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  • 1. Changes and Reasons
  • 2.  When learning the system use the beta website on Family Search or the sandbox as it becomes available. Sign in with your LDS account. Look for the red rectangle in Family Tree to make sure you are on the beta website.
  • 3. The Beta websitecan be played withand used withoutchanging the livesystem.
  • 4. Click on name to viewSummary card.Click on View Person toshow detail screen.
  • 5. Click on [Open] to viewVital Information
  • 6. Click on any light blue text to edit.Click on birth date toopen edit box
  • 7. Click on [Edit]
  • 8. Event and Reason fields appear.
  • 9. Enter information and reason.Click on [Save].
  • 10. To view changes made to Birthclick on [History]
  • 11. Shows recent changes for Birth. Click on [Go Back] to return to Detail screen.Option: Click on [Restore] to goto previous birth event.
  • 12. To view contact information clickon modifier’s name. Close Event edit box
  • 13. Click on [Add] to addChristening information
  • 14. Type in Event and Reasonfields, click on [Save].
  • 15. Christening added.Click [Close].
  • 16. Close VitalInformation Open Other Information
  • 17. Click on [Open Details] to viewName or Event edit boxes.
  • 18. To delete wrong information, click on [Delete].
  • 19. Type in reason, click on [Delete].
  • 20. Name deleted. To view change, clickon [Alternate Name Removed].
  • 21. Shows recent changes for Alternate Name. Click on [Go Back] to return to Detail screen.Option: Click on [Restore] to goto previous Name event.
  • 22. Click on [Close Details].
  • 23. Click [Add] to choosename or event and addinformation.
  • 24. Fill in eventfields andreason andclick on [Save].
  • 25. Closeedit box
  • 26. Information is addedand shows in LatestChanges
  • 27.  Making changes in Family Tree is easy in this user friendly program. Keep a record of your proofs or sources in a personal pedigree program on your home computer. Remember common ancestors are open to be edited by anyone so Reasons are important! State them clearly – have proof!
  • 28. September 2012