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Buying Cabinets: Decisions You Need To Make
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Buying Cabinets: Decisions You Need To Make


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  • 1. If youre in the market for new cabinets, there will beseveral decisions youll need to make before you buy. Cost, type, and size will all play a big role in deciding what you wind up with. Dont take these decisions lightly. Choosingthe wrong thing could put you in a bad situation. Changing up your kitchen (or any other room in the house) should be a project that brings you joy. You do these projects toadd value to your home and make a room more functional and attractive. If you can make some good decisions before you buy, youll be able to accomplish these goals without a problem.
  • 2. Set Your Budget:
  • 3. Its a mistake to start looking for cabinets without having an idea of what youre willing to spend. Of course, before you set a budget, youll need to have an impression of how much they cost. You can get this impression by browsing local dealers and taking an average cost of the products and installations that look similar to what you want to do with your kitchen. The worst thing you can dois fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to budgetary concerns. This is a first class ticket to spending more thanyou can afford. While you should spend the money it takes to get the job done, you dont want to be paying off your project for years to come.
  • 4. Size:
  • 5. Take exact measurements before you start spending money on new cabinets. This is essential and it may not even be something you want to do on your own. Its agood idea to have a carpenter or even the people who will be doing the installation come out and make their own measurements. Theyll know exactly how much spacetheyll need to work with and will have tricks to help them get the numbers they need. Even if you do the measurements on your own, it will give you something to severely lessen the confusion you feel as you start browsing your local stores.
  • 6. Custom or Stock:
  • 7. If you want cabinets youll never see in a friends kitchen, then custom is the way to go. It will cost a bit more to get something made to your specifications, but they will also add immensely to the beauty and value of your kitchen. Of course, not everyone cares as much about havingsomething unique. If you dont mind getting something offthe shelf or out of a catalog, you can opt for stock. You will spend less, but you wont have that extra character that adds so much to a kitchen-remodeling project.
  • 8.