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Love and logic
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Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Love and Logic By: Leslie Cancino
  • 2. Logic“Love and Logic is a philosophy founded in 1977 by Jim Fay and Foster W.Cline, M.D. It is the approach of choice among leading educators, parents,and other professionals worldwide” (, 2012).To define logic, it is the particular method of reasoning or argumentation.For example:I Love You but you can’t come back until you won’t be causing problems foreveryone.You can only change your own behavior.-You’ve got to take your time with what you say because your words are golden -Do what you say!
  • 3. Logic How To Deal With Arguments! Refuse to deal with the content of the argument – go brain dead Respond with “I’ll argue with you at 3:45pm” or “I respect you too much to argue with you” or “I know” or “I love you too much to argue with you”.If they’re truly hurting they’ll look down and you can see it in their faces, if theirjust manipulating you. They’ll look up and have a come back for you.When students are upset from other classes and want to tell everything that’shappened respond with: You can tell me about that at 3:00pm You can write me a note about it and I’ll read it tonight and see what I can do about it and let you know tomorrow.
  • 4. LogicToo often when we’re in need of a consequence we can’t really enforce it. If your going to say it, you’ve got to enforce it. Respond with: Oh no! This is sad. I’m going to have to do something about this! But not now…later…try not to worry about. Plug your holes before you deal with things Keep Calm!Let them know something is going to happen but that you don’t want to embarrassthem in front of their friends: Tell students: “Don’t make a problem for others. If you do I will do something.”
  • 5. Logic Classroom Rules:1. Don’t make a problem for others. Classroom Consequences:1. Each of you are unique and I will treat each problem uniquely as well.If we have to run to the principal with each problem – we will have shown thestudents that we’ve taken the authority from ourselves. Meet with the principal before you take the kid in so you are both on the same page and you have the ultimate authority.Tell the student:“I will talk with the principal about this later and I will let you know what is decided.”Rule:If you cause a problem I will ask you to sole it!
  • 6. LogicIf you feel something is unfair, whisper to me and I will listen to you and we’ll find atime to talk about it. There is always a time, a place and a way to talk about things! Provide an appropriate way for them to express their thoughts. What about specific severe situations? There should be carved-in-stone rules and consequencesEMPATHYSo for all you students who are upset are frustrated with grades or classes, I need toremind them I know it’s hard for them, but we still have to accomplish the tasks.I’ve had too much sympathy for the kids and not enough empathy. I need toencourage them to complete things successfully and still allow time for them to ventto me. Make your classroom a place that kids don’t want to leave!
  • 7. Logic If we don’t give kids the opportunity to say we made a mistake, we put a bad taste in their mouths and they’ll announce it to everyone. I need to work harder to having better empathy for all students. Approach problems with humor and compassion and a how are we going to fix this. Empathy opens the love and mind to learning because we show them that we care. Quit solving the kids problems and make them take responsibility for their actions. Quit thinking “poor baby!” If they’ve earned a consequence they deserve one! Don’t sympathize with kids, EMAPTHIZE!The only way we own the problem is if we have the problem. So we’ve got to ask thekids “would you like some suggestions?” Give some suggestions that are stupid sothey’ve really got to think about it.Example:“What are you going to do about it?”“What do you want me to do about it?”
  • 8. Logic You can’t implement with anger! Be empathetic first then give a consequence!If you are not empathetic just sarcastic – that upsets people!If you misuse Love and Logic then everything becomes much worse!
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