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  • 1. Petri Lankoski
  • 2. Contents Waypoint track Enemy following waypoint track PlayerLogic keeping track of Power and Health stats  Displaying health & power meter with GUI Scaling GUI to different screen sizes PowerUp
  • 3. Waypointpublic class Waypoint : MonoBehaviour { public Transform nextTarget; public string agentTag; // Tag of the things we set the new target void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) { if(other.gameObject.CompareTag(agentTag)) { SendNextTarget(other.gameObject); } } void OnDrawGizmos() { Gizmos.DrawIcon (transform.position, "waypoint.psd"); if(nextTarget) { Gizmos.color = Color.red; Gizmos.DrawLine(transform.position, nextTarget.position); } } private void SendNextTarget(GameObject obj) { Enemy script = obj.GetComponent<Enemy>(); script.SetTarget(nextTarget); }}
  • 4. Waypoint.psdWaypoint (etc, other formats Works) Setup  Waypoint prefab ○ With Waypoint script attached ○ With collider in trigger mode (is trigger set)  Gizmos/waypoint.psd ○ Size should be 32x32 or 25x25 pixels Create a track using waypoints TEST
  • 5. Waypoint setup, one track
  • 6. Waypoint setup, two tracks
  • 7. Enemy Following Waypoints Enemy c# class  Enemy target in public Transform ○ So we can set the first target waypoint on the inspector  Implement ○ public void SetTarget(Transform newTarget) { /* Store newTarget to private variable of Enemy class here*/ }  Make enemy move by the track set with Waypoints ○ Use Update() for this ○ transform.LookAt() ○ transform.Translate(), Time.deltaTime Create Enemy prefeb  Create new tag and set tag to Enemy (or something depending the value of agentTag)  Set the tag to Enemy (or to match the AgentTag variable) to the waypoints on your track TEST
  • 8. Second Enemy Make an enemy follow different track  Create new tag and set tag to Enemy  Set the tag (to the AgentTag variable) to the waypoints on your track
  • 9. Player Object Add FirstPersonController to public class GUIGlobals { scene public const float screenWidth = 1280.0f;  Standard Assets/Character public const float screenHeight = 800.0f; Controllers public static Matrix4x4 GetGUIMatrix() { Create PlayerLogic.cs  Add meters for health and float xScale=Screen.widt /screenWidth; power float yScale=Screen.height/screenHeight;  OnGUI(): return Matrix4x4.TRS( ○ GUI.matrix = GUIGlobals .GetGUIMatrix(); Vector3.zero, ○ Use GUI.DrawTexture() & Quaternion.identity, changing the height or width of the texture new Vector3(xScale, yScale, 1) ○ Drawing are for DrawTexture: );  new Rect(x, y, width, height) }  power & health as public variable for testing }
  • 10. GUI.matrix & GUIGlobals 0,0 GUIGlobals.screenWidth,0  Scales the GUI for you in any screen sizes  Layout according to values set in GUIGlobalsnew Rect(GUIGlobals.screenWidth-40,GUIGlobals.screenHeight-40,20,20) GUIGlobals.screenWidth, GUIGlobals.screenHeight 0,GUIGlobals.screenHeight
  • 11. Shortcut to Player, Singletonpublic class GameAgents : MonoBehaviour { private static GameAgents instance; private GameObject player; private PlayerLogic playerLogic; void Awake() { instance = this; player = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player"); playerLogic = player.GetComponent<PlayerLogic>(); } public static GameObject GetPlayer() { return instance.player;} public static PlayerLogic GetPlayerLogic() { return instance.playerLogic; }}
  • 12. GameAgents Add to an empty game object Allows easy access to Player object and PlayerLogic classes from other classes  GameObject pc = GameAgents.GetPlayer();  PlayerLogic pl = GameAgents.GetPlayerLogic();  GameAgents.GetPlayerLogic().enabled = false;  GameAgents.GetPlayerLogic().FunctionNam e(4,6);
  • 13. PowerUp Expose health and power on inspector  public int health, power; Collider in trigger mode () Catch collision OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)  Check if player object collided with it ○ if(other.gameObject == GameAgents.GetPlayer()) …  This is faster than tag comparison used in Waypoint  Send Health and Power to PlayerLogic script ○ GameAgents.GetPlayerLogic().PowerUp(health,power) ○ You need to add a function for that to PlayerLogic  public void PowerUp(int powerAdd, int healtAhh) {