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Lanlogic IT Outsourcing Best Practices


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Lanlogic IT Outsourcing Best Practices

  1. 1. “From planning, installing, and support- ing your first network to enhancing IT infrastructure as your company grows, Lanlogic's Microsoft Certified Professionals deliver enterprise-class IT consulting, tai- lored specifically to your company's needs. We specialize in IT for growing companies, supplying industry-standard solutions with personalized consulting and support for any stage of your compa- ny's growth cycle.” IT Outsourcing for Growing Companies How much IT staff do I need? You are now at the point where you An alternative is to have Lanlogic dedicated person with full access to need dedicated full time IT support recruit, hire, train and support your our suite of other services. but you are not large enough to really onsite staff. They act as part of your justify a full IT department. Ten years team but are paid and supported by When vacation or family leave time ago, the industry standard ratio was Lanlogic. Your first question probably comes, we can provide either full or one IT person for every 50 users. New is, why would this be any better? The part time support based on your needs technology, better automation and answer is that the IT person becomes to fill the gap. cost cutting has increased this ratio to part of our team and participates in one IT person for every 100 to 150 our weekly staff meetings which dis- We offer a complete benefits package users. A significant factor to this met- cuss technology trends, problems, new including fully company paid medical ric is how computer savvy your users products and best practices. When and dental for the family, continuing are. Some are very self sufficient while they run into an issue on your site education and certification bonuses, others need a lot of ongoing attention. they can leverage the entire Lanlogic company events, paid time off, com- In our experience, the range works out team for help. They also are able to pany paid home internet connections to be one full time engineer for every take advantage of our 10 years of real and a host of other IT specific benefits. 75 and 200 people. world experience when selecting prod- ucts and services. Instead of research- Whether you're a startup looking for Most companies at this stage start by ing and re-inventing the wheel they a one-stop source of computer and hiring a “jack of all trades” IT person can quickly identify the best products network services and support, a grow- to provide support. The problem is and have access to our extensive inter- ing company looking to upgrade or that the IT field is now so large and nal library of cheat sheets and instruc- expand its IT infrastructure, or an complex that no one person can know tions. Other advantages include full established market leader looking for it all. Typically these people wind up access to all Microsoft evaluation and expert IT project management or sup- working very hard and feeling that beta software, access to no charge port as needed, Lanlogic delivers. they are all alone. The frustration of Microsoft Critical Business Down doing it all takes its toll and the telephone support, and access to From planning, installing, and sup- turnover is high. Microsoft internal sales and support porting your first network to enhancing resources. the IT infrastructure as your company We can help your staff in areas that grows, Lanlogic's Microsoft Certified they are either too busy for or where When they run into a project that is Professionals deliver enterprise-class IT they do not have the expertise. We can outside of their skill set, all of our consulting tailored specifically to your work with them, provide vacation other engineers are available to help company's needs. We specialize in IT for support or take on projects and drive wether it is a complex firewall config- growing companies, supplying industry- them to completion. In many cases we uration, a voice over IP installation or standard solutions with personalized become part of the team and even par- a web site. You have the cost advan- consulting and support for any stage ticipate in company events. tage and personal relationship of a of your company's growth cycle. Lanlogic 248 Rickenbacker Circle Livermore, CA 94551 • Ph 925-273-2300 • Fax 925-273-2350 • www.lanlogic.com