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My presentation
Maria Diaz

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  • 1. My Presentation
    Maria L Diaz
  • 2. I’M Maria L. Diaz
    I’m From El Salvador and came to the US when I was 15 years old.
    I am a fulltime worker who is going to college part time.
    I Attend to River of Life Worship Center and on Tuesdays, I go to the Service in Spanish and Sing to God.
    I like to help the people in need; My friend and I are panning a Missions trip to Dominican Republic which is her native country and if its God’s will to keep planning more Missions trip to where the need is.
  • 3. My Hobbies
    I like Music; Sing and make Harmonies; I’m, also, learning to play piano. I went to a Christian/Spanish music school for two year and enjoyed each minute of it.
  • 4. OtherHobby
    I like to be Creative and Design: Visual Arts; draw and oil paint. Since I was little I liked to draw.
  • 5. LastHobby
    Design Jewelry;
    I like fashion design and also, sometimes, I design my own jewelry. Its FUN........
  • 6. My Interests:
    I Love God, family and Life; my interests after this is Keep doing what I’m doing and finish school.
    Help others and be a responsible and positive person.
    Meet new people.
    Learn new things whenever is time for me to learn.
    Follow my dreams.
  • 7. Years in the IT program:
    This is my last year of class… (hopefully)
    Like a said at the beginning, I’m a part time student and I have been in this program for a while; it has been hard but challenge at the same time specially when you are almost done……Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • 8. IT Interests:
    I like to be creative and one of the things that a wanted to be was a Fashion designer, but I couldn’t do it so any thing that has to do with design and create your own stuff works for me; Web Developer is my interest for now.
  • 9. Team Work and Technical Skills:
    I am a team player and I like to in groups.
    Technical skills; I like computer and there is always something to learn. I have knowledge of them and want to learn more about them.
  • 10. Presentation Skills:
    I know how to create a presentations but when it comes to the oral presentation is challenge.
    I get a lit of bit nervous on presentations, specially if I’m not prepared but when I am singing I don’t get nervous at all. Imaging that….
    This is my first online skill and I don’t know what to do, how to do it but I know that I will get it.
    I don’t have knowledge of online presentation software. 
  • 11. Gift/Talent Areas
    Yes I am a gifted person; I have a job, I’m healthy, I’m getting an education, I have a place to live and something to eat; I’m so grateful.
    Have a Vision to World’s Missions.
    Yes I am a talented person; I like music, Art, Designs, be creative.
    Been a good person and show positivism to others.