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Here is my presentation that corresponds with my formal address for CSP.

Here is my presentation that corresponds with my formal address for CSP.

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  • 1. Man on the Moon By: Marissa Langevin
  • 2. Colonizing the Moon
    Has been discussed amongst astronauts for over 50 years
    Decided that we will colonize the Moon before Mars
    The Moon is 238,857 miles away, Mars is between 36 million to 250 million miles away
    Could get to Moon in 3 weeks going at 500 MPH on a jetliner, 6 months going to Mars
  • 3. Apollo Missions
    Nine Apollo missions have been sent into space
    Seven missions hadmen land on the Moon
    The first two missions had to go back to Earth before landing
    First mission made 10 orbits around the Moon
    Second mission came within 50,000 feet of landing
  • 4. LCROSS “Shooting the Moon”
    Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) “shot the Moon” on October 9th, 2009
    Sent a satellite into the Cabeus A crater in search of ice by the southern lunar pole
    Found the ice, which can be chemically reduced to oxygen
  • 5. Spacesuits
    Help to regulate temperature and oxygen
    Will help to slow muscle atrophy and bone decalcification
    Takes 500 man-hours (2 ½ years) for one person with all the skills to make one space suit
    3 months with many other people
    All spacesuits are 3/16” thick, and made of 11 materials
    The materials are: ortho-fabric,aluminized mylar, neoprene-coated nylon, dacron, urethane-coated nylon, tricot, nylon/spandex, stainlesssteel, and high strength composite materials.
  • 6. Spacesuits (cont.)
    All spacesuits are taken apart after each mission, then reassembled for the next mission with different parts
    Apollo spacesuits weighed 180 pounds (30 lbs on Moon)
    Current spacesuits weigh 310 pounds (103.3 lbs on Moon)
    Spacesuits are only white because they reflect the sun’s light and heat
  • 7. When we might colonize
    Within the next 40-70 years
    No definite plans where on the Moon to colonize
    Would cost $10-20 billion per year to sustain the colony
  • 8. Pros of Colonizing
    Good vacation spot
    Great space observation location
    Rest stop for astronauts, place to refill rocket fuel
    Telephone‘s could be used on the Moon, with only a 3 second delay
  • 9. Cons of Colonizing
    No fertile soil for crops
    Lunar soil is extremely abrasive and toxic, and causes serious lung conditions
    Hospitals would have difficulty functioning on the Moon
  • 10. Health Risks
    Still developing children and young adults’ spines and digestive systems would grow to abnormal lengths
    Children would die before having offspring, results in end of human race
    Very poor blood circulation
  • 11. Marius Hill
    Enough oxygen to sustain a colony
    213 feet wide, 269 feet deep
    Volcanic crater in the Marius region
    Could lead to a breakthrough and help us find other craters nearby with oxygen
  • 12. Evolution to New Species
    Evolution is constantly occurring
    In space, humans would evolve into a completely new species
    Won’t be a need for spacesuits anymore
  • 13. Thank You for Watching
    To me, colonizing the Moon is an expensive and risky task that may cause more harm than good to the human race in the long-run.
    I hope you enjoyed my presentation