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Following One Course Until Successful otherwise known as FOCUS is a zone everyone of us will find ourselves as we journey up the ladder of success. We needa dose to keep us going and you can find it in this mini book written by me- DLM.

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Focus Zone

  1. 1. FOCUSZONEWritten by David Lanre Messan
  2. 2. Get into the FOCUS ZONE’A s an entrepreneur, it is imperative you consider certain salient features,characteristics or behaviours as part of your success strategy. Examples ofsuch features are hard work, knowledge, love, luck, money, leadership,attitude, innovation, focus and so on. My emphasis today will be onF-O-C-U-S.In business, and to eventually succeed, an entrepreneur needs a gooddose of focus multiplied by attitude which is usually 100% by calculation.The reason for this is that where focus goes, energy flows and as anentrepreneur, if you dont take the time to focus on what matters, thenyou are living a life of someone elses design. That is to say, that which youthink about expands – therefore, develop the habit of always focusing onwhat you want not on what you dont want.
  3. 3. A s a business person or entrepreneur, you have the power to focusbut unfortunately only a few of us really do. Despite the variousdemands being made by images, sounds, feelings, people andexperiences all around us, you still have to take control and be incharge by having a single eye system known as focus. You have tostop the insanity caused by distractions by putting a stake in theground for what you want for your life and business today.
  4. 4. Q uickly, I will share with you eleven focus strategies that will help you achievereal results and real success:· well defined goals – write them down as deadlines. Have· the big goals into tasks – this makes life easier and business Break to manage.· Prioritize constantly – do what you should be doing and dont get crowded with too many intentions.· your progress – Check on a weekly basis if your eyes are still Track single on the set goals and tasks· Be persistent – focused entrepreneurs are persistent strivers. Even when they fail, they dont look back.· Disconnect for Nowness – focused entrepreneurs are those that live life in order of importance: Real-life first, and then Virtual life – so dont hide behind the keyboard in the name of browsing.
  5. 5. · on people not personas – The entrepreneurs that dominate theFocus online world are those that dont live on twitter or facebook. Many of them usually cut off internet access most of the time, neither are they tied to their blackberry. They simply dominate the offline world and yet control the online world.· away and go back to the basics – when it comes down to crunchBreak time, the focused entrepreneur doesnt mess around. You must know when to jack and when to play, get back into your “focus zone”.· positive patterns in your routine – even when you are down,Have exude happy feelings, a feeling of positivity must become your daily meal.Reward yourself – always motivate yourself with a “happy hour bottle”· whenever you achieve a task or a goal.
  6. 6. · “I am a Focused Entrepreneur” – tell it to your Say, family, friends, colleagues and anyone who cares to listen. Share your progress on your goals, that way you get back to your “Focus Zone”. In conclusion, your attitude towards everything gives you an edge. Give focus the right attitude, and your business and life will flourish. Sometimes, focus could be being sensitive to even setbacks as when we look around, we look straight ahead. Sometimes, we look up but rarely do we look down. We miss so much that is right under our nose.Thank You for Reading. Be the Change. Live by Innovation. Act the Words.Now, get back into your “FOCUS ZONE”.
  7. 7. I AM DLMDavid Lanre Messan. Innovation Rules! Tel: +2348035776246 |+2348057125280 |+2347043571577 Email: | f Lanremessan @ideastrategist in david lanre messan