Accelerate Revenue & Valuation Using New Controls & Strategies
$32 Million to $500 Milli...
The Difference

Why Now?

It starts with the following premise…”A budget based
solely on sales is reactive.” The variance ...
Revenue Ecosystem Schematic

Corporate revenues are created and driven by the interrelationships that exist between all of...
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Zer0frixion Overview


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Zer0frixion Overview

  1. 1. REDEFINING THE REVENUE ECOSYSTEM Accelerate Revenue & Valuation Using New Controls & Strategies $32 Million to $500 Million in 9 Years…Over 30 Countries ______________________ 70% “Dot Com” Market Penetration in Year One…$14 Million Early Stage Funding ______________________ $3 Million to $56 Million in 4 Years with a 46% EBITDA… 32 Countries…Sold For $260 Million in Year 5 ______________________ $900,000 to $9 Million in 15 Months…18 Countries…$16 Million “A Round” Funding ______________________ Strategically Selected Group of 380 Leading Companies in 19 Industries and 14 Countries Launch B2B Technology/Information Service in First 3 Months…$3 Million 1st Year Revenue ______________________ eCommerce Technology Company…Exceeded prior 12 month sales in 1st 3 months…sold to Google for $126 million ______________________ Client Company provides an Outsourcing Corporate spend solution … Complete reconfiguration…Sold to Accenture for $375 million           Do you know how you arrived at your revenue and profitability? Is Client Retention & Growth as good as it can be? Is system and process adoption where it needs to be? If not, why not? Is your Management strategy focused on the things you can control? Is the sales cycle too long? Could it be shortened? Can the number and rate of deals won increase with your existing headcount? Are the Sales and Client Service Teams as productive and effective as they could be? Are specific sales actions defined and then properly measured ? Can you quantify both the Quantity AND Quality of activity leading to revenue outcome? Is forecasting consistently accurate…is it based upon history resulting from a “less than optimal” process? Fact Revenue cannot be controlled, but the actions that create it can. Fact The majority of deployments meet with only moderate success or failure. The actual percentage of flawed or failed system deployments is staggering. Mistakes made in the earliest stages of design and deployment are difficult to identify and result in significant costs in terms of time, money and opportunity. The result of any implementation relies on a variety of factors…quality, design, management support, and most importantly, the experience of the individuals responsible for the implementation. Most business models rely on continuous acquisition of new clients and retention of the existing clients. Whether it is one or the other, or both, Zer0frixion will have significant impact on your top and bottom lines. Why take years using trial and error to launch a strategy that can be delivered in weeks? Mistakes at this stage are costly, wasting yours and your company’s two most valuable resources…time & money. Solution…avoid the mistakes by working with people that have done this successfully . Eliminate Uncertainty Associated With Sales Results Zer0frixion is a complete Revenue Acceleration Strategy. It is a unique, proprietary, and measurable approach that marries clearly defined strategy with faster and more efficiently than ever before. Eliminate user frustration, poor adoption and compliance, inaccurate data and inconsistent forecasting. The result is not only increasing revenue, but accelerating it as well. Zer0frixion brings together…  Sales Strategy, Technology, Design, & Implementation  Product Strategy  Staff & Executive Skill Development  Business Management Strategic Development The deliverable combines…  Activity and Pipeline Management  Sales Technology  A customized, clearly defined process  Predictive Analytics and Corporate Snapshots  Comprehensive training 2011 Zer0frixion, LLC. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The Difference Why Now? It starts with the following premise…”A budget based solely on sales is reactive.” The variance between budget and actual performance…positive or negative…is after the fact. Accurate sales forecasting relies on knowing what gets you there. All the “moving parts” contributing to revenue need to be clearly defined, quantified and budgeted. Historical information needs to be collected with a system in place to collect it. While many companies will deploy a “system”, most quickly abandon it. The past several years have clearly shown us that the old rules no longer apply. The good news is that powerful new methods are now available. Many times, the wrong questions are being asked. The FOCUS needs to be changed to what you can control. Revenue cannot be controlled. Subjectivity is the downfall of quantification and accountability. A correctly designed strategy is not subject to interpretation. The marriage of Cloud Computing and Sales Technology Systems (I shy away from the CRM acronym) has created an opportunity for companies to project, manage, and analyze their business through an entirely new lens, with new currencies, asking new questions…with valuable answers. Decisions made at the earliest stages of design and implementation have the biggest and most far reaching consequences…weeks, months, even years after the fact. The early mistakes made aren’t usually recognized until much later, resulting in tremendous loss of time, opportunity, and desired results. The majority of companies using 21st century technology platforms are still applying a 20th century strategy resulting in significant opportunity cost. Until a relatively short time ago, the technology to drive and track an activity- based budget and revenue management system was not available. When the technology became available, it existed in a Hardware/Software environment that was expensive to own and manpower intensive to support. This made it prohibitive and simply too difficult to deploy and maintain for the majority of companies. Salesforce.Com has rewritten the playbook. Exploring what this means could literally transform your business. New Tool -> New Questions -> New Answers New Insights The Why & The How If this feels or sounds familiar, you are not alone. The vast majority of companies today are struggling with these questions and challenges. The question remains, what to do about it. “Nothing” is not an option. Zer0frixion helps companies achieve a perfect balance…wiring together every part of your company’s “DNA” and realizing the full potential of your business. Imagine eliminating the uncertainty associated with revenue and profitability. What effect would that have on you, your staff, and your business? The system, process, methods, analytics and culture that have proven so successful at other companies can be delivered as a customized solution. Once deployed you will have a seamless and constant flow of accurate, real time information…a true snapshot of every aspect of your business. Your company’s revenues and profits will become the predictable by-product of focusing on and managing the controllable variables of your business. You now have total control. And the best news? It’s easy to do. Contact me to learn more. 2011 Zer0frixion, LLC. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Revenue Ecosystem Schematic Corporate revenues are created and driven by the interrelationships that exist between all of the material and intellectual variables that contribute to and impact revenue. Accurate ROI determination for many of these variables has proven to be elusive. Zer0frixion’s program is not exclusively about sales technologies, business strategies, headcount productivity, direct and indirect spend, or any of the variables shown in the diagram above. It IS about maximizing the inter-relationships between all of these things. The beginning to end process will deliver a culture, utilizing a sales technology platform (Salesforce.Com) to provide the data and associated analytics to allow for timeeffective and accurate assessments of your investments, strategies, and activities. This is about enabling you to ask what used to be difficult questions and, more importantly, arrive at accurate and timely answers more easily than ever. Is your company…    B2B Large target market(s) High activity volume sales process Many companies fitting this profile find themselves in the position of not capturing a large piece of the “opportunity pie” available to them. Zer0frixion’s strategy has helped many of them change that. Laurence M. Nipon | CEO | (917) 613-5224 | | LinkedIn 2011 Zer0frixion, LLC. All rights reserved.