Basic concepts on integrating technology in instruction


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Basic concepts on integrating technology in instruction

  1. 1. Basic Concepts on IntegratingTechnology in Instruction
  2. 2. IntegratingTechnology inteaching means theuse of technologiesto introducereinforcesupplement andextend skills.
  3. 3. It has been a long time issue as to how tointegrate technology in the teaching-learning process. The mere use ofcomputer does not mean thattechnology is already integrated in theinstruction. A need to provide learningon how educational technology can beapplied and integrated in the teaching-learning process is very crucial.According to Pisapia (1994) in herdefinition of integrating technology withteaching is that there is integration ifthe learning technologies are use tointroduce, reinforce, supplement, andextend skills.
  4. 4. Exemplary Users & TechnologyusersIn exemplary classrooms,student’s use of computers iswoven integrally into thepatterns of teaching•a teacher would makehis/her students playcomputer games as restperiods during classes•if the teacher merelyteaches students thecomputer skills.
  5. 5. Here are external manifestations oftechnology integration into instruction:• There’s a change in theway classes aretraditionally conducted.
  6. 6. • The quality ofinstruction isimproved to ahigher level in sucha way that could nothave been achievedwithout educationaltechnology.
  7. 7. • There is planning bythe teacher on theprocess ofdetermining how andwhen technology fitsinto the teaching-learning process.
  8. 8. • The teacher setsinstructionalstrategies toaddress specificinstructionalissues/problems.
  9. 9. • The use of technologyprovides the openingof opportunities torespond to theseinstructionalissues/problems.
  10. 10. • In sum, technologyoccupies a position(is a simple orcomplex way) inthe instructionalprocess.
  11. 11. Helping teachers effectively integrate technology by:• Learning the basics of using technology.• Using technology to support instruction.• Integrating new technology into classroom practice.• Discovering new uses for technology tools or designingprojects that combine multiple technologies.• Focusing on cooperative, project-based andinterdisciplinary work with technology being just one ofmany tools that students use.
  12. 12. The use of modern software technology in schools as part of thelearning process has many levels. Most teachers start from a simpleor basic integration such as the use of computer to present morevivid and clearer illustrations of the subject matter to belearned. They can also ask students to send thru e-mail assignedtask. From these simple utilization of the computer, the teacher cancreate activities involving the students in team work by giving themspecific situations wherein they use computer based materials tocome up with the assigned tasks. Examples are the use of softwareto present lessons more vividly, group activities to produceinformation materials on certain subject matters, exchange of ideasbetween schools and students of different nationalities. In this way,students and teachers are now an integral part of our advancingmodern global technology.
  13. 13. There is actually nothing to beworry about for teachers whoare still novices in technologyintegration because learninghow would really take time.Technology integration intoinstruction is developmentaland takes a gradual road tomastery and expertise. Intime, a teacher can advancefrom basic integration to morecomplicated integrations
  14. 14. Levels of IntegrationSimple/basic integrationIn this example, there is nosubstantial change in the teaching-learning process from previousmethod. While technology helps, itdoes not play a pivotal role.
  15. 15. Middle Level IntegrationThere is purposeful use of technologyto support the learning areas.
  16. 16. To make technology a part of thelearning and teaching process, the userof such technological devices shouldmake them a source of reinforcement sothat the objectives of educationalobjectives will be realized.
  17. 17. Teachers should avoid the use of computers forother purposes such as for enjoyment likegames and other exploitive use of technology.Students must be guided as to how to gatherinformation and full utilization of the computersto aid them in performing assigned projects inconnection with their subjects
  18. 18. The teacher must see to it that the studentsare given the necessary skills needed to makefull use of the software to help themunderstand and realize the objectives of theircurriculum assignments given should includethe use of computers and software thusintegrating them into the learning process.