissioned to design very hip eyeglasses for the carpets in the 1950’s no longer existed. Marianne engaged the carpet the following words are stitched: Given to Storkyrkan distinguished himself as the first Bernadotte to receive a college famous Swedish company Skaga (Scandinavian Eyewear), support of Angelica Persson, the VD of Märta Måås-Fjetterström from Swedes in America at initiative of Marianne Bernadotte degree – he earned academic degrees in art history, English and which they have recently re-introduced. He co-founded the AB – the company that produces exquisite hand made carpets on occasion of Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding, June 19th political science at Uppsala University. He was, like his mother, Society of Swedish Industrial Designers. His silversmith work and woven textiles by 13 art weavers. They were able to make 2010. Karl & Louise Andrén, David & Ide Dangoor, Charles and artistically gifted and in 1930 began attending art school in is represented in the permanent collection at New York’s the reconstruction from old collages provided by Marianne, Monika Heimbold, Lena Biork Kaplan, Lyndon & Kay Olson, Stockholm, and early on became influenced by functionalism, Metropolitan Museum of Art. but it was difficult to define the exact colours since the only Barbro Osher, Steve & Karin Trygg, MMF AB. Funkis, a radical approach to design at the time. Prince Sigvard resources were old faded family photos. Fortunately, they found became an internationally renowned industrial designer, Count Sigvard and Marianne Bernadotte af Wisborg were an old article about one of the original three weavers who The Design Prince of Sweden’s carpet lay gracefully for the focusing on everyday products like glasses, kettles, tableware and married in 1961. (He had been given the title of Count worked on Sigvard’s carpets. They contacted her in Kristianstad Royal Wedding. office equipment. Plastic was one of the new materials he used in 1951.) Countess Marianne Bernadotte af Wisborg, née and developed. He designed corporate logos, including the one Lindberg, studied at the Royal Dramatic Theatre School from for the popular Swedish candy Marabou chocolate. His designs 1945 to 1948 and remained active in the theatre for eleven years can be found in many Swedish homes today. Several products until 1956. In 1983 Marianne Bernadotte received a degree in are still produced and his famous maze pattern “virrvarr” pops the History of Art at the University of Stockholm. Marianne R E C O N S T R U C T E D C A R P E T F O R S T O R KY R K A N , up on everything from countertops, egg cups and cutting Bernadotte has also been an international representative for O R I G I N A L LY D E S I G N E D BY S I G V A R D B E R N A D O T T E . C O U R T E S Y Both Örebro Lans Museum and the Centre Culturel boards to blankets and American floors made by Formica. Sotheby’s auction house. In 1985, she was recognized as one O F M Ä R TA M Å Å S - F J E T T E R S T R Ö M A B Suédois in Paris held exhibitions focused on Sigvard’s He also worked as a silver designer over 50 years for Georg of ten best-dressed women in the world. Marianne Bernadotte design. For further information on these exhibitions and Jensen, modernizing their designs. And at one point he studied was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Karolinska Institute The Bernadotte foundations, please contact: in Germany, worked as a stage designer in Berlin, and later in 1998 for her commitment to research in dyslexia and child http://www.orebrolansmuseum.se/ designed film sets in Hollywood. ophthalmology and an Honorary Doctorate by the Bologna http://www.si.se/Paris/Francais/ University Institute of Psychology in recognition of her http://www.bernadottestiftelsen.se/ In 1950 he started his award winning industrial design studio contribution to dyslexia research in 2006. Together with her http://www.bernadottefoundation.org/ in Copenhagen, Bernadotte & Bjørn, specializing in what has husband, she founded and now oversees these philanthropic 20 21