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Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
Edu 290 the first thanksgiving
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Edu 290 the first thanksgiving


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  • With Thanksgiving coming up, we are going to discuss the first thanksgiving!
  • So the first thing you have to know about are the pilgrimsPilgrims were a group of religious people from EnglandThey were Separatists and wanted to split from the Church of England and that is why they fled from England to America
  • The Mayflower weighed 180 tons…that’s about the same as 30 adult elephantsOn Sept 6 1620 the Mayflower left England with 102 passengers seeking religious freedom
  • The pilgrims planned to set course for Virginia right around Jamestown where Englishmen had previously settledThe pilgrims first landed in Plymouth MA and walked on Plymouth rockThe exact location has never been questioned because its location has been passed down from father to son from the beginning
  • It was signed on the Mayflower on its way to America
  • Native Americans had lived in the area for thousands of years before the pilgrims settled.The Wampanoag were the tribe who were living in the Massachusetts area.
  • They were religious people they gave thanks for the gifts from Mother Earth and believed in the cycle of life
  • HousesFoodChores
  • As a part of their religion Pilgrims always celebrate a day of thanks during the week, but it wasn’t always celebrated with a giant feastWe celebrate Thanksgiving today because the Pilgrims wanted to thank the Native Americans for their help with the first successful fall harvest. To celebrate they had a feast
  • The feast lasted 3 days so there were breakfasts, lunches, and dinners“Indian Pudding” was made with cornmeal, molasses, and topped with sweet wine
  • The relationship between the Wampanoag and he Pilgrims was not as friendly after the Thanksgiving feastAs more and more British settlers came to Massachusetts they tried to push out the Wampanoag tribe in order to have more room and land for themselves.The British tried to trick the Wampanoag men by giving them alcohol, getting them drunk, and then getting them to sign land sale papersThe chief of the Wampanoag tried to put an end to this, but when the British refused a war soon began.The British won and took many lives. They sent many survivors into slavery and the rest into hidingThe Wampanoag were outlawed to live in the Massachusetts area after the war.
  • Lincoln declared actually declared 2 national Thanksgivings. One in August to remember the Battle of Gettysburg and the second one in November for “general blessings”Macy’s Day Parade tradition started in 1924
  • Transcript

    • 1. The First Thanksgiving<br />Elementary Level<br />
    • 2. Pilgrims<br /><br />Pilgrims were originally from England<br />Pilgrim men were mostly farmers<br />Pilgrim women took care of the home<br />Pilgrims were religious people<br />Separatists<br />Information according to<br />(<br />
    • 3. What Did Pilgrims Wear?<br />Boys <br />Knee length pants called Breeches <br />Stockings<br />Doublet - short coat<br />“belts” – tied their breeches to their doublets<br />Girls<br />Garters – to hold up stockings<br />Petticoats<br />Shirt Jacket called a waistcoat<br />Coif – tight fitting hat<br />A pocket – looked like a small bag tied around the waist<br />Information according to<br />(<br />
    • 4. What Did Pilgrims Wear?<br />Boys <br />Girls<br /><br /><br />
    • 5. Mayflower<br />Weighed 180 tons<br />The Voyage took place in 1620<br />Over 3,000 miles<br /><br />Information according to<br />(<br />
    • 6. Plymouth Rock<br />The pilgrims were originally bound for Virginia<br />Plymouth rock marks the place where the Pilgrims first landed<br />Very important symbol in American History<br />Information according to and<br />( and <br />(<br />,-Novem.jpg<br />
    • 7. The Mayflower Compact<br />Signed in 1620<br />Recognized their loyalty to the King of England<br />Decided that the Pilgrims would govern themselves<br />Information according to<br /><br />
    • 8. Native Americans<br />Wampanoag – tribe living in the Massachusetts area<br />Fish, hunt, and farm for food for many years<br />The Wampanoag knew the land very well<br />Information according to scholastic and native-languages ( <br />(<br /><br />
    • 9. Wampanoag<br />Name means “eastern people”, “Land where the sun comes up first”, or “People of the First Light”<br />Spoke Algonquin language<br />Hunters and Gatherers<br />Clothing was made of deer skin<br />Wampanoag Spiritualism<br />Thankful for the generous gifts from Mother Earth<br />Information according to and native-languages<br /> ( and<br />
    • 10. Daily Life<br />Pilgrims <br />Much like an English cottage<br />Duck, cornbread, curds, pudding, shellfish<br />Plant and harvest their crop, tending to the fires, cutting fire wood, fertilize the garden, and fetching water<br />Wampanoag<br />Wetus – saplings bent in shape covered with woven grass<br />Fish, rabbit, squirrel, turkey, deer<br />Bury food as winter draws near, fetching water and fire wood<br />Information according to (<br />
    • 11. Daily Life<br />Pilgrims<br />Wampanoag<br /><br /><br />
    • 12. The First Thanksgiving Feast<br />Pilgrims always celebrated a day of giving thanks<br />The holiday started because the Pilgrims celebrated their first successful crop harvest with a feast with the Native Americans<br /><br />
    • 13. Food<br />Venison<br />Goose<br />Duck<br />Turkey<br />Fish<br />Cornbread<br /><br />Information according to<br />
    • 14. After the Feast<br />More British settlers came to the Massachusetts area<br />They tried to relocate the Wampanoag<br />British would try to trick the Wampanoag men<br />Gave them alcohol and made agreements while they were drunk<br />A war was started soon after this practice began<br />The British settlers destroyed the tribe and sent survivors into slavery and into hiding<br />They also took over Massachusetts land preventing the Wampanoag from living there anymore<br />Information found at native-languages (<br />
    • 15. Modern Traditions<br />1863 – Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday <br />Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade<br />Thanksgiving dinner with family<br />Turkey<br />Cranberries<br />Stuffing<br />Sweet potatoes<br />Pumpkin Pie<br />Information according to<br /><br />What are your Thanksgiving traditions?<br />
    • 16. Information Found:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Picture on first slide:<br />