Leadership above the line by sarah sumner wow! a model that really works!!!

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  • 1. Leadership above the Line by Sarah Sumner A Round Peg In A Square HoleWhen youre working above the line, youre in your unique success zone--leading with excellence and character in the way that best fits yourstrengths. Leadership above the Line provides tools to help readers findsuccess in their work and personal relationships by better understandingtheir own tendencies. It reveals which above the line behaviors are mostproductive and shows how to avoid destructive below the line attitudes.Using Jesus as the model of the ideal balanced leader, Sumner offerspractical tips readers can use to incorporate above-the-line strengths intoeveryday life.Personal Review: Leadership above the Line by Sarah SumnerThis book is not just a run-of-the-mill leadership book...it is a model thathas the power to truly transform leaders and teams. I had the privilege ofwatching the real-life application of this model transform a very negativeworking relationship into a very positive one. It helps people underst and
  • 2. the core of their working/leadership style and learn to appreciate differentstyles that exist in their co-workers. When two people rub each other thewrong way I call them "sand paper people" and they do one of two things,either: 1) create raw, open wounds that get infected and infect the entireorganization; or 2) smooth the rough edges and create a productiveworking environment inspite of their differences. This model helped tomove people out of the first category into the second which allows th eorganization to become healthy and thrive. The beauty and simplicity is inthe fact that the model incorporates personality and leadership ethics intoone cohesive model. Leadership Above the Line is more than a must readit is a MUST DO! For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:Leadership above the Line by Sarah Sumner 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!