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About Visit Southern Africa
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About Visit Southern Africa


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Introducing Vacation Synergy initiative to facilitate tourism synergy between players in Southern Africa and Asia.

Introducing Vacation Synergy initiative to facilitate tourism synergy between players in Southern Africa and Asia.

Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. About Visit Southern Africa
  • 2. Visit Southern Africa is an initiative by N-Vacation a subsidiaryof NWorks Group to promote Southern Africa in the AseanRegion as a tourist destination, and to increase global awareness ofSouthern Africa as a tourist destination.
  • 3. Vision: Mission:In co-operation with our partners, we attract We want to bring Asean region recognition totourists to Southern African and enhance their Southern Africa for its engaging and easilyexperiences. accessible experiences all year round.
  • 4. Efforts & ActivitiesVisit Southern Africa is tasked with thefollowing the following primary objectives.MarketingVisit Southern Africa’s main focus is branding,marketing, and selling Southern Africa as a touristdestination. These efforts are intended to increaseawareness of and interest in Southern Africa.Marketing activities include engaging withtourists and tourists directly as well as conductinglarge-scale press campaigns.Examples of marketing tools and activities:VisitSouthernAfrica.bizThe cornerstone of the Visit Southern Africa’smarketing activities, the website will servetourists, the travel industry, meeting / conferenceplanners and the media.
  • 5. Efforts & Activities (2)Destination Development All year TourismVisit Southern Africa Program will be a synergy Focusing on the development of Namibia,between tour operators, industry partners within Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia andthe Asean and Southern Africa Region to Zimbabwe resort areas in order to attract newcontribute to improving competitiveness for target groups outside peak seasons.Southern African Tourism. Southern Africa Hosts Subjecting to transform travel industry employees into good hosts. The encounter between guest and host acts as a showcase for Southern Africa as an attractive destination, and ensures that the visitors to Southern Africa benefit from their experience.
  • 6. Focus on Markets and TourismMarketsVisit Southern Africa will implement marketingactivities through collaborative efforts with Aseantourism partners. These activities are determinedby the growth potential demonstrated by eachcountry with regard to Tourism in SouthernAfrica:Marketing Objective:“Southern Africa a destination perfect for youth,executives and families – a destination offeringfun appeal…life appeal…”· Inspire key target markets to travel and“Experience Life in the Sub Sahara region”.· Strategically position the Southern Africanregion to all parties but looking at middle income40-64 year olds with possibly a fly/drive interest.These Markets are:China, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • 7. Invitation to PartnersVisit Southern Africa is inviting you to be apartner of this programme:Tourism IndustryCarriers, Hotel Chains, Holiday Homes, CampingSites, Attractions, National Networks, etcTourism Promotion PartnersTourism Organisations, DestinationOrganisations, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies.Partners not Involved in the Tourism IndustryPromotion Partners, government organizationse.t.cEmail: