Alternative Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Proposal
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Alternative Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Proposal






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Alternative Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Proposal Alternative Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Proposal Document Transcript

  • Introducing the Renewable Solar and Wind Alternative Renewable Energy Applications Proposal For The Southern and Eastern African Region
  • Introduction This proposal has been initiated by n-Trading a subsidiary of NWorks Group in collaboration with Solarin Holdings introducing one of the most significant and exciting renewable energy ever proposed in Southern and Eastern Africa. At the heart of this initiative, in light to • Global warming which is causing a rise in sea levels, and leading to a loss of coastal wetlands, erosion of shorelines, increased flooding in coastal areas, Local and regional climate shifts also having severe impacts on ecosystems and agriculture. • Increase in demand and rising costs of energy in Africa as a whole. N-Trading is proposing the use of Solar and Wind powered applications as an alternative to supplement the already existing traditional Hydro-electric, Nuclear, Thermal, Bio-Based systems. Economic development is closely related to the development of energy. Current energy supplies provided in Africa as a whole are associated with emissions which cause local, regional, and global environmental problems. Projections indicate that Africa’s energy demand will increase dramatically thus, there’s need for effective, efficient sustainable energy usage to contribute towards reducing adverse environmental impacts whilst moderating on the growth of energy demand. This initiative proposes solutions which ensure energy demands are met whilst achieving a huge cost saving in the import of energy as well as contributing significantly towards both the governments’ renewable energy targets and easing the global climate challenge. In addition, extensive application of Solarin’s innovative products and solutions which emphasize on sustainability consequently helps in making that real difference to people’s lives.
  • Solar and Wind applications can play a very important role in helping to meet basic energy needs in various sectors and fields through the use of modern innovative technologies. Solarin’s products and solutions for example have a wide spectrum of applications spanning Domestic and Home, Industry and Commerce, Military and Civic, Private and Public, Agriculture, Energy Utility companies, Mobile, Portable, and Automobile. The Alternative Energy Revolution Oil has been such a powerful lynch pin that it is hard to believe that its days of prominence maybe waning, but as demand for oil steadily increases and supplies are consumed, oil is in the fall of its life. In its place several array of technologies in the form of alternative energies exist. Wind and Solar as part of the emerging technologies of fuel cells and energy storage, the prospects over the long-term are bright. In short the Alternative revolution is underway. Worldwide economic growth is creating new pressures on conventional fuels that cant be met entirely by traditional energy sources. It’s hard to argue with the data. For example, In 2004 – worldwide energy consumption grew by 4.3% - a new annual record in volume terms. Oil consumption was 3.4% - the fastest increase since 1978. And 2004 was no freak occurrence. Agencies such as International Energy (IEA) predict a world-wide increase of over 50 % in primary energy demand in the next 20 or so years. When these statistics are broken down by region it becomes clear just how much more of it African nations need. Further to this just as growth in energy demand is accelerating, Africa is starting to face the prospects of limited production capacity. There’s a clear link between development and soaring global energy demand. But where will this energy come from? View slide
  • Despite several barriers and challenges in the adoption of renewable energy technologies just to mention a few which include • Economic and financial, • Awareness and Informational, • Technical, • Market, • Social, • Institutional and policy. Considerable solutions exist. In brief, economic and financial challenges can be tackled through active participation of the government, non-governmental organizations, donors, and banking and finance (credit facilities with low interest rates). Awareness and informational challenges can be tackled through effective public awareness and promotional programs. Technical challenges can be tackled through revising current manufacturing standards, specifications to include quality control and installation requirements. View slide
  • Proposed Applications n-Trading (in collaboration with Solarin Holdings) has a Vision of empowering African nations with innovative renewable energy solutions ultimately satisfying the growing needs of citizens within as well as developing their social and economic quality of life. Our vision means… being involved in promoting and ensuring extensive use of renewable energy applications and technologies as an alternative to supplement the growing global challenge. As a new player in the chain of advocacy and distribution of renewable energy applications we strive to work in synergy with players in various fields, industries, and sectors to provide cost effective solutions. These products and solutions are tailored to suit the needs of varied clientele which stretches across a wide spectrum of private and public users such as……. Imagine the Possibilities!
  • Domestic and Home Applications Hybrid Generator What is Revolutionary about the hybrid System? Seamless system that integrates solar, wind, and grid to supply steady power for your home/business A form of renewable energy, using sun and wind to produce energy. Capable of producing up to 150kw/hr/month. Lifetime investment. Are the qualities and efficacy of the Hybrid System Certified? Yes, by many renowned international bodies. What is Solar and Wind Hybrid System? Solar and Wind Hybrid Generator is a system that works by converting solar & wind energy into electrical energy. A hybrid system uses a combination of solar panels (to absorb sunlight) and wind turbines (to convert wind to electrical energy). Electrical energy converted is the stored in a deep cycle battery to ensure continuous use. However an inverter exists to convert DC power stored in the to AC. The hybrid system supplements cloud and no-wind days. It can be used to power your house, business, institution, and organization. Such a system is very useful in the event of a power failure and works in conjunction with the utility grid. Typical Solar and Wind Hybrid System Constituents Inverter Battery Solar Panel Wind Turbine
  • Wind Turbine Solar Panels Wind turbines, which are also known as Solar panels (photovoltaic panels) convert wind generators, produce electricity sunlight into electricity and can be from the wind. placed on the roof of a house, or Wind turbines come in many shapes and nearby, to gain the greatest access to sizes, and range from those that can the sun. They require virtually no produce small amounts of electricity maintenance, but dust or grime for small power demands like keeping accumulating on solar panels will boat batteries topped up, right up to reduce the output, so they should be huge machines that can run hundreds cleaned periodically. of homes. Choosing the best site for a wind turbine is important. You need an area with relatively high average wind speeds, with little or no turbulence. To achieve this, the turbine is normally mounted on a high tower well above all obstructions. Tower height ranges from 12 metres to 30 metres or more, depending on the site. A tower that is too short will provide disappointing results.
  • Inverter Battery Battery is used to store electrical energy Inverters change Direct Current (DC) to generated from the wind turbines Alternating Current (AC). and solar panels. Stand-Alone inverters can be used to Battery storage allows operation at night, convert DC from a battery to AC to during bad weather and full energy run electronic equipment, motors, availability in any climate during any appliances, etc. season. Synchronous Inverters can be used to Charge regulator prevents overcharging, convert the DC output of a and over discharging. photovoltaic module, a wind generator or a fuel cell to AC power to be connected to the utility grid. Multifunction inverters perform both functions.
  • Stand Alone Applications Stand Alone STA™ Everything in one complete package Line (STA), (Means that they are not connected to an electric utility. Provide electricity beyond power lines). Stand-alone solar electric power systems install easily for all types of standard or remote power needs, systems add a battery backup for uninterrupted power during utility blackouts or outages. Solar modules come with 25 year warranty, are hail- resistant, produce 120 watts DC power in full sunlight. Solar array sizes available from 8-40 modules, generate from 480-4000 watts of solar power in full sunlight, delivering up to 580 kWh/month (larger sizes also available) Rooftop mounting systems for all types of roofs (shingle, tile, flat), rated for 125 mph winds . DC-AC inverter continuously converts solar DC current into common household AC current, UL listed Battery bank of 4-40 kWh gives instantaneous backup power during utility blackout or outage, allows uninterrupted operation of important loads, is recharged each day by the solar array as long as the outage continues.
  • Solarin Water Heater Benefits of Solarin Water Heater Zero Operating Cost: SOLARin Water Heater generating hot water with zero cost at all the time Great Savings on Electricity: SOLARin Water Heater reduces work done by condenser of the split unit air-conditioner. Thus less wattage of electricity is consumed. Environment Friendly: By recycling the waste energy of the air-conditioner, the SOLARin Water Heater actually helps to converse the environment. Safe and Quite: The whole system does not have flame, exhaust, fume and rheating. It is also has no motor and any moving parts. Weather Resistant: Built from highly durable material, the product is strong enough to withstand any weather condition. Minimum Maintenance: Yearly general inspection as deemed necessary.
  • Solar Powered Washing Machine Advantages of the Staber System 2000 over Traditional Agitator Washers for the Alternative Energy User: Operates on sine-wave and modified sine- wave inverters without voiding Staber System 2000 Washing Machine warranty Models HXW2304, HXW2404 & HXW2504 Lower operating energy: only uses 110-150 watt-hours of electricity per wash The most efficient 18 lb. capacity washer cycle available. The System 2000 runs very Less water usage—the System 2000 saves efficiently, operating on only 110–150 around 25-40 total gallons of water watt-hours of electricity per wash per load load. It uses about 4-5 amps during Less detergent used because of less water; the wash cycle, and surges to about 7 save 75% of your detergent costs amps when the motor starts. Unlike other washing machine manufacturers, the warranty is not voided when used on a solar power source. This, while using only 16.5 gallons of water per load make the System 2000 the most energy efficient washer available and the best choice for consumers living "off- grid." The manufacturer recommends using a 1.5kW inverter at a minimum, to get the best "off grid" performance even though it will run on less power.
  • Solar Powered Freezer and Refrigerator Energy Efficient Refrigeration Save on costs with DC refrigerators and freezers. These high efficiency refrigerators and freezers have exceptionally low energy consumption requiring smaller, less expensive power systems and low operating expense. High quality construction provides excellent reliability and long life. Super-insulated cabinets feature 11cm of polyurethane insulation with powdered-coated galvanized steel exterior and aluminium interior. A zero maintenance, brushless, thermostatically controlled DC compressor operates on 12 or 24 VDC. A patented low-frost system reduces frost and moisture build-up for low maintenance. These chest-style refrigerators and freezers are easy to clean using the drain hole at the bottom of the unit. With thick insulation and a refrigeration system optimized for solar, these refrigerators and freezers provide outstanding economical and reliable operation. Low energy consumption is the key that allows these refrigerators and freezers to be cost effectively powered from solar, wind, fuel cells or batteries. This technology allows refrigeration in remote locations where it was previously unavailable or prohibitively expensive. These units are manufactured in a highly automated factory with stringent standards for quality and efficiency. Features: Runs on a single 75W module in most climates! 12 or 24 VDC with low voltage disconnect for battery protection Environmentally friendly CFC- free refrigerant (R-134a) Rugged scratch resistant galvanized steel exterior Easy to clean aluminium interior Lockable lid with interior light Patented low-frost system Automatic control with adjustable thermostat Baskets for food organization
  • Solarin Portable Charger The SOLARin laptop charger is the most complete solar charger for small electronic equipment on the market. Supplied with a full range of plug accessories, the Solar laptop charger is the perfect power solution for people on the go and can be used to power or charge the following electronic equipment: The Solar laptop charger will power any unit requiring less than 2W of power and will help run any unit over 2W when connecting multiple units together. Daisy-chaining one Solar charger unit with another will double the power output. The Solar charger unit can be used in all sunny conditions and will charge rechargeable batteries within 2-8 hours depending on the amount of sun exposure and battery type.
  • Mobile Solar Fridge The refrigeration system, designed to transport tree seedlings, is manufactured as a slip-in unit to be carried by a standard ¾ ton pick-up truck. The refrigerator was designed to be operated from the truck or using camper jacks refrigerator is removed from the truck and operated as an independent self contained unit. The success of the system is attributed to the development by Polar Products of a brushless DC motor driven compressor and the associated motor control. Operation is possible with any of several power input sources. The system can operate from vehicle or aircraft power, utility grid or generator power, or from photovoltaic and other alternative power sources.  The most promising applications include the storage of fish/food: on small islands for Eco tourism. Approx. 230 cubic feet internal volume. 470 peak watt photovoltaic array. Internal temperatures 45° to 55° F. A larger PV array is required for lower temperatures. There are numerous overseas applications for a large solar powered refrigerator or freezer, some examples include: Eco Tourism. For storing food and beverage at cottages and campsites catering to the adventure traveller (skin divers, fishermen, birdwatchers, hikers, nature photographers, etc.). Rural Schools. Improving student health/performance by increasing protein in their diet. Storage of fish, dairy products, and meat facilitates the program by reducing spoilage. Beer, Soft Drinks, Ice Cream. These items, of course, are not consumed warm. Most people adopt a brand of beverage at an early age and stay loyal to it through out their life. Making these products available to populations without electricity immediately establishes the product in the community. In time the community grows and electricity becomes available; sales of the product continue to grow because of early introduction. In most rural communities there are migrations to the urban cities and these new residents maintain their brand loyalty. Storage of Seafood and Meat. There are gourmet foods, which have a very high cash value and reducing their spoilage increases the community’s profits and possibly reduces over harvesting.
  • Insect Evictee Lamp Insect Eviction Lamp can evictee mosquito, reduce the frequency of mosquito bite, the effective range is about 6m square. Product Feature Wattage Range: 15W~25W Color: Yellow Evictee mosquito, reduce the frequency of mosquito bite, the effective range is about 6 meters radius Available on breeding farm lighting, camping lighting, barbeque lighting, home lighting and etc.
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications Solar and Wind (Hybrid) Powered Street Lights THE FIRST DESIGN IN THE WORLD AND LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN WIND TURBINE & SOLAR HYBRID STREET LIGHT SYSTEM 400WATT Solar and Wind Powered (Hybrid) Powered Street Lights Solar Street Lamp is use in conservation areas, remote homes, countryside roads, developing countries, caravan parks, farm tracks, stables, yards, car parks, industrial buildings, airfields, adaptable for other applications e.g. road sign, illumination, harbor side lighting, shore based, navigation lighting, and many more
  • Street Technology STREETLIGHT Technology SOLARIN’S Solar Streetlight is a commercial quality, solar powered lighting system for residential streets, parking lots and security lighting. Our systems are used by city park departments, homeowner's associations, farms, and storage facilities among others. Solar Lighting, Solar Outdoor Lighting, solar outdoor lighting, solar outdoor light, solar powered light SYSTEM OPERATION Solar panels Product Feature absorb the sun's rays and convert them Wattage Range: 15W~25W to electricity. The electricity is then Color: Yellow stored in batteries. A microprocessor Evictee mosquito, reduce the frequency of automates the functions of the system; it mosquito bite, the effective range is acts as a photocell, turning the light on about 6 meters radius at dusk; it is a timer, regulating the Available on breeding farm lighting, camping hours the light stays on; it regulates the lighting, barbeque lighting, home battery, preventing overcharging and lighting and etc. protecting against discharging. The system is able to operate for at least 5 consecutive days without sunlight.
  • Solar and Road Signage System Benefits of Solar Powered Visual Cues : Alert drivers to changing roadway and traffic conditions. With advance notice, drivers are able to make safe driving decisions. Extremely helpful aid for the growing, older drivers population. Why Are Visual Cues An Important Safety Strategy In The Next 15 Years ? The driving population is growing older and the in the roadway ( i.e curves , exits ), with enough time to process the information and make good driving decision. Solar Powered Visual cues help drivers make safe driving decisions. Visual cues – such as brighter, visible signs and road marking s…are becoming more important than ever due to our drivers attitude and population. Solar Powered roadway cues which promote safety, enhance traffic operations and increase drivers comfort in navigating the roadway. new drivers are getting too aggressive day by day.. Governments spends million to educate the drivers towards safety driving and also road safety awareness….but still… hundreds are kill during any festival seasons. This is an extremely an important point, because as people age, their ability to react slows down and their visual acuity declines. Drivers need to know about upcoming changes
  • Solar Powered Traffic Light Effective safety tools to alert drivers to changes in the and the traffic flow. What is a Roadway Solar Powered Visual Cue ? Solar Powered high density Highway lights, Street Lights, Traffic lights, directional markers, Retractable safety cones, Divider warning lights, Cat eyes, Pavement markers, Delineators, Rumble strips ( pavement marking over rumble strips) roadway signs. All of the items just mentioned are types of road way visual cues ALERT the Safety concerns ( i.e. approaching exit ). drivers and HELP them make All drivers need visual cues to alert them to informed, safe and appropriate upcoming driving conditions during the day driving decisions. and during the night. However, night time How Do Roadway Solar Powered Visual drivers are less able to see these visual cues – Cues Improve Roadway Safety.? whether it be a sign, a pavement markers or Roadway visual cues extremely important some other type of traffic control. tools to help drivers anticipate Reduced visibility is a major cause of night time changes in the roadway crashes. This is why solar powered signs, ( i.e. curves ), the traffic flow ( i.e work pavement markings and other traffic controls to zone delays ), and enhance the visibility of visual cues at night.
  • Industrial Applications Total Solar Solution THE NEW YORK RAILWAY STATION INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION For many years, solar energy has been the power supply of choice for industrial applications, where power is required at remote locations. This means in these applications that solar power is economic, without subsidy. Most systems in individual uses require a few kilowatts of power. The examples are powering repeater stations for microwave, TV and radio, telemetry and radio telephones. Solar energy is also frequently used on transportation signaling e.g. offshore navigation buoys, lighthouses, aircraft warning lights on pylons or structures, and increasingly in road traffic warning signals. Solar is used to power environmental and situation monitoring equipment and corrosion protection systems ( based on impressing a current ) for pipelines, well heads and bridges or other structures. As before, for larger electrical loads it can be cost effective to configure a hybrid power system that can link the PV with a small diesel generator. Solar greatest benefit here is that it is highly reliable and requires little maintenance so it’s ideal in places that are hard to get to.
  • Billboard Application Our design is free electricity to illuminate the billboard, the best applications for solar- powered signs are in remote or inaccessible locations, the middle of a public highway where you desire lighting without the expense of a new wiring feed. One example is a post- mounted, directional sign that's installed near a highway junction. Also, signs on medians, traffic islands, or at entrances to towns or residential developments may be cut off from standard power sources. Another situation is an old sign or pole with faulty underground wiring that can't be re-pulled. In this case, the cost to install new conduit and wiring across a long, paved area might be prohibitive. These are situations where solar-powered lighting provides cost-effective solutions. A nearby solar panel generates electricity and charges the batteries inside the sign. The batteries are connected to 35-watt HID light to operate the tubing. According to experiments, given the power limitations of solar systems, HID is a better choice for internal sign lighting because it consumes less power than fluorescent lamps.
  • High Density Highway Applications This solution is a special design for highway application. Extreme Light Application. It’s important to note, that this light applications is not the same as used on small roads, Park Lights and Pedestrians Lights. This lights is a special high density light, specially designed for highways. Normal Solar Power Street light is installed every 30 – 50 Meter, but this version is normally installed for every 100 – 200 Meter, as they are far more efficient. Therefore price comparison should not be per. unit but for Kilometre of High Way.
  • Agriculture Applications Water Pump Solution Solar Water Pump The Broader Picture on Sustainability When working to provide reliable water supplies in some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the world, international development bodies, aid organization, NGO’s and disaster relief groups need working partners they can rely on.In this unique field, it is crucial to be able to understand the broader perspectives and to have the experience needed to deal with the unexpected and the extreme. Through Solarin’s extensive reach, their experience and the technical capacity enables us to deal with even the most demanding problem complexes in the harshest possible conditions. Because we are represented right across the globe, we are always on the spot with know – how and resources familiar with local conditions. This means we can work to find solutions that meet even the most unusual requirements, and to Motor The SQFlex motor range comprises only one motor size, the Voltage Supply MSF 3 with max. power input ( P1 ) of 900 W. MSF 3 is a 3” The motor can be supplied with either AC or DC motor. The speed range for the motor is 500 – 3000 min-1 voltage. 30 – 300 VDC, PE or 1 x 90 – 240 V – depending on the power input and the load. The motor has 10% / +6%, 50 / 60 Hz, PE. been developed especially for the SQFlex system. IO 100 Switch Box The SQFlex motor has three internal limitations, The IO 100 is an on / off switch box designed for Max. power consumption ( P1 ) of 900 W closing and opening the system voltage supply. Max current of 7A IO 101 Switch Box Max speed of 3000 min-1. The IO 101 is an on / off switch box for closing and opening the system voltage supply.. The IO 101 is used with SQFlex systems supplied by solar panels and with a generator supply back up. IO 102 Breaker Box The IO 102 is an on / off switch box for closing and opening the system voltage supply. The IO 102 is used with wind-powered SQFlex systems or with SQFlex systems powered by wind and solar energy IO 102 makes it possible to slow down or stop the wind turbine.
  • Water Wherever, Whenever SQFlex improves the quality of life SQFlex submersible pump made a remarkable change to the way change to the way of life for the Abangtunga Community, near Durban in South Africa. The solar-driven SQFlex pump unit was installed at the boring that provides drinking water for 1,800 people. It replaced an electricity operated unit that was completely dependent on the unpredictable, unreliable and expensive local electricity supply. The efficiency, reliability and negligible running costs of this SQFlex installation made it possible to pump fresh ground water from the boring as and when required, and store it in two large 4,000 liter storage tanks. One was placed at the 300-pupil local school, making it possible to install a wash down toilet and SQFlex washbasins there. The SQFlex pump can be driven by This provides the children with an important basis for solar energy, wind energy or a improved health while they are growing up. Now the generator, or any combination of these. people of Abantunga Community never need to waste The pump can therefore be adapted to time going to the bore in vain, and can tap as much use any or all of the energy sources fresh water as they need. This has since encourage available at a particular location. other development initiatives, including a production Pumps from the SQFlex range are school, where both children and adults learn different easy to install, operate and maintain, trades and also earn money for their community by and are noted for their versatility. This makes SQFlex pumps ideal for installation in even the most barren and remote areas of the world. They are used for pumping water from Proven results depths of up to 120 meters. SOLARin development work on solar-driven pumps originally stemmed from a United Nations Development Programme requirement for a solar-powered pumping system. This was presented to the 24 top pump manufacturers in the world, but SOLARin proved to be the only company able to meet the rigorous UNDP requirements. A subsequent World Bank report on solar-powered pumping systems documented that the SOLARin design provided the greatest Overall Daily Efficiency as well as the lowest costs per day.
  • Energy and Supply Utility Companies Wind Farms Wind Solution
  • Military and Civic Applications Solar Tent Defense Systems Division
  • Military Solar Power Shade, Military Solar Quadrant
  • Portable Applications Portable Power, Portable Power Generation System INTRODUCTION Welcome to foldable solar charger, which have been developed by Denmark Solar Industry in accordance to the most recent technical finding. To guarantee risk free operation, it is necessary for you, as users, to observe the following instructions meticulously. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Your warranty claim will lapse for any damage cause through the non-observance of these instructions for use. We shall accept no liability for material damage or personal injury. Which is caused by incorrect handling or no-observance of safety instructions. In such cases, any warranty claim shall lapse. For reason of safety, any unauthorized conversion and or alteration to the foldable solar charger is not permitted. Please observe the instructions for correct commissioning of the foldable solar charger in commercial installations. PRODUCT INFORMATION Foldable solar charger is ideal for all vehicles and equipment in isolated situations where electrical power is not available. It trickles charges your battery and keeps your battery fully topped off. The trickle charging process revitalizes your battery by preventing deep discharge cycles that occur in dormant batteries. This prolong the life cycle of your battery. Starts your machine almost instantly.. It is a loyal backup power of your cell phone, GPRS, etc. while you are in expedition or going hiking.
  • Automobile Solar Powered Solar Powered Motorcycle, Solar Powered Scooter Features: 1) Motor power: 1,000W, 1,500W 2) Dry weight: 135kg 3) S peed: 55km/h 4) Range: 65km 5) Load capacity: 150kg 6) Type of motor: brushless hub motor 7) Rated voltage: 48V 8) Input voltage: 110-220V 9) Battery capacity: 48V 38Ah 10) Recharge: >450 11) Recharge time: 3-8h Outer 3- packing: Carton dimensions: 190 x 65 x 117cm