Large Rare Tanzanite


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A slideshow of some of the rarest Tanzanite we have cut.

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Large Rare Tanzanite

  1. 1. Large Rare Tanzanite By Lapigems Gem Company Antony Zagoritis Gemologist (GG) Tanzanite - Lapigems
  2. 2. Rare Large Tanzanite CollectionLapigems Gem Company is a specialist gem cutting company with a 40 year history. This slideshowshowcases some of the rarest large Tanzanites we have cut in the past few years. These pieces areexceptionally rare, consist of high;y selected Tanzanite; the very top 1% mined.In addition to sourcing and cutting these immaculate Tanzanites, Lapigems also custom make fineTanzanite jewelry with Investment Grade Tanzanites:
  3. 3. Investment GradeTanzanite View OnlineHandmade with the finest gemstonesThe investment class of Tanzanite belongs to the very top1% mined and is very rarely seen in the market. Wespecialize in sourcing the few Tanzanite mined that meetthis grade using our 40 year relationship with the minersand our proximity to the mines. Out of a thousand caratsmined literally 9 or 10 will be of this grade. These colorsare extremely rare and their rarity makes them attractiveto investors
  4. 4. Tanzanite TrillionRare. Seldom seen in the market these days in this grade.Gem DetailsGem ID # : TZC2592 View thisGem Type : Investment Grade Tanzanite TanzaniteGem Weight : 16.39 carats OnlineGem Shape : TrillionGem Dimensions : 15.82 x 16.09 x 10.58 Length x Width x Depth
  5. 5. Tanzanite Emerald CutRare in this grade. Extremely intense color saturation.Gem DetailsGem ID # : TZC2602 View thisGem Type : Investment Grade Tanzanite TanzaniteGem Weight : 10.90 carats OnlineGem Shape : Emerald CutGem Dimensions : 12.82 x 12.21 x 8.42 Length x Width x Depth
  6. 6. Tanzanite PearVery intense color, cut on the blue axis and high levels ofbrilliance.Gem DetailsGem ID # : TZC2584 ViewGem Type : Investment Grade Tanzanite OnlineGem Weight : 7.25 caratsGem Shape : PearGem Dimensions : 14.92 x 10.27 x 7.65 Length x Width x Depth
  7. 7. Tanzanite OvalCut on the blue axis, very intense color.Gem DetailsGem ID # : TZC2647 View thisGem Type : Investment Grade Tanzanite TanzaniteGem Weight : 37.74 carats OnlineGem Shape : OvalGem Dimensions : 21.38 x 18.22 x 13.04 Length x Width x Depth
  8. 8. Fine Jewellery View OnlineHandmade with the finest gemstonesLapigems Gem Company is the sole retailer of fine jewelrydesigned and hand-made by Sheelagh Zagoritis.Sheelagh Zagoritis is widely acknowledged to be one of theforemost designers of fine jewelry in the region. Herexperience spans over 20 years during which she has usedher enviable position as a director of one of the mostadvanced gem companies in East Africa - Lapigems GemCompany, to great effect.All jewelry Sheelagh makes is designed by her personallyand is custom hand made using high quality metals -chiefly 18 karat gold or white gold. The workmanship istruly excellent, only matched by the rarity and quality ofthe gemstones she uses.Every one of her pieces is signatured with her uniquehallmark. Each piece is also unique in its own right.Jewelry is designed around the gemstone not the otherway around - she doesn’t make numerous settings and thendrop calibrated gems into them. Rather, a fine gemstone ischosen and a single piece designed around it, resulting in avery fine, unique piece of jewelry.
  9. 9. Lapigems Gem Company"On the cutting edge of the gemstone industry in East Africa" View Online Please visit our website to view more East African gemstones... Tanzanite Rhodolite Tsavorite Malaia Garnet Fancy Tanzanite Fancy Sapphire Aquamarine Tourmaline