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The old saying goes, “A picture is worth 1,000 words”, and this is never more evident than on the social web today. With an increase in data-sharing capabilities and a decrease in user attention spans, social media is becoming increasingly visual and brands are beginning to embrace this new form of visual storytelling.

Image-focused social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Tumblr, have changed the way websites are designed and content is developed. Even established web properties, like Facebook, StumbleUpon, and eBay, have scrambled to keep up with this new breed of picture-loving social media users.

In this presentation, you will learn how major social media platforms are evolving and how you can adapt your content strategy to make the most of visuals and maximize engagement.

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Tell Your Story With Pictures

  1. 1. Tell Your Story With Lars Bredahl Digital Marketing Coordinator – First Bank @larsbredahl ‘s
  2. 2. @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  3. 3. Visual Content Revolution
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  5. 5. Why • No Language barriers • Shorter attention spans • More shareable • Improved technology @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  6. 6. Key Stats • 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual* • Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text* • Across all social media avenues, posts with strong images get on average 3x as much user engagement as those with no images. (Forbes) *Source: Social Media Today @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  7. 7. Visual Social Networks @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  8. 8. Pinterest @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  9. 9. YouTube @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  10. 10. Instagram @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  11. 11. Others • Tumblr • Vine • Snapchat @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  12. 12. Social Networks Evolving
  13. 13. @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem Facebook
  14. 14. @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem Twitter
  15. 15. @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  16. 16. Social Media Image Strategy Tips
  17. 17. Social Media 101 • What are my goals? • Who is my audience? • What is my brand’s voice? • What platforms will help me achieve my goals? • What content will resonate with my audience? • How will my content appear in different locations? • How will I measure and optimize? @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  18. 18. @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  19. 19. Create Visual Content • Use images you already own • Take photos and video of everything • Draw • Add text to photos • Edit and repackage content for future use • Remember to use quality images to increase engagement @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  20. 20. Share Visual Content • Utilize Creative Commons & Royalty Free Websites to find images – Wikimedia – Flickr – Microsoft Office – Pixabay • Always give proper image accreditation @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  21. 21. Visual Content Ideas
  22. 22. Tell a Story @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  23. 23. Tap Into Emotions @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  24. 24. Make ‘Em Laugh @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  25. 25. Educate @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  26. 26. Give Followers a Voice @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  27. 27. Be Relevant @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  28. 28. Inform @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  29. 29. Bring Back Memories @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  30. 30. Inspire @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  31. 31. Play Games @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  32. 32. Reward @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  33. 33. Promote @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  34. 34. Visual Content Tools
  35. 35. Photo Editing Tools @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  36. 36. Video Editing Tools • Final Cut Pro • iMovie • Windows Movie Maker @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  37. 37. Infographic Tools @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  38. 38. Meme Tools • Meme Generator • Quick Meme • Someecards @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  39. 39. Quote Tools • Quotes Cover • Quozio • Recite This @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem
  40. 40. Conclusion
  41. 41. Thank You! @larsbredahl First Bank#NCCommsSem