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Bed Bug Treatment
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Bed Bug Treatment


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Detailed information on proven and effective bed bug treatment and bed bug removal strategies for your home or business.

Detailed information on proven and effective bed bug treatment and bed bug removal strategies for your home or business.

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  • 1. Bed Bug you scour the internet f or a f ew hours f or bed bugtreatment options, you’re guaranteed to f ind about as manytreatment options as there are bed bugs in the world!With that said, how do you know what bed bug treatmentoptions really work, and which don’t? That’s where we comein. We’ve spent hours researching the various options andsorting through which one’s work, and which one’s don’t andwhich one’s sometimes work.Each of the bed bug treatment options below have their ownsets of pros and cons. One of the most important aspectsof treatment that we can’t express enough is:Don’t use just one form of treatment.All of the bed bug experts and prof essionals will tell that you will have the most success using multiplemethods at one time. See, where one method may not work 100%, the other method pay pick up the remainingpercentage. Also, bed bugs are resilient, and some may not be ef f ected by just one treatment option, butmight die f rom others.Bef ore we jump into the options, the single best option f or treating bed bugs and to kill bed bugs is to use aprof essional exterminator. While ef f ective, this will also be the most costly option. Given the high cost, werecommend considering and trying other options f irst, as they may very well work, and save you somesignif icant cash.On average, the cost to treat bed bugs f rom a prof essional exterminator is around $1500.00 !Bed bug spray – Do it yourself PesticidesVarious online vendors of f er bed bug spray and bed bug treatment kits. These kits and sprays contain thesame products and pesticides used by prof essional exterminators. When you buy f rom a reputable vendor,such as Do My Own Pet Control, the products come with a f ull set of treatment instructions.Kits of f er multiple sprays and products to f it your needs, including kits f or apartments, small homes, largehomes and commercial businesses.
  • 2. Bed Bug Kit #1Ef f ective use of these products thought requires that you f ollow the instructions exactly. Failure to do so,can result it just spreading the bugs f urther into your home as they run away f rom the chemicals. Also,regardless of what anyone tells you, never…never use a f ogger or bed bug bomb. They don’t work, and will inf act escalate the problem and cause the bugs the inf est additional areas of your home.Ef f ective bed bug treatment and to get rid of all the bed bugs of ten requires more than one treatment. In f acttreating bed bugs of ten involves multiple use of bed bug sprays and pesticides. This holds true f orprof essional exterminators as well.Heat treatment for bed bugsHeat is a very ef f ective beg bug treatment as bed bugs don’t live long over temperatures of 115 degrees. Heattreatment of anything beyond your luggage or clothing using bed bug heat products is not recommended f ornon prof essionals. Using heat treatment on your bed or f urniture can result in ruining your f urniture or evencatching your home on f ire.Heat bed bug treatment f or clothing and luggage works great though to insure that you aren’t bringing bedbugs into your home af ter travelling. Heat treatment products include:The Packtite Portable Bed Bug Heater, which is great f or luggage, clothing, sheets, pillows and more.
  • 3. Atrix Express Plus Bug VacuumThe Packtite Closet Bed bug Heater, which is a new an improved version of the Portable bed bug heater.The Closet bed bug heater is larger and gets hotter quicker.For those wanting something even larger, the ZappBug Oven is more than 200% larger than the Closetbed bug heater.While certainly not intended f or f urniture or your bed, these heating products can be ef f ectively used tominimize bed bug introduction into your home and used as a supplementary option f or bed bug spray.Bed Bug VacuumsVacuums will not resolve your bed bug problem, but it’s an ef f ective strategy combined with others, especially ifyou can see the bedbugs. You can certainly use a regular vacuum, but you run the risk on inf ecting it and therest your home. If you do use your own vacuum, be sure to immediately remove the vacuum bag and place itinto a sealed plastic bag.Various manuf acturers make bed bug vacuums that are specif ically designed to deal with bed bugs. Animportant note about bed bug vacuums is that they are highly ef f ective against bugs that you can see, they arenot ef f ective at removing the bugs you can’t see nor f or removing bed bug eggs. Bed bug eggs are sticky, andcan of ten get trapped in the vacuum cleaner or not picked up at all.We recommend using vacuums only f or live bugs, excrementor lef t over body shells. Bed bug sprays and steamers aref ar more ef f ective at killing eggs.Steamer for bed bugsMost prof essionals use a combination of steam andpesticide f or bed bug treatment. But steam by itself can alsobe very ef f ective and has the benef it of beingenvironmentally f riendly.Similar to heat bed bug treatment methods, bed bugsteamers work by killing bed bugs and their eggs throughexcessive heat. Steam has the additional advantage ofpenetrating cloth surf aces and can be used on larger itemssuch as f urniture, mattresses and box springs without thedanger of f ire.When shopping f or a steamer f or bed bugs, purchasing a
  • 4. Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning Systemsteamer that provides constant steam is critical,otherwise areas and bed bugs may be missed.Professional bed bug exterminatorsLast, and certainly not least is the most ef f ective f orm ofbed bug treatment: the prof essional exterminator. Wewould not recommend just any exterminator though. Hereare a f ew tips to help you select the best bed bugexterminator:Do your research and interview multiple pest controlcompanies.Look f or companies that have a proven track recordf or ef f ectively removing bed bugs. Ask them f orref erences of prior clients, and call those ref erences.Insure the company is authorized and licensed to dobusiness where you live.See if the company of f ers a guarantee or warranty.Ask them f or an expected cost – a reputable company will tell you the cost per treatment, but will notguarantee the number of visits required. As stated earlier, bed but treatment of ten requires multipletreatments.