My Many Musings from Mexico

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Mexico offers such an abundance for the adventure or vacation traveler, it's almost inconceivable not to consider it for one of your next travels. Here's a sampling of my own dicoveries during my …

Mexico offers such an abundance for the adventure or vacation traveler, it's almost inconceivable not to consider it for one of your next travels. Here's a sampling of my own dicoveries during my several (so far) trips around this vast country.

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  • 1. Mexico Musings Zocalo in Mexico City Mexico City Veracruz Xalapa Tlaxcala Toluca Orizaba Taxco Acapulco
  • 2. Avenida Francisco I. Madero in Mexico City, D.F.
  • 3. Two Mexico City Landmarks
  • 4. Beach Promenade in Veracruz
  • 5. Veracruz Aquarium and Beach Scene
  • 6. A stuffed Blowfish at the Aquarium in Veracruz
  • 7. Tropical Drinks on the Promenade in Veracruz
  • 8. Getting a Head in Xalapa – a stone-carved Olmec Head
  • 9. Downtown Tlaxcala
  • 10. Main Plaza View of Tlaxcala
  • 11. Cathedral in Main Plaza Tlaxcala
  • 12. Statue of Xicotencatl
  • 13. Toluca Downtown
  • 14. The Arcade on Galeana at Hidalgo in Downtown Toluca
  • 15. Orizaba: This city of about 100,000 Indians and mixed Spanish blood inhabitants is named for Mt. Orizaba (Citlaltepetl), Mexico’s highest peak and the third highest peak in North America at an elevation of about 18,406 ft. (5,610 meters). Only Mt. McKinley in Alaska and Mt. Logan in Canada are higher. Also referred to as Pico de Orizaba, it can have snow at its upper levels year-round but the climbing season is in Winter, which is just the opposite of the other North American climbs. That makes Orizaba a very popular destination from November through February. The climbers (and tourists) come principally from all over North America with some from Europe and beyond.
  • 16. A SOMBRERO VENDOR – TAXCO Okay. So, how would YOU carry 15 or 20 full-sized, wide-brimmed hats?
  • 17. View of Taxco from Kennedy Street
  • 18. Evening View of Taxco From the Avenida de Los Plateros
  • 19. Not fancy from the outside, but a good place to start your culinary tour of Tasqueno food. It’s much nicer inside with quite a nice, colonial décor of pastel walls and carved wood tables and furniture. Prices are pretty reasonable too for good local dishes and “comida corridas”.
  • 20. The Hotel Santa Prisca in the Plazuela San Juan
  • 21. Streets are fairly well lit at night and safe, but don’t expect any neon. This is a colonial town and zoning is strictly enforced by the Mexican government. Pedestrians are afoot until the wee hours, usually around the bars, discos or pubs (cantinas) near one of the Plazas. Plaza de San Juan, Plaza Borda (Zocalo) and Plazuela de Bernal are all good and within a short walking or collectivo ride of each other. Late Evening Street View on Benito Juarez Near the Zocalo
  • 22. A View of La Quebrada, Acapulco
  • 23. Night Stroll Along Costera in Acapulco
  • 24. A Beach Vendor Selling “Platano”
  • 25. Of the many vendors patrolling the “playas” hawking everything from fresh avocadoes to sun-ripened Zapotes or sliced Zanahorias, the most enterprising offer “free samples” in hopes of generating a sale. The goods on sale here are watermelon, plain mango, mango covered with red chili pepper, and sliced pineapple dipped in red chili powder. (This is MEXICO, remember? Don’t knock it unless you’ve TRIED it!)
  • 26. Beach for Locals in Acapulco
  • 27. Cliff Divers at La Quebrada, Acapulco (The three divers are on the rock summit upper right side, see them?)
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