America, home of the free


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American Government Presentation
Rengier: 8th Peroid
Tatiana Lababara, Franchesca Lara, Jelani Cornick

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America, home of the free

  1. 1. How do America’s defense agencieshelp or hinder equal rights as a leading world power at the base of democracy?
  2. 2.  Exploring Isolationism:  Isolationism: a purposeful refusal to become generally involved in the affairs of the rest of the world  Being surrounded by oceans on either side, it was quite easy for America to adapt into isolationism  Isolationism influenced America’s policy so greatly in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, greatly delaying entry into WWII  United States pre-WWII, had little or no concern for the outside world; only concerned with domestic affairs  The Neutrality Act proposed by Roosevelt , was a preventative measure to keep America from being drawn in to wars outside their territory  Seeing the war spread rapidly through Europe, America feared they would become the next target.
  3. 3.  Ambassadors: an official representative of the U.S. appointed by the President to represent the nation in matters of diplomacy Diplomats: a person appointed by a national government to conduct official negotiations and maintain political, economic, and social relations with another country or countries Special Diplomats: persons whom the President names to certain other top diplomatic posts, also carry the rank of ambassadors Diplomatic Immunity: not being subject to the laws of the state to which they are visiting Passports: certificate issued by a government to its citizens who travel or live abroad; permits citizens to go in and out of their country and travel to other countries Visa: a permit to enter another state, must be obtained by the country one wishes to enter Secretary of State: ranks first among members of the President’s cabinet ; deals greatly with foreign policy Right of Legation: right to send and receive diplomatic representatives
  4. 4.  Department of Defense: created by the National Security Act of 1947; responsible for safe guarding national security Civil Control of the Military: makes the President commander in chief and gives wide military powers to Congress Secretary of Defense: President’s chief aide in advisor in making and carrying out defense policy and operating head of defense department Chief Military Aides: five members of the joint chiefs of staff who serve as the principal military advisors to the secretary of defense and to the President of the National Security Counsel Military Departments:  Army: largest of the armed services, responsible for all military operations on land (up until recently women were not aloud to serve on the front lines or in combat positions)  Navy: responsible for sea warfare and defense  Marines: responsible for land missions pertaining to sea fleets  Air Force: responsible for all military operations in air and aerospace
  5. 5.  In the aftermath of WWII America saw advancements in transportation, medicine, weaponry, communications, electronics, etc. The C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency)  Created by Congress in 1947, under the direction of the National Security Council and a director appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate  Three major tasks of the C.I.A. include: coordinating information- gathering activities of all State, Defense, other federal agencies involved in the areas of foreign affairs and national defense, analysis, and evaluation of all data collected by the aforementioned agencies, and continual briefing of all updated statuses to the President and National Security Council of acquired intelligence  Although most of the foreign intelligence is obtained legally through public sources such as foreign newspapers, publications, radio broadcasts, travelers, satellite photos, etc. a large portion of the information is obtained through espionage (spying)  Although the C.I.A. can operate out of the realm of public scrutiny and
  6. 6.  The Department of Homeland Security  Established in 2002, began operation in 2003  Major responsibilities include: border and transportation security; infrastructure protection; emergency preparedness and response; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense; and information analysis (intelligence)  Main focus is the increasingly daunting task of protecting America from terrorism  Terrorism: use of violence to intimidate a government or a society, usually for political or biological reasons
  7. 7.  The space race first began with the launch of Sputnik I by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957 America then challenged the Soviet Union with their satellite Explorer I and the birth of their space program, NASA NASA has not only been beneficial in the space race, it has led to advances in astronomy, physics, communications, meteorology, medicine, and the environmental sciences since its development The permanently occupied space station, under the direction of Russia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the ten- nation European Space Center, and the United States, is a group effort to explore space with this advanced
  8. 8.  Whether you call it a draft or conscription, compulsory military service is a huge source of military man power. For years, the first several colonies and nine states after we became the United States required all able-bodied males to serve in the military, although Congress refused a national draft till 1917 with the Selective Service Act to draft men for WWI Drafts continued into WWII with the Selective Service and Training Act of 1940 and the draft policies would then be revised again in 1948 with another Selective Service Act The draft was for able-bodied young men between the ages of 18 ½ and 26 Although the power of the President to draft was ended in 1973, all males over the age of 18 must register, although the Congress who have to allow the President the authority to draft the young men registered
  9. 9.  With the development of all these foreign agencies we’ve taken it upon ourselves to invade any and all countries we feel need to change their ways and become a democracy. Unfortunately, although we see ourselves as a prime example of a functioning democracy, and a country where all people are free and equal, we are only fooling ourselves. It took us over 200 years to have equal rights for all people in our country, which is unacceptable in a democratic, free state. And frankly, equal rights are still not being upheld on a daily basis in this country. If we made interracial marriage legal, we need to make gay marriage legal nation wide and not make it a matter of religious morals
  10. 10.  We are so worried with fighting terrorism on our borders and on the front lines in foreign countries that we ignore the internal terrorism we see everyday. Terrorism is defined as use of violence to intimidate a government or a society, usually for political, biological, or religious reasons. People use violence everyday to intimidate each other in our country. Between gay bashing, hate crimes, police brutality, etc. we are only hurting ourselves. We strive to eliminate terrorism but, we fear other countries more than we fear ourselves. Although the acts may not be on as large a scale as foreign attacks they are still extremely harmful and deadly in nature.
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