Choosing a Rice Cooker for Yourself


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Choosing a Rice Cooker for Yourself

  1. 1. Choosing the right type of rice cooker can be a very daunting task. From students who need an inexpensivefood option to a parent who wants an option to be able to cook enough rice for the whole family the right type of rice cooker is a great benefit. Modern cookers are made with many more features nowadays than in the past andthis can intimidate many people who are not familiar with using them.
  2. 2. So how do you decide which rice cooker would be right for you? Or will suit your needs? Well here are a several factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a cooker.
  3. 3. The Budget
  4. 4. Price is a big factor in any purchase and the general consensus is the more expensive the model the morefeatures the rice cooker will include. Fortunately most arenot as expensive as you might think. The first thing to keep in mind is how often you eat rice. They are fairly small appliances and dont take much room but if you dont eat rice that often you probably shouldnt look for a high endmodel. On the other hand if you do eat often it probably is a good idea to spend a little more money and get adependable model. Currently the best models are made inJapan and in particular Zojirushi are the most popular and have the highest rating among consumers.
  5. 5. How big of a rice cooker do you need?
  6. 6. Whether you are planning on cooking dinner for yourselfor a group people you should plan on how much rice youneed. Rice cooker size or label by the amount of rice they can cook in one sitting. A good thing to keep in mind is 1 cup of uncooked rice equals to about 2 cups cooked and the cup sizes in Japanese rice cookers are much smallerthan their American models. Many people might say that cooking small amount of rice in a big rice cooker makes the rice not taste as good and I would probably say they do not know what they are talking about. As you staywithin the recommended water to rice ratio then most of the time you will end up with some tasty rice. The only difference is price as a smaller cooker will cost less andshould be considered if you dont cook for a large amount of people. A large is more expensive and will use more
  7. 7. The best feature ever: Delayed timers
  8. 8. Delayed timers are probably the most convenient functionon modern rice cookers. It allows you to set a time of the day or hours ahead to have the rice start cooking. This isthe perfect answer to anyone that is busy or even for justa matter of saving time. All you need to do is prepare therice beforehand and set it in the inner pan and then set a time of day and you can have a healthy prepared mealwaiting for you when you wake up in the morning or when you come home from work. This feature does cost more but there many rice cookers in the $100 or above range that already have this feature included so this not something that will be out of the budget for most consumers.
  9. 9. Conclusion
  10. 10. There really is not exact choice when it comes down to choosing the right cooker for you. There are couple ofthings to keep in mind though and the first is your budget, how many people you are cooking for and which type offeatures you feel you need. The final thing to keep in mind though a rice cooker can save you a lot of money in thelong run and is a very healthy alternative to eating out and is perfect for gluten free option as well.
  11. 11.