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Best practices on using Odesk, Elance, Fiverr. Presented at the Startup Marketing Club 12.05.14, Digital Exchange, Dublin.

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  • Bigger companies doing since at the grassroot individual level...from B2B... C2C
  • Assumption is you are a business person or have a core business person in team already
  • Online Outsourcing by Achman Srivastava

    1. 1. Online outsourcing
    2. 2. Online outsourcing
    3. 3. General Virtual Assistant Audio / Video Editor Content Writer SEO / Web Marketer Designer Developer Frontend engineer RISKSKILLSET What to outsource?
    4. 4. Case: Make a product video RISK Task Source Freelancer cost Market rate (Agency, studio etc) - $ Write the storyboarding with pictures and detailed video direction Self 0 2000-4000 Record voice Fiverr 5 250-500 Create animation Freelancer 200 1500-4000 Savings – 8000 $ Time 1-2 weeks Quality Learning: Kept the most important task in-house- Video storyboarding.
    5. 5. Case: Ruby on rails coding support RISK Task Source Freelancer cost Market rate (Agency, studio etc) - $ Support existing Ruby on rails developer for 1-2 months period Elance 2000 $/month > 4000 for such a short duration Savings – NA Time- NA Quality Learning: It is very rare that you find a good short term developer
    6. 6. Case: Online research- find bloggers RISK Task Source Freelancer cost Market rate (Agency, studio etc) - $ Find 200 bloggers who write about youtube, viral videos, fantasy stock markets Elance 35 Don't give such small service Savings – HIGH Time- 1 week Quality Learning: You HAVE to outsource such mundane tasks. If you have time to do them, you are neglecting other imp. stuff.
    7. 7. Case: File patent Task Source Freelancer cost Market rate (Agency, studio etc) - $ File USA and international provisional patent for Tubett concept, gameplay, technology and applicatons Elance 1300 3000-4000 Savings – HIGH Time- 10 days Quality Learning: You anyways do little work in such tasks. Definitely outsource with caution. RISK
    8. 8. Case: Design website RISK Task Source Freelancer cost Market rate (Agency, studio etc) - $ Design the site in photohop and deliver the .PSD file Elance 800 2000-5000 Savings – HIGH Time- 2.5 weeks Quality Learning: Lesser the # of corrections and back and forth work, the easier it is to outsource
    9. 9. RISKRISK RISK#1 #2 Freelancer rating #3 Clear work description. Confirm tasks #4 Staged payments and deliverables Things to consider before outsourcing
    10. 10. @tubetting