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The rare earth monthly report is a collaboration between Metal-Pages and Core Consultants and is a definitive guide to the rare earth market.

Each issue offers information regarding the latest trends with respect to Chinese production and trade, global production and trade, end-user markets and insights into rare earth and prospective rare earth producers.

The report provides a forecast, both long term ( 1 year and five years) and short terms ( 2 months) for individual rare earth oxides, rare earth metals , H-magnets and N-magnets.

Subscribers to this report include the foremost rare earth producers, electric vehicle companies, consumer electronics companies, traders and policy makers.

For further information or to subscribe, email info@coreconsultants.org or phone +27 79 504 6770

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Rare earth brochure

  1. 1. New Report for 2011!A Monthly Analysis for the Rare Earth Industry! •  Where are rare earth prices heading? •  Which companies will be in production within the next three years? •  What is the outlook for rare earth demand, supply and global balance? •  What developments are taking place in magnet technology? •  What is the impact of the American credit market on rare earth production?Get your company profiled and known to thousands of readers! +44 (0) 208 255 8325 or +27 (0)11 465 83 60 info@metal-pages.com or info@coreconsultants.org
  2. 2. The Rare Earth Market"A Monthly Analysis for the Rare Earth Industry For the better part of the last century, miniaturised green technology was placed firmly in the realm of science fiction. A car that could significantly decrease carbon emissions; a renewable abundant, and ecological energy source capable of supplying power to an entire city; a computer that 180  000   120.00   could not only fit in your pocket, but Rare  Earth  Potential  in  Wind  Power 160  000   function as a phone as well. Until very Wind  Power  Capacity  (MW) 100.00   recently, these pipe dreams were 140  000   believed to have been derived from 120  000   Rare  Earth  Penetration  Rate   80.00   (MW) smoking a very strong pipe of a different 100  000   tonnes Nd2O3  Required MW 60.00   sort, but the realm of science fiction has 80  000   very quickly turned into science fact. 60  000   40.00   The corporate environment has finally 40  000   20.00   begun to live up to its namesake as 20  000   environmental conscientiousness no -­‐ -­‐ longer stagnates in university dorm 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 rooms and obscure laboratories. It is out in the open and here to stay.   Environmental awareness is now the way of the 21st century, and it would not have been possible without the technological benefits derived from rare earth minerals.
  3. 3. The Rare Earth Market: A Monthly Analysis for the Rare Earth Industry"is the first of its kind to provide independent and on-the-ground research combinedwith strategic analysis. This report comes amid a challenging economic climatedirectly impacting both those looking to invest, or already operating in the rare earthindustries. ! Rare earth minerals are used in numerous applications we now see as commonplace - laptops, cell phones, cars, energy sources, lasers, magnets and even glass. In the last few years rare earths have become an integral part of technological advancement. Rare earths, thanks to the expected Relative Value of Rare Earth Oxide Constituents shortage in the near future, have become the new buzz word of the mining industry. The prices for these highly Y La sought-after elements have seen Dy an increase of 1,719% over the last two years and a 529% increase Ce since last year. But what is the Tb reality surrounding the future of rare earth demand? Is this all just Pr media hype, or are there real Nd fundamentals to support this market over the long term? With this in mind, Core Consultants in collaboration with Metal-Pages have created the perfect guide to traverse the erratic “mine-field” of the rare earth market with a monthly report like no other.
  4. 4. The Rare Earth Market"A Monthly Analysis for the Rare Earth Industry What we offer! With access to the latest data, up–to-the-minute news and the inside track on rare earth information, this monthly report will outline all the current issues facing the rare earth markets and advise on where the market will be heading on a monthly basis. Supplemented with each report is an excel spreadsheet summarizing the month’s data (a compliment of the report to help you navigate the market). Our analysts’ vast knowledge and experience in commodity analysis allows for a robust monthly report that one would not find elsewhere. Unrivalled access to the latest rare earth data Relevant news & information affecting the market Unbiased analysis of the rare earth market
  5. 5. The Rare Earth Market"A Monthly Analysis for the Rare Earth Industry Biography! ABOUT THE AUTHOR ABOUT THE EDITORS Alexis Assimacopoulos Lara Smith Core Consultants’ lead rare earth Lara is the Managing Director and Founder ofC O R E C O N S U LTA N T S i s a a n a l y s t a n d d i r e c t o r, A l e x i s Core Consultants. She has over eight yearsleading, independent mining Assimacopoulos brings to this report experience in analysing commodity markets, valuable experience on rare earths having begun her career as an equity analystconsultancy practice which offers a having conducted outlook reports and at Foord Asset Management where sheb ro a d s p e c t r u m o f s e r v i c e s gained experience analysing the South off-take agreements for various listedexclusively to the international African platinum industry. She was then head rare earth companies, as well asmining and metallurgical industries hunted by the Steinmetz Group as the lead presented on the Global Outlookas well as those corporations analyst where she was responsible for Demand for Rare Earths at the 2011affiliated to the resource industry. analysing and overseeing the Steinmetz Metal-Pages Rare Earth Conference resource portfolio in Africa and the Baltic held in Beijing. Renowned for commodity market Regions.intelligence, Core Consultants has Alexis has obtained internationallybuilt a reputation for unrivalled Since this time Lara has consulted to a recognised degrees from American number of global mining companies and hasbespoke research in the fields of and South African universities, having frequently spoken at international commoditybulk, base, ferroalloy and minor received his Masters from the conferences. She has authored numerousmetals & minerals. University of Mississippi in 2009. c o m m o d i t y re p o r t s i n c l u d i n g " C o re Consultants Quarterly Analysis of Trends in He currently co-authors “Core the Ferrochrome & Stainless Steel Industry,” Consultants’ Quarterly Analysis of Metal Bulletin Researchs "Coking Coal: A Trends in the Ferrochrome & Stainless Strategic Market Outlook to 2020,” Metal Steel Industry” and has written B u l l e t i n R e s e a rc h s l i t h i u m s t u d i e sMETAL-PAGES i s the foremost numerous articles on an array of topics incorporating "Lithium Supply & Markets toonline information source for non- for an international mining website. 2013" and "Lithium Supply & Markets untilferrous metals, ferroalloys and rare 2020”earths. Metal-Pages provide a daily Additionally, Alexis will be co-authoring forthcoming reports on manganese, Andi Spicernews service for the global metalcommodity markets and bi-weekly iron ore and an in-depth study on Sino-African mining relations, a Andi Spicer is the editor of Metal Pages andmetal price services has held a number of senior positions with collaborative effort with the Beijing international newspapers and publications, Axis, due for release in the first quarterApart from the online services, including Assistant Managing Editor with Dow of 2012. Metal-Pages organises a number of Jones Newswires in London and previouslyglobal conferences focused on the Bureau Chief Southern Africa, specialising in latest trends of a variety of metal African mining issues. He has been a regularmarkets. contributor to the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The Financial Times, The Observer (London) and The Independent (London). He was Mining Editor of Business Report (Johannesburg) and Associate Business Editor of The Sunday Independent in South Africa. He is the co-author and editor of “Frontier Exploration’, a book published by Petroleum Economist.
  6. 6. The Rare Earth Market"A Monthly Analysis for the Rare Earth IndustryAvailable in every issue:! Table of contents! 1.  What’s the Buzz? Global Market Summary •  Ebb and Flow: Rare earth production and trade •  The Big Show: Key industry players (Avalon, Baotou, Great Western, Lynas and Molycorp) •  A Major amongst the Miners: A featured company making significant contributions to the industry 2. What’s the Plan? Trends in Rare Earth Applications •  Magnets •  Automobiles •  Wind Turbines Pictures sourced from Buzzle, China Digital Times, Lynas, iStockphoto, Stock.Xchng, Phil Saunders and Core Consultants Research3. What’s the Damage? Rare Earth Prices •  Oxides •  Metals •  Mischmetal •  Rare Earth Carbonate •  NdFeB Magnets4. What’s the Word? Rare Earth Outlook for Next Month “An Each month we’ll profile a ! tren a n a l company making waves in the! ds ysi mar s k e t in end rare earth market. o f Should you wish to m a g s i n c -user aut lud have your company omo n e ing featured in one of our and bile t s ! s ! , monthly issues, please tur bine complete the order s”! form below.!
  7. 7. The Rare Earth Market"A Monthly Analysis for the Rare Earth IndustryHave Your Company Featured!Whether you are a producer, explorer, engineer, end-user or trader,enable your company to increase its exposure by electing to befeatured in one of our rare earth monthly issues whereby:   Ÿ Your company’s logo will be displayed in the report; Ÿ your company will be profiled; Ÿ and you will have your say in an interview with the author.
  8. 8. ORDER NOW!! Yes I would like an annual subscription to The Rare Earth Market: A Monthly Analysis UK£ 1,785 US$ 2,947 EU€ 2,043 Yes I would like to have my company featured in an edition of The Rare Earth Market: A Monthly Analysis UK£ 335 US$ 545 EU€ 382 ORDER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 25TH AND GET A 10% DISCOUNT! CALL +44 (0) 208 255 8325   Title Prof Dr Mr Mrs Ms Miss Please indicate which other REPORTS you would be Last Name interested in purchasing First Name ☐ Chrome ☐ Lithium ☐ Coal ☐ Manganese Company Name ☐ Cobalt ☐ Tantalum Job Function / Position ☐ Coke ☐ Tin ☐ Ferroalloys ☐ Uranium ☐ Iron Ore ☐ Other______________ Postal Address Please indicate your PREFERRED ISSUE Zip / Postal Code ☐ Weekly ☐ Bi-Monthly Telephone Number +( ) ☐ Monthly Fax Number +( ) ☐ Quarterly Email Address ☐ Annually ☐ Other ______________ Company Website ! METHODS OF PAYMENT Please indicate your COMPANY TYPE ! I wish to pay by CREDIT CARD, please invoice me for £ / $ / ! ___________. I understand ☐ Distribution ☐ Non-Ferrous Traders that my report will not be sent unless invoice has been paid in full. ☐ End-User Sector ☐ Other Metal Products ☐ Extruding ☐ Processing & Equipment! I enclose a CHEQUE for £ / $ / ! ________ (Payable to Metal-Pages) ☐ Fabrication / Manufacturing ☐ Raw Material Supply ☐ Ferrous Traders ☐ Resource/Asset Recovery! A BANK TRANSFER has been made for £ / $ / ! ________ (Payable to Metal-Pages) ☐ Finance Companies ☐ Services/Products for the ☐ Government IndustryBank transfer in favour of Metal-Pages LTD to the National Westminster Bank, Bishopsgate ☐ Legal / Regulations! ☐ TradingBranch 15, Bishopsgate, London EC2P 2AP quoting the following references: ☐ Library/ Research ☐ Trade Association ☐ Metal/Steel Production / ☐ Transport - Ports US Dollar Payments: Processing ☐ Non-Ferrous Foundry Account Number: 140-01-08174911 Sort Code: 50-00-00 Please indicate your METALS’ INTEREST IBAN Number: GB25 NWBK 6073 0108 1749 11 ☐ Aluminium SWIFT (BIC): NWBK GB 2L ☐ Scrap & Secondary Metals ☐ Base Metals ☐ Downstream Aluminium ☐ Stainless Steel Pound Sterling Payments: ☐ Ferro Alloys ☐ Steel Account Number: 71077464 ☐ Galvanising & Coated Coil ☐ Steelmaking Raw Materials Sort Code: 50-00-00 ☐ Iron Ore ☐ Steel Tube & Pipe - Seamless IBAN Number: GB57 NWBK 5000 0071 0774 64 ☐ Light Metals ☐ Steel Tube & Pipe - Welded ☐ Minor Metal ☐ Steel Wire SWIFT (BIC): NWBK GB 2L ☐ Precious Metals Euro Payments: Account Number: 550/00/08218536 Sort Code: 50-00-00 IBAN Number: GB73 NWBK 6072 1408 2185 36 SWIFT (BIC): NWBK GB 2L Kindly email your order form to info@metal-pages.com or fax to + 44 (208) 255 7946