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Model text

  1. 1. Home, sweet home<br />Topic: “House”<br />Textbook: New Millenium English 8, Unit 6<br />Author: O.B. Dvorezkaya, N.U. Kazyrbaeva<br />
  2. 2. Задачи урока<br /><ul><li>Практические задачи:</li></ul>1) Актуализировать лексику по теме "House" в процессе формирования грамматического навыка<br />2) Развивать умение аудирования, монологической речи, записи<br /><ul><li>Образовательные задачи:</li></ul>1) Познакомиться с видами жилых домов, которые есть в Великобритании<br /><ul><li>Воспитательные задачи:</li></ul>1) Воспитывать толерантность при работе в паре и группе<br />2) воспитывать внимание, самостоятельность<br /><ul><li>Развивающие задачи:</li></ul>1) развивать умения анализа и сопоставления новой грамматической структуры I wouldlike+… с уже известной - I  like+….<br />2) развивать долговременную память в процессе актуализации ЛЕ по теме "House"<br />3) развивать творческое мышление и воображение учащихся в процессе создания собственного МТ<br />4) Развивать способность рефлексировать свою деятельностьв процессе оценки собственных МТ и модельных текстов других учащихся<br />
  3. 3. Структура урока с использованием модельного текста<br />4. Активизация РД учащихся<br />6. Презентация текстов учащихся<br />5. Креативное письмо<br />
  4. 4. 1. Тематический настрой<br />T: “There’s no place like home”-many people say. Do you agree with this statement?<br /> What does that mean to you - “home”?<br />Возможные ответы учащихся:<br />Ps: -Yes, I agree, because home is a special place where youfeel very comfortable…<br /> - I think home is a place where you can always come…<br />
  5. 5. 1. Тематический настройDifferent people have different houses they call their homes.What types of houses do you know?Make a cluster:<br />Palace<br />Wigwam<br />T: Which of these houses can be found in Russia? P: Log cabin, palace, cottage…<br /> And in Great Britain? P: Skyscrapers, palaces, cottages...<br /> Neither in Russia nor in Great Britain? P: Igloo, wigwam, houseboat…<br />
  6. 6. 2. Презентация МТ<br /><ul><li>T: Have you ever thought about a house of your dream? For sure! At least some of you did!
  7. 7. P:- A skyscraper!</li></ul> - A cottage…<br /> T: Today I want to show you what Tom from Great Britain have written specially for us. Let’s read it:<br />I’d like to live in a palace<br />I like luxurious lifestyle<br />I’d like to live in a skyscraper<br />I like to see the city from the air view<br />I’d like to live in a caravan<br />I like travelling and seeing other places<br />I’d like to live in a log cabin<br />I like getting warm near a heated stove in winter<br />I’d like to live in any kind of house<br />But I’d like it to be my own home!<br />
  8. 8. 2. Презентация МТ<br /><ul><li>T: - Who do you think Tom is? What’s his age? Does he live in houses he writes about or he tells about his wishes only? What important conclusion does he make?
  9. 9. - How does Tom express his wish to live in these houses and why does he like them? Прочтите текст еще раз и найдите грамматические структуры, которые помогают выразить желание Тома жить в каком-либо доме и почему он бы хотел там жить.
  10. 10. Чем отличается структура I would likeот I like? Которая из них помогает выразить свое желание что-то делать или сделать?</li></li></ul><li>3. Реконструкция МТ<br />T: Now let’s change the poem a little. Two pupils, please come to the blackboard. <br /> (One of them is Tom, he has just to read the poem):<br />The other pupil is Tom’s friend, Nick(or Mary) listens to Tom and says(using 3rd person singular according to the given model: “He would like to live in…he likes…”):<br /> (пара учеников дочитывает до конца, затем можно вызвать несколько учеников и прочитать текст во множественном числе) <br />I’d like to live in a palace<br />I like luxurious lifestyle<br />He’d like to live in a palace<br />He likes luxurious lifestyle <br />
  11. 11. 3. Реконструкция МТ<br />T: Now let’s try to write your own texts! You will definitely cope with it! Use the words from your cluster and finish this:<br />I’d like to live in …<br />I like…<br />I’d like to live in …<br />I like …<br />I’d like to live in …<br />I like …<br />I’d like to live in …<br />I like …<br />I’d like to live in …<br />But I’d …<br />
  12. 12. 4. Активизация речевой деятельности учащихся<br /><ul><li>T: - Work in pairs. Read your texts to each other and then I will ask you where your partner would like to live and why:
  13. 13. Ppls: - He would like to live in…,he likes…
  14. 14. - She would like to live in … because she likes …</li></ul>T: - Discuss with your partner where you wouldn’t like to live and why. Use a model:<br /><ul><li>I wouldn’t like to live in…I don’t like…
  15. 15. Ppls: - I wouldn’t like to live in …
  16. 16. I don’t like …</li></li></ul><li>5. Креативное письмо<br />Now you are able to create your own text about where you would like to live and why!You will cope with it easily!<br />Don’t forget to use “I’d like…I like…” in your texts!<br />You can also write about the places where you wouldn’t like to live and reasons for that. Use the model “I wouldn’t like…I don’t like…”<br />
  17. 17. 6. Презентация продуктов самостоятельной деятельности<br />T: - Now you have prepared texts about your dream houses! Please divide into several groups and read your texts in groups.<br /><ul><li>Let’s listen to some of them!
  18. 18. All of you will retype it at home and print it. Please add also some pictures to it. Tomorrow we will make a collage of your works on the wall in the classroom.</li></ul>Thank you very much for your work!<br />
  19. 19. 7. Рефлексия<br />Did you like today’s lesson?<br />Was it interesting for you to write your own texts?<br />Are you satisfied with your work?<br /> Fill in the following table:<br />
  20. 20. Рефлексия «+ «и» -»<br />BACK<br />