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Webinar attended November 2012

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  • Create – hundreds of social shares from blog content, webinar regsCurate - high level of social engagement, curated “best of” ideas >2000 tipsheet views, ~5000 PPT viewsConversate - 500 # mentions,
  • The device doesn’t matter anymore.More video is now consumed through digital devices than TV.So we must create content that is highly engaging and shareable across any channel.And we must allow fans to unlock deeper experiences around their passion points.
  • The turning point here is between PULL AND PUSH. We can now consume everything we need to know from newsfeeds, on a phone in our pockets.Not surprising that social networks are a huge chunk of our time spent on digital devices. In fact, social networks will eventually drive more referral traffic than Google.Guardian tested out a social reader app that brought in over 8 million subscribers in 5 months, generating 30% of ALL referral traffic to the site this February.
  • Buzzfeed data examplesThe key to shareable content - make people feel somethingThink about the emotional reaction this content will createInspirationExcitementLaughter Intrinsic reward of being the first to share helpful infoIn all cases, multimedia is critical. 44% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand or product post if it includes a picture. (2012, ROI Research)
  • There is a new class of content creators blurring the line between traditional (super big budget) and consumer (low quality) This allows more room for experimentation - can create content specifically for digital channel
  • Pfizer
  • Spredfast prep-school-increasing-brand-engagement-121031101952-phpapp02

    1. 1. Increasing and CultivatingBrand EngagementSocial Prep School Series#SocialPrep
    2. 2. Today’s Presenters Jordan Slabaugh Christina Will Zweigart Director of Social Trapolino Senior Program Spredfast Director of Social Director @jordanv Jason’s Deli 5Loom @spredfast @cmtrapolino @5Loom @jasonsdeli#SocialPrep
    3. 3. Engagement Interactions by social users with brand content or social channels#SocialPrep
    4. 4. It’s a Multi-Channel, Social World Numerous ways, places and types of interactions with social brands#SocialPrep
    5. 5. Social Customers Crave Interaction#SocialPrep
    6. 6. So, Why Does Engagement Matter? Looking at five leading social networks, Fortune 100 company names are mentioned more than 10 million times per month 17% of customers have used social in past year to get customer service response Customers who engage with companies over social spend 20 to 40% more money with this customers than other customers Sources: Digital Buzz Blog, American Express 2012 Customer#SocialPrep Barometer, Balin and Company Report
    7. 7. Connecting to Business Goals Engagement helps tie social activity to business: Building awareness (Likes, Follows, Shares) Enhancing customer service (Responses, Replies) Acknowledging social customers (Thanks, Positive Mentions) Converting social customers (Website traffic, Sales, Conversions) Generating word of mouth (Sharing, Retweets, Embeds)#SocialPrep
    8. 8. Cultivating Engagement 1. Understanding business goals 2. Monitoring 3. Being present for opportunities 4. Understanding your audience 5. Targeting right message to right people 6. Embracing existing conversations, interests, news 7. Leveraging data to find insights 8. Focusing on content#SocialPrep
    9. 9. Get in Your Audience’s Head If you aren’t asking the following questions, you aren’t thinking about your audience(s) • What are they talking about on their channels? • What are their motivations to interact with my brand? • What do they need as a social customer? • What do they want as a social customer?#SocialPrep
    10. 10. A Model for Thinking About Content Create content that speaks to the interests, needs and emotions of your audience Create Curate best in class content from news, community members, industry sources Conversate Curate Conversate by leveraging existing conversations, interests and memes#SocialPrep
    11. 11. Applying the Model The 7 Whiteboard Sessions Whitepaper Share learned best practices, tips and strategic social business insights with social strategists to embrace in 2012. Create Curate Conversate • Blog post(s • Ideas and feedback • #SocialSpruce • Contributed to from audience • Shared best ideas, industry blogs • Quotes, advice from feedback through • Facebook posts/ leaders corp. social channels polls • Pre-during-post • Twitter posts/ polls content and live • Webinar series webinar#SocialPrep
    12. 12. ABOUT 5LOOM Strategic Channel Social Media Specialty Social Planning Launch and Campaigns Services Analytics Management#SocialPrep
    13. 13. The distribution oftechnologyhas changedthe technology ofdistribution.#SocialPrep
    14. 14. NOW CONTENT COMES TO US#SocialPrep
    15. 15. CREATE SHAREABLE CONTENT Why would they engage? ASK THREE Why would they share? QUESTIONS Why _____ ? (your brand)#SocialPrep
    17. 17. LEVERAGE PAID, OWNED AND EARNEDcampaignscatalysts UGC #SocialPrep
    18. 18. AND DON’T TALK TOO MUCH To show support for a liked brand 56% of those who follow a brand are “more likely” to make a purchase of that brand’s product Company posted too frequently 52% of consumers stop following brands because content became competitive or boring over time#SocialPrep
    20. 20. PRIMARY MEASUREMENT AREAS Reach • Content impressions • Video views • Fan base/growth % Engagement • PTAT per post • Post level: • Likes • Comments • Shares • High authority shares • Clicks/referral Don’t forget qualitative • Anything that creates business value, such as: • Thought leadership • Customer resolutions • Customer insights/feedback • Influencer relationships • SEO#SocialPrep
    21. 21. “Make Someone Happy”#SocialPrep
    22. 22. Engage! Wait, what?#SocialPrep
    23. 23. Engagement Types Truly engaging published content allows brand advocates to share what you have to say, which increases your reach through social signals.#SocialPrep
    24. 24. Engagement Types BUT content is expensive! It costs resources, bandwidth, time, and can get lost in corporate approval black holes. If you’re not in a content culture, you’ll have to get creative in other ways.#SocialPrep
    25. 25. Engage! Wait, what? It’s actually all about relationships: stronger relationships can increase frequency in your best customers and grow sales. Compelling content is important, but most publishing is still just publishing, regardless of the medium. Want to really WOW your customers? Join their conversations.#SocialPrep
    26. 26. Community Conversations Any online conversation where interests unify people = a community conversation. Examples include gluten free, travelers, event attendees, and your brand advocates. Right now, we are all a community of professionals working in social media – and our unifying interest is social engagement best practices!#SocialPrep
    27. 27. Monitoring Your best social customer segment is actually interested in things that aren’t you! Find out what they are. Deepen your relationship in a scalable way: by joining the right community conversations. Listen and monitor with keyword searches and content labels in Spredfast.#SocialPrep
    28. 28. Surprise & Delight – It’s All About The Opportunity Direct Brand Mentions Indirect Brand Mentions Expectation is to No expectation of a receive response. acknowledgement. Good chance she Odds are, she’s doesn’t know you’re already following you. social, or else she’d be talking TO you!#SocialPrep
    29. 29. Targeting Responses You must have a solid brand voice, but still think like a consumer. Love data. A deep qualitative understanding of your best customer segments will help guide keyword selections for monitoring. Set your ego to “in check” – it’s not all about you! Always be sincere, or don’t chime in at all.#SocialPrep
    30. 30. Targeting Responses Response Types What They Mean Like, +1, Favorite “This exists. I see it, Comment, Reply and I approve of it.” Retweet, Re-share “This was compelling enough for me to respond with a thought.” “This is so epic that I need to share it with my followers.”#SocialPrep
    31. 31. Surprise & Delight Replying lets you join a Favoriting says, “we’re conversation. listening.”#SocialPrep
    32. 32. Winning With Conversations#SocialPrep
    33. 33. Thanks! Jordan Slabaugh Christina Will Zweigart @jordanv Trapolino @5Loom @spredfast @cmtrapolino @jasonsdeli#SocialPrep
    34. 34. Contact us info@spredfast.com @Spredfast Slides from today’s presentation can be found at www.slideshare.net/spredfast Thanks for joining us!#SocialPrep