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If you lived here id know your name news from smal   my favorite alaskan memoir!
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If you lived here id know your name news from smal my favorite alaskan memoir!


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  • 1. If You Lived Here, Id Know YourName: News from Small-Town Alaska by Heather Lende An Unexpected GemTiny Haines, Alaska, is ninety miles north of Juneau, accessible mainly bywater or air—and only when the weather is good. Theres no traffic lig htand no mail delivery; people can vanish without a trace and funerals are acommunity affair. Heather Lende posts both the obituaries and the socialcolumn for her local newspaper. If anyone knows the going-on in thisclose-knit town—from births to weddings to funerals—she does. Whether contemplating the mysterious death of eccentric Speedy Joe,who wore nothing but a red union suit and a hat he never took off, not evenfor a haircut; researching the details of a one-legged lady gold minersadventurous life; worrying about her sons first goat-hunting expedition;
  • 2. observing the awe-inspiring Chilkat Bald Eagle Festival; or ice skating inthe shadow of glacier-studded mountains, Lendes warmhearted stylebrings us inside her small-town life. We meet her husband, Chip, whoowns the local lumber yard; their five children; and a colorful assortment ofquirky friends and neighbors, including aging hippies, salty fishermen,native Tlingit Indians, and volunteer undertakers—as well as the moose,eagles, sea lions, and bears with whom they share this wild and perilousland. Like Bailey Whites tales of Southern life or Garrison Keillors reports fromthe Midwest, NPR commentator Heather Lendes take on her offbeatAlaskan hometown celebrates life in a dangerous and breathtakinglybeautiful place.Personal Review: If You Lived Here, Id Know Your Name: Newsfrom Small-Town Alaska by Heather LendeMy daughter and I were in Talkeetna, AK last week on a very rainy day.Our flightseeing was cancelled. We slogged around in the mud, wanderingin-and-out of the shops. In one I found Lendes book, my daughter foundanother that interested her, and we decided to head back to Peg Vosscharming "a B & B on C" where we were staying. We curled up on a comfycouch in front of the fire Peg had lit to take the chill out of the air andbegan to read.I originally thought the book would help give me insight into the people wholived in the rugged and wild land that we were visiting. Besidessightseeing, when in a new place I like to meet the people who live there,so I was especially interested in the book.After the first few chapters, I was somewhat dismayed. Yes, I know Lendeis an obituary writer but I didnt realize the book would be mostly storiesabout the people who died in Haines, and there are a lot of em, young andold. As I kept reading, however, the presence of death, which at firstseemed to be a running theme, was mitigated by another theme far morepowerful, that of the lives we lead in the days we are given. Through all ofLendes essays it is life itself that shines through.Lende is a woman of faith, but one does not have to be religious to bemoved by her tales of the people of Haines. She addresses theuniversality of human experience lived day-to-day in a remote Americantown.I learned something of the people of Alaska as I read this book, it is true;but I learned far more about myself, which I did not expect when I firstbegan this modest little book with the moose on the cover. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: If You Lived Here, Id Know Your Name: News from Small- Town Alaska by Heather Lende 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!