Lice Business White Paper


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Want to open a business? See whether a lice-removal business is right for you.

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Lice Business White Paper

  1. 1. 1 Is a Lice-Treatment Business Right For You?What do you need to succeed as an entrepreneur?Experts will say you need: 1. A competitive service or product 2. A large enough market 3. Enough money to market your product 4. A little luckThe experts are right. But think of really successful companies that seem to have come from nowhereand become market leaders very quickly. Companies like Amazon, Apple or Google. Was it all luck? No.They saw major market shifts coming and then stepped into the forefront of the action. As vanguardcompanies, they hopped on the ripples that became huge waves.Have you ever wished you had a piece of those companies in the early days, before anyone realizedwhat they were up to?Well, here’s your chance. © 2013 Larada Sciences, Inc.
  2. 2. 2Head Lice? Really?Nearly 2-4 percent of the population get head lice every year1. That means hundreds of millions ofpeople (mostly children) worldwide. The parents of these children are getting fed up with trying to treatthe lice themselves. It can take them many costly weeks to completely treat head lice at home. And theyworry whether the potentially harmful chemicals they put on their kids’ heads will even work. So theyare choosing instead to pay an average of $185 for a quick, professional treatment that is safe, clean andhighly effective. Self Treatment Professional TreatmentOther IndustriesThis shift from self treatment to professional treatment mirrors what has happened in many otherindustries. For example, most people don’t cut hair at home anymore, but it wasn’t too long ago thatthey did. Great Clips has been around just 31 years2. And when was the last time you changed your ownoil? There were no Jiffy Lubes 35 years ago3.Vanguard CompaniesLike Amazon, Apple and Google, Great Clips and Jiffy Lube were also part of the vanguard. Except theychose to franchise their services. By letting entrepreneurs open franchise locations all over NorthAmerica, they built a large footprint very quickly, while sharing the upside with business owners.FranchisesFranchises like Great Clips and Jiffy Lube provide proven business models that are attractive toentrepreneurs. But you have to qualify to be a franchisee. And sometimes the up-front costs can beprohibitive. Of the top 500 franchise opportunities listed in Entrepreneur Magazine for 2013, 80 percentrequire initial investments of more than $100,0004. Entrepreneur 2013 Franchise 500® Startup… $100k-$13m < $100k © 2013 Larada Sciences, Inc.
  3. 3. 3The OpportunitySo what if we told you that you can open your own business in a vanguard market, offering a premium,proprietary product, and following successful models of early adopters in the market, but without thehigh costs and restrictions of a franchise?Curious? Keep reading.A Little HistoryFor thousands of years people had just two options for removing head lice: shaving their hair off or usinga lice comb to manually remove the lice and eggs (called nits, which is where the term nitpickingoriginated). In the last 50 years, pharmaceutical and home-remedy companies have put a variety ofchemicals, pesticides, oils and shampoos on store shelves that parents use to try killing lice.Changing TrendsAnd despite more options for treating lice, they don’t necessarily make life easier on parents dealingwith lice because: 1. Busy moms want to use their time more wisely. Self-treating head lice is not easy, and they would rather not spend hours over many weeks applying treatments and combings. 2. Lice are mutating to where they’ve created a genetic resistance to chemicals found in many common topical pesticide solutions5. So lice problems are actually getting worse. 3. Parents are becoming reluctant to place chemicals on the heads of their young kids.A Better MousetrapLuckily for parents, biologists at the University of Utah have recently invented a new medical device thatmakes treating head lice quick and safe. This FDA-cleared device, called the LouseBuster™, now makesit possible for professionals to deliver a highly effective lice treatment. The LouseBuster generates anoptimal mix of heat and airflow that dehydrates and kills head lice, including 99.2% of the lice eggs,which are the most difficult hurdle in eradicating lice6. © 2013 Larada Sciences, Inc.
  4. 4. 4 The LouseBusterA Proven ModelIn just the last few years, entrepreneurs have been opening lice-treatment businesses and have treatednearly 50,000 cases of head lice using the LouseBuster device. Thousands of successful treatments arenow being done every month. These early adopters jumped in after recognizing that treating head lice asa professional service is a new, emerging industry. They have already proven that this business modelworks!The Time is RightThe beauty of this for entrepreneurs is that there are thousands of locations in the United States andaround the world where the LouseBuster treatment is not yet available. Parents in these areas areseeking LouseBuster treatments, but they can’t buy the devices themselves. So without a LouseBusterservice provider in their area, they’re stuck using traditional treatment methods. This means there is atremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs to open lice-treatment businesses and capture dominantmarket share today. It’s kind of like opening a Jiffy Lube location 30 years ago, only without thefranchise restrictions.Our CompanyLarada Sciences manufactures the LouseBuster device and rents it to entrepreneurs like you. So yoursuccess is our success. Although we are a medical-device company, we are also world experts in liceeradication. Our website is an authoritative site that provides lice information, treatment facts andlocations of treatment centers to thousands of individuals each month. And because our site links to allour service providers’ sites, we are able to help drive customers to their businesses.You’re in ControlBecause we are not a franchise, you are free to run your business as you see fit. Although we don’t tellyou how to run your business, you aren’t on your own. As a LouseBuster service provider, you can tapinto the world’s largest lice-treatment network for best practices proven by other service providers instarting, running and growing your business, whether you do it as a mobile business or a storefront. It’syour business, so you set your own hours, policies and prices. © 2013 Larada Sciences, Inc.
  5. 5. 5Low Startup CostsBecause we don’t sell the LouseBuster device, and we don’t charge franchise fees, your startup costs arereally low. You pay us a low monthly fee to rent the device, and a small fee for every treatment youperform. With high profit margins built into your model, your business is scalable. The more treatmentsyou do, the more money you make. This is why Forbes magazine said opening a business as aLouseBuster service provider is a good alternative to buying a franchise7.Helping Kids and ParentsAt the end of the day, do you feel good about the work you’re doing? Would you like to have thesatisfaction of knowing you truly made a difference and helped people out? That you provided a realsolution to a difficult problem? By treating them, you will bring peace of mind to them and their parents.Baby StepsIf you dream of kissing your boss goodbye, you may want to keep your day job until the time is right toleave. Because the startup costs are so low, you can open your lice-treatment business and run it parttime, while still keeping another job. Once you’ve grown your business large enough to sustain yourlifestyle, you can then transition to being a full-time business owner. That reduces your risk significantly.A Real BusinessThere are plenty of opportunities out there. Some are legitimate, but others are downright scams. If youwant to get rich quick from the latest affiliate marketing craze or the newest multi-level marketingscheme, this isn’t for you. But if you are interested in opening a real business in a recession-proofmarket, where you can better the lives of those you treat, we’d love to talk with you.Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help.Call us today at 877-781-0999 (toll free in the United States), or email us © 2013 Larada Sciences, Inc.
  6. 6. 6Sources: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Dr. Dale Clayton, evolutionary biologist (6) (7) successful-entrepreneur/ © 2013 Larada Sciences, Inc.