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  • 1. Missi Avian Ambassador Wild Bird Rescue
  • 2. Soaring with ease    on the lightest breeze she's so joyous to be aloft.   On wings spread wide    through the heavens she'll glide on feathers whisper soft.
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    • Adult Mississippi Kites are falcon-shaped with light gray under parts, a dark gray dorsal surface, and a black unbarred tail. They primarily are insect eaters, with a preference for grasshoppers, cicadas, dragonflies, and other insects that they will catch in flight and consume in midair. Mississippi Kites arrive in Wichita Falls around April from their wintering grounds in Argentina.
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    • Both the male and female will take turns sitting on the eggs. Once the eggs hatch both parents will continue to feed the nestlings. Often last years nestlings will remain with the parent to help feed and care for the new nestlings. This is very unusual in the animal world.
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    • Mississippi Kites are fully protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act (1918) and state regulations. It is illegal to take, possess, transport, sell, or purchase Mississippi Kites or their parts without a permit. These regulations also protect the kite’s eggs and nests, even nests that have been abandoned after the breeding season.
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  • 9. Wild Bird Rescue will take Missi into classrooms for presentations. She will help students better understand the importance of habitat conservation. If we all take care of our world, birds like Missi will always have a place to live.
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    • If you would like to donate to Missi’s care, please mail all donations to Wild Bird Rescue, 4611 Lake Shore Drive, Wichita Falls, TX
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    • Won’t you please help!