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Family tree 6 sources
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Family tree 6 sources


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Attach or Create a Source
  • 2.  When learning the system use the beta website on Family Search or the sandbox as it becomes available. Sign in with your LDS account. Look for the red rectangle in Family Tree to make sure you are on the beta website.
  • 3. The Beta websitecan be played withand used withoutchanging the livesystem.
  • 4. Top portion of screen for research.Bottom portion of screen for Pedigree program.
  • 5. Click on name to viewSummary card.Click on View Person toshow detail screen.
  • 6. Click on [Open] to view Sources
  • 7. Click on [Create a New Source].
  • 8. 4 areas to complete:Source Title – Type in fieldWeb page – paste in fieldCitation – type or paste in fieldDescription – paste in field
  • 9. Copy information ontoa notepad for ease ofcreating a source inFamily Tree.
  • 10. Use Notepad orWord program
  • 11. Type in title.Copy & Paste inother fields.Click on [Save].
  • 12. Type in why this is a good source.Click on [Attach].
  • 13. Source is attached.Click on [Open Details].
  • 14. Detail box for Source:View, Edit, Detach andTag.Click on [Detach].
  • 15. Simple one step to detach a Source.Type in reason, click on [Detach].
  • 16. Click on [Edit] tochange Source data.
  • 17. From this screen you candelete a source.Click on [Delete Source].
  • 18. This is a drastic step – it is much better todetach. Be sure before you click [Yes]. Click Cancel to go back to edit screen.
  • 19. Choose part ofSource to edit.Click on [Edit].
  • 20. Change, type in reasonand click on [Save].
  • 21. At this time you have toclick on [Go Back] to gothe previous page andclick on [Open Details]again to view choices.Look for this to change ina future update.
  • 22. Click on [Tag]. Tag lets you copy a source to other events about the person. Checkmark Birth and click on [Tag].
  • 23. Source is copied to Birth eventand shows in edit box.
  • 24. Tag shows Source hasbeen copied one time.Close Detail box
  • 25. Click on [Go to Source Box].
  • 26. A holding area or que for sources that isconnected to the research portion of website.Choose Source and click on [Attach].
  • 27. Type in reason and click on [Attach]
  • 28. Paperclip shows that Source is attached to person. Click on [Go Back to Sven Duner].View My SourceBox Power pointto learn about thisresearch tool.
  • 29. Census Source is attached.
  • 30. Another place to attach Sources. Click on [Edit Relationship] inside couple box.
  • 31. On this screen attach a source for the relationship.Click on [Create a New Source].
  • 32. Type in Title and copy – paste from notepad.
  • 33. Click on [Save].
  • 34. Type in reason and click on [Attach].
  • 35. Source is attached.
  • 36. Another place to attach asource. Hover mouseover child.Click on [Edit Relationship]in child’s view box.
  • 37. On this screen attach asource for the relationship. Click on [Go to Source Box].
  • 38. Choose a Source and click on [Attach].
  • 39. Type in reason and click [Attach].
  • 40. Source is attached.
  • 41.  Attaching a source by using the Source Box in Family Tree is simple and easy. When you create a source using a Notepad or Word program it is easy to copy and paste information. Keep in mind the 4 required fields: Title, Website url, Source Citation and Description of record. Get in the habit of making good Sources.
  • 42. September 2012