Bridging the gap between crm and digital marketing - in 5 steps


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Bridging the gap between online & crm
To create great customer experiences, CRM and Online marketing should not be viewed separately. If you combine transactional (CRM) data with realtime (online) behaviour, you are ahead of the game. Still, CRM/CVM and Online/Ecommerce often exist in silos. This presentation offers 5 tips to bridge the gap between online and crm. Illustrated by practical examples of leading organisations in various industries. In addition, it shares a practical toolset including a Customer Profiling Scorecard, a Digital CRM Strategy Roadmap and a process for continuous Marketing Performance Improvement.

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Bridging the gap between crm and digital marketing - in 5 steps

  2. 2. 1+1 = 3 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  3. 3. USING CRM DATA FOR BETTER TARGETED ADVERTISING Customer leased the car one year ago and manufacturer has her name + postal address Now, Customers are found and targeted just before they must renew their leases. 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  4. 4. USING ONLINE DATA TO PERSONALIZE COMMUNICATIONS Purchase history and customer preferences determine customer segment and offer. Suddenly, customer shows interest in toothbrushes on website or in app. Now, customer receives more relevant offer, in the moment 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  5. 5. HOW? FIVE STEPS # 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  6. 6. #1. Make friends across silos #2. Create integrated journeys #3. Be(come) a data scientist #4. Small steps. With a vision. #5. Always be testing 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  7. 7. #1. MAKE FRIENDS ACROSS SILOS 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  8. 8. AT A MAJOR TELCO Before: Since 2013: … … CRM Online … Online … CRM 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  9. 9. ORGANISATIONAL GAP CRM/CVM Value Management Building relations Cross/up/deep/retain POTENTIAL Online/eCom Acquisition Management Direct response # and % conversions 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  10. 10. #2. CREATE INTEGR ATED CUSTOMER J OURNEYS 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  11. 11. ING DELIVERS “NEXT BEST OFFERS” IN REAL TIME NBA on website Personal advice 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  12. 12. ING DELIVERS “NEXT BEST OFFERS” IN REAL TIME o  o  o  Response rates x3 Annual cost reduction 35% Leadtime from 21 to 4 weeks 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  13. 13. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT “ON THE GO” o  o  o  Find dropoff moments Replay individual journeys Optimize value of each visit Tealeaf  so)ware,     2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  14. 14. #3. BE(COME) A DATA SCIENTIST 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  15. 15. WEHKAMP RETARGETING & PERSONALISATION Targeted banners: o  15x better ROI o  5x better CTR Personalised e-mails: o  23% higher openrate o  68% higher CTR o  67% less opt-out o  271% higher sales-per-send 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  16. 16. ☺  NAWE:  Bonuskaart,  E-­‐mail,   naam,  adres,  lee=ijd   +  Voorkeuren   +  Feedback   +  Social  media  content   CUSTOMER PROFILING SCORECARD Explicit 5Profile 4 Customer Metadata 3 2 Implicit Profile 1 0 Journey Profile Response Profile Session Profile 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  17. 17. CUSTOMER PROFILING SCORECARD (2) Explicit customer profile Session-profile Customer maintained profile: name, address, email, settings, favourites, configurations, preferences, product ratings, reviews, Q&A, UGC, Social Media Content Real-time behavioural data: referring site, location, campaign exposure, use of site functionalities, customer intent Implicit customer profile Customer journey profile Supplier maintained behavioural profile: online transactions, offline transactions, product use, service use, interactions, socio-demographic data, psychographic data Longitudinal cross channel behavioural data: multi stage decision process identification, microconversions, engagement Response-profile Customer meta data Stimulus-reponse-data related to functionalities and campaigns. Include contact history, interaction pressure, campaign response, stimulus-sensitivity Analytics generated customer data: recency/frequency/ value profile, LTV-profile, segmentation, engagement scoring, attitudinal scoring, sentiment scoring 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  18. 18. #4. SMALL STEPS. WITH A VISION. 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  19. 19. DIGITAL CRM STRATEGY ROADMAP 2012 Phase 1 2013 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Basics Quick Wins Customer Value Life Time Value Customer Journey Program Prospect Welcome Order Follow Up Churn / Retention EDM: abandoned cart EDM: customer journey Win back EDM: behavioral events Campaigns Bulk communication Simple segmentation Segmentation Multi channel Personalized Real time Interactive Reports Hi-prio KPI’s All KPI’s Dashboards Balanced Scorecard Analysis RFM Basic Segmentation Advanced Segmentation LTV Behavioral segmentation Value drivers Loyalty drivers Share of Wallet Life style segmentation Engagement scoring ROMI analysis Marketing Performance Improvement Monitor basic KPI’s Set up test- and control groups Simple A/B testing Advanced A/B testing Multivariate testing campaigns Advanced A/B testing programs Multivariate testing programs ROMI optimization Customer Data Integration Registrations Transactions Customer Profiles Contact history Survey data Campaign feedback data Integrate business units Web data Social media data Competitor data External environment data Vision & Strategy Customer Contact Strategy Phase 2 2014 Insights (example Roadmap) 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  20. 20. #5. ALWAYS BE TESTING 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  21. 21. VODAFONE INCREASED CONVERSION BY 378% Optimize e-mail +233% Differentiate +43% Net conversions +378% In 5 months 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  22. 22. LEARNINGS o  o  o  o  Design optimization pays off (!) Source predicts behaviour Personalize on click behaviour Segmentation on opened vs clicked 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  23. 23. MARKETING PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT CYCLE 12. Improve 1. Set Goals 2. Set KPI’s 11. Discuss 10. Analyze 3. Plan Customer VALUE 4. Prepare 9. Report 5. Contact 8. Optimize 7. Monitor 6. Follow up 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  24. 24. #1. Make friends across silos #2. Create integrated journeys #3. Be(come) a data scientist #4. Small steps. With a vision. #5. Always be testing 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  25. 25. 3 3 1+1 = 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  26. 26. Visi Questions! TWITTER: EMAIL: PHONE: @LARSCRAMA LARS.CRAMA@2ORGANIZE.COM +31 6 51506820 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  27. 27. REFERENCES o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group  
  28. 28. visit 2organize  is  a  member  of  Oxyma  Group