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Presentation given at National Career Guidance Show Spring 2011. 92% of UK websearch starts in Google, so this presentation offers 10 ways to improve your Google search experience.

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Getting more from google

  1. 1. Getting MoreFrom Google
  2. 2. 14 billionThe Indexed Web contains at least 14 billion pages ( February 2011).
  3. 3. 92%Search Providers Market Share in UK Google 92%, Bing 4%, Yahoo 2%, Ask Jeeves 0.5%Statcounter Globalstats Top search engines in UK January 2011
  4. 4. Ten Tips for better search results1. Keep it simple2. Use search syntax3. Make use of maps4. Filter your results5. Use search tools6. Tailor your search settings7. Refine with advanced search8. Personalise by logging in9. Make Search social10. Protect your privacy
  5. 5. 1: Keep it simple• Use words likely to appear on the page• As few terms as possible• Google ignores words like where, how and the• Use unique, descriptive termsi.e. (not “website”, “document”, “company”)
  6. 6. 2: Use search syntax+ - |“ “~ *
  7. 7. +Search exactly as is (+)
  8. 8. -Terms you want to exclude (-)
  9. 9. |Alternative terms (|) pipe“OR” (in uppercase) is same
  10. 10. “”Phrase search ("")
  11. 11. ~Synonyms (~)
  12. 12. *Fill in the blanks (*)
  13. 13. 3: Make use of maps• Webcams• Wikipedia• Photos• Video• View maps made by other users
  14. 14. Google maps and places
  15. 15. hover, click more andtick to reveal more data on map
  16. 16. How to view user-created maps1. Search within Google maps2. Show Search Options3. Select User-created maps
  17. 17. 4: Filter your results
  18. 18. Hash Tags• Keywords prefixed by the # symbol• Designed to make it easier to follow comments on specialist topics• You could use #ncgs if you are tweeting about the National Career Guidance Show
  19. 19. 5: Use Search Tools Click Show Search Tools to choose from these options
  20. 20. “Something different” offers somealternative topic areas to look at
  21. 21. 6: Tailor your search settings• Language• Location• SafeSearch• Google Instant
  22. 22. • Google Instant suggests results as you type• It can be turned on/off in Search Settings
  23. 23. 7: Refine with Advanced Search• Control Geographical Location• Date range of publication• File type – e.g. Search for .DOCX or .PPTX• Reading level or (closed captions on video)• Specified websites (or newspapers in News)• Search for sites similar or linking to a website
  24. 24. 8: Personalise by logging in• Log into Google to bookmark results• Create lists of sites and share with friends• Search sites you’ve previously viewed• Personalise background image• Get notifications with alerts to email or RSS
  25. 25. You can change Google’s background image with your own images or Google’srecommended images.
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Google Reader is a tool for aggregating RSS feedsfrom other websites
  28. 28. iGoogle is a homepage which can also displayRSS feeds
  29. 29. Installing Google Desktop on your PC• Sidebar to display widgets – includingNews and RSS feeds• Google search for your own PC files,emails, chat logs and web history
  30. 30. 9: Make search social• Share your content on Google maps• Add your reviews to Google places• View search results from your social circle• Ask questions of real people at• Google Toolbar enables you to • Share your views on webpages with sidewiki • Share any webpage with your friends
  31. 31. Add people to your Google social circle by:-Add to Gmail contacts-Import contacts from other email-Add social network profiles to your Google Profile
  32. 32.
  33. 33. “Sidewiki” is a feature of Google Toolbar
  34. 34. “Share” is a feature of Google Toolbar
  35. 35. 10: Control your privacy• Log out of Google from public computers• - read about Google’s five privacy principles• – View and edit what Google has about you at
  36. 36. 11: Search FeaturesType directly into the search bar:Time AthensWeather Sydney500 Km in miles500 USD in GBP
  37. 37. Manchester United12.5 x 150Define careerMovies LS10 1LTUA940
  38. 38. 11: Searrrch like a pirate• Google Pirate interface•
  39. 39.
  40. 40. LarbalestierProspects Services