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DLM LIFE values exemplified in a letter to you. Read and adopt the lessons for your personal success.

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Life Jacket

  1. 1. Dear Friend, I just visited a place called LIFE – unfortunately, this place was built on waters, you remember Jesus walked on water? Oh yeah, you sure know cos youve read that part of the bible about 101 times. He did, and built within us the capacity to do so with His own LIFE jacket called LOVE. Anyway, my emphasis on this piece is to enumerate a few lessons, a few thoughts, a few concepts, a few methodologies, a few preceptswhich I strongly feel, reveals the whole essence of man – and for me, that is living life from dimension four or YOU, just wearing that cloak called – The LIFE jacket!First of all, I would like to be explicit on this idea of “The Life jacket”,defining it in real and connotative terms, this I believe, will help drive home the message I am about to pass to you. Mind you, the scroll must be kept very safe for your consumption and further transformation of self and humanity. I say this because, it took me 28 years and 4 months to realize that all I ever need to succeed in all I would ever do and live for is to just keep wearing “the LIFE jacket”but it came at a price – 4380 days minus 3 nights of midnight candles; 669 days of real suffering and torments; 10,369 days of learning andfalling and rising and relearning and most importantly, painstakingly investing 26,262 hours of practice on how to effectively use my own “LIFE jacket” – wow, what a LIFE devotion to purpose, that is why I hold this piece in a very high esteem, if not, the highest esteem sef. As such padi mi, “Eja ni o gba odo la ye lati fi malu dara” – a Yoruba adage which I stupidly coined to mean “it is the fish that hinders the ocean from swallowing the cow”. To make that a bit explainable, I simply posit that the world wont swallow you in as much as youkeep hitting on your vision and your purpose, instead the world will allow you excel if it is incapable of swallowing you. YOUR WHOLELIFE is an expression of the FISH – it keeps eating the cow despite the fact that the cow is in the ocean – the first beneficiary. (Think!)
  2. 2. Oh yeah, THE LIFE jacket, the definition in both real and connotative terms. In real terms – The LIFE jacket is said to be “an inflatable costume for keeping a person afloat in water”. Hmmm, that means the world is like water and for you to come through it and be remembered (float), you have to be wearing a costume called “The LIFE jacket”. May you never be drowned by the waters of life. I guess you have said a thousand and one Amen (laughs). Lets move on, yeah, now…, the LIFE jacket, in the connotative and apparently in my own way of reasoning, maybe, you could say, my own concepts and interpretation, is said to mean – expressing and living purpose from four dimensions engrafted in my most dear vision for life. To explain this immaculate concept to you, I would use the acronym L.I.F.E., with the four letters meaning; L- Love I - Innovation F- Fun E- Enterprise I strongly believe that purpose is better expressed through a constant attitudinal embracing of LIFE as to have the LIFE jacket on, you must first value LIFE. Hence, the first which is LOVE posits that you must have an indelible passion for God and humanity. Love enables you unlock the favour of the Supreme Beingthrough faith, giving you the freedom and opportunity to exercise your right in the kingdom treasures of the Almighty. To key into such grandeur, unlimited andeffervescent connection, you need to stimulate a genuine relationship ravished withtrue love and fellowship. You become so indomitable by the forces of the earth, un- drown-able by the waters of life, insurmountable by the spirits of the sky – younaturally become a heavenly hero by this connection. Like a line in the JCI creed,… “Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life”…that is to say, to first discover purpose, God is the number one consultant: who designed the reason foryour existence even before you were born. So, it is pertinent to love in order to haveLIFE. You must in this same way, express the same kind of love towards every man– I mean humanity my friend. Love towards humanity enables you to connect more with the needs, desires and aspirations of the man. By connecting more through love, you become an instrument of change, creating solutions that meet mans realneeds in form of products and services. When men know how much you care, they will in turn care about what you know and can offer, patronizing and rewarding you based on your deliverables. You must yearn for a better life for people and yourself, it spurs passion!
  3. 3. The second instrument of LIFE you must have is INNOVATION which galvanizes you to have an unquenchable desire for change, putting your mind to a constant thinking process. By asking questions in unconventional ways,you get the most unusual answers that provide mankind unthinkable solutions. Innovations enable you “bring ideas to life” and “break conventional patterns and traditions” and this is mostly an expression of love. People who love Godand humanity are innovative, they possess a quixotic desire to do well, they arevisionary and they deliver change. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the change of social culture to African Americans now fully expressed by Barrack Obamas ascent as world political prime in a one-time thriving land of blackAfrican enthrallment; like Nelson Mandela delivered a never-heard of lesson to the world, of peaceful political change and stability to an apartheid maimedSouth Africa; and like the great and seemingly unending economic struggle has begun to birth an innovative army sweeping through Nigeria in business,entertainment, arts and culture forms causing individuals who would rather die than live on African soil, to return home to claim an emerging price.One sure thing is, some ordinary people kept thinking of delivering this change to the people through innovation. Amongst many, one really triggers my mind, the guy who created the internet did it and delivered it to the world for free because of his love for humanity, he could have easily been the worlds first trillionaire since the worlds billionaires thrive on the internets emergence – what a pain in the ass that has become a gain in its own class, I salute you – Tim Berners-Lee. I believe the desire for change is one of lifes most fulfilling fantasies; these fantasies usually turn out to become reality as the mind keeps seeking new ways, new methods, and new answers to breaking the barriers. Now, that is INNOVATION. My dear friend, I hope I am not boring you at this point, I can imagine your lips mumbling a big – No! (Giggle). Soon, you would have yourown “LIFE jacket” on and you would sure live LIFE expressing your true purpose.In furthering with this piece, I would consider FUN as the third instrument,which empowers you to have a craving for recreation and lifestyle. Your life, your purpose, your dream, your impact, your health, your wife, your children, your family, your style, your game, your friends, would all makesense when you spend quality time with them, on them, paying attention to relaxation. It makes the body always ready to get on the next task; it makesthe mind brood out new solutions. It makes you have the confidence to live the life with a touch of smile, always bringing out the beauty within you – maybe the beauty of LIFE. You express love through
  4. 4. recreation, so free your mind, get on the billiard, swerve your racket, nursethat garden, splash in some water, commit reckless acts of kindness, watch TV, enjoy the boat ride, fancy a new holiday destination, caress the lovely beachwater, unwind to good music, be lost in a deep massage, tickle a hand, hug the breeze, climb a mountain, sleep to the blues, rub shoulders on the computer game, sketch a child, unravel the puzzle and above all, catch the fun and let the fun catch you. (I am laughing out loud…are you too?) Friend, the fourth dimension to claiming “The LIFE jacket” is ENTERPRISE, which positions you to have a sustainable drive for service, profitability and fulfillment. True success in life is a result of talent and enterprise. Bold resourcefulness and service to humanity is the best work of life, enabling you to make quality choices of need and eventually finding fulfillment in the pursuit of other mens needs. To get hold on life, you must learn to create, empower people to recreate, this naturally elevates you. Being enterprisingcreates for you a network of opportunities which ensures profitability in what you do. You must become an engine room that meets real needs of humanity through sustained efforts and creativity. To start an enterprise, you simply find a need and fill it or like Steve Jobs andthe I-Innovations, look into the future and create the need. Your business plan will succeed when you address the needs of real people by allowing youreyeballs capture unmet needs and unseen desires. Look for things that are not working, seek problems, find opportunities and things that need tweaking, where a small shift in style, operations or attitude would create a new opportunity. Take a stroll around your neighbourhood, every block, every house, shop and stall, tells a story – of people, their needs, their wants, their dreams. Every hawker in the traffic, every statue at the junction, every half- restored business, every scream of the Agbero, every picture on a window, tells a story. Apply the three bone strategy to reach a successful conclusionand eventual fulfillment – the wishbone, the jawbone and the backbone. The wishbone because, it will keep your goals foremost on your mind, the jawbone because it is by talking about your campaign, product or service and asking questions about that of others, that you will convince people to comeon board your ship and the backbone because that will keep you at it until you reach your goal. The old African witch doctor can do wonderful things with these bones. You can too, if you use it for the good of your dreams.
  5. 5. To anchor, my friend, I would say you are the most precious gift God brought my way and I appreciate every bit of you and your aspirations. I know you havedreams and you have been asking questions on how best to live your LIFE. Most times, you dont even know you are asking these questions but when you feel LIFE is unfair and you have no explanations for many happenings – then, that is exactly why I put this piece together specifically for YOU, so you can take a cue from me on how I found my own “LIFE jacket”. I sure know, if I sit you down to tell you this, many of the speech lineswill soon be forgotten, so, I took the pain to scribble my thoughts on thisfloatable paper enwrapped in a two stick scroll, so you can live LIFE and pass it on. LIFE really has to be passed on, that way; YOUR OWN LIFE goes on. One of the things you must do to make me happy for life and intransition is to keep this scroll safe, especially away from fire. This scroll can float on water because it is a “LIFE jacket” – when it flows, I surebelieve it goes to someone who will be in dire need of it. However, whenit is burnt, it becomes ashes, it is all forgotten. That is the way I want you to treat yourself, like the LIFE jacket, that way, your essence, your purpose will rub off on the world and knowledge will be derived fromyou by so many people inspiring a foundation for innovation, for change and an eventual shaping of the world for GOOD. Remember, this is a small letter for those who value LIFE and want to live it from four dimensions. Four dimensions in a quick bite: L.I.F.E. LOVE – You must have an indelible passion for God and for humanity. INNOVATION – You must have an unquenchable desire for change. FUN – You must have a craving for recreation and lifestyle. ENTERPRISE – You must have a sustainable drive for service, profitability and fulfillment.
  6. 6. Hey friend, you have been equipped!Now, Get into your “LIFE jacket” and do good, express purpose whileliving LIFE!I respect your time on this piece, you rock my world on a per secondbasis and I am sure you know that. (lol)See you on TOP!Yours Purposefully by Innovation, I AM DLM David Lanre Messan The Innovation Strat - Artist Tel: +2348035776246 |+2348057125280 |+2347043571577 Email: | f Lanremessan @ideastrategist in david lanre messan Infinite Impact Idea Studio: Ground Floor, Mintydale House 45 Berkley Street, Lagos. Website: Email :, Telephone : 08035776246, 07025530933, 07043571577, 01-6625717
  7. 7. I am DLM David Lanre Messan is a pioneering Innovation Strat – Artist in Africa,leading corporate, organizational and societal change through his many innovative concepts and strategies using empowering, educative and entertaining instruments. He is currently the Innovation Strat-Artist of Infinite Impact Company, an ideas, business innovation and marketing company that thinks, creates and execute ideas for individuals, businesses, institutions and governments. DLM has consulted for several corporate clients some of which include the Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Center, Odera School of Business and Management and Universal Anchor Consulting Limited. DLM has several ideas, books, songs, poems and mad concepts soon to be released. Amongst his many award winning ideas is Green Yaggy, a youth entrepreneurial driven initiative. He also has several awards to his credit which includes 100 Best World bank Authors of the 2006 International Essay Competition, 101 Young African Leader select andthe LEAP Africa/Nokia Youth Leadership Award and recently invited as a Global Shaper, an arm of the World Economic Forum. Who evenknows whether he is schooled? I leave you to guess! DLM has a burning desire to help Five Million Young Africans Bring Their Ideas to Life before 2025.