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Short Portfolio
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Short Portfolio


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  • 1. what if?(an interior design portfolio) jennifer langan 322 N. Cooper Avenue . Lockland, OH . 45215 513.505.3180
  • 2. what if I could be in a creative career that matched my creative interests? ske tch doodle a personal drawing sample
  • 3. what if I could use my skills to communicate ideas? hand rendering
  • 4. what if DeWalt Tools wanted to start a jewelry store? FRCH Worldwide provided a comprehensive immersion studio in to the world of retail and branding design. Confident in our abilities, they upped the challenge for the second half of the quarter. My challenge was to design a jewelry store under the DeWalt Tools brand. DON’T BE A TOOL. DeWALT’S line of men’s rings. TITANIUM . TUNGSTEN CARBIDE . CERAMIC GUARANTEED TOUGH. Challenge accepted. . . understanding the brand
  • 5. what if DeWalt Tools wanted to start a jewelry store? GUARANTEED TOUGH LEAVE IT ON A perfect combination of fresh innovative design, rugged quality and value, DeWALT Jewelry launches with a mission to produce highly durable, nearly indestructible performance rings with specifications that exceed those of any other ring...period. Exceptionally well designed, every feature of each piece of DeWALT Jewelry contributes not only to the handsome appearance of the piece, but the function of it as well. I designed a concept that would keep the DeWalt Tools brand position in tact, speak to their target consumer and expand their consumer base. Tough men’s rings... really tough. defining the market
  • 6. what if DeWalt Tools wanted to start a jewelry store? DeWALT Jewelry . STRENGTH IS IN THE DETAILS TOUGH TEST quality, not couture. The exterior of the store featured a glass box to peek in to which office repair housed the jewelry Repair Shop. cash This reinforced DeWalt’s position of showcase fit test having the consumer in a close and approachable relationship with the engraving Professional Grade Titanium Performance expert. The facade is held together with steel cable wrapped through tough test Upon entering the jewelry store, customers are faced with a “tough test.” Rings are tungsten mens rings. open sell mounted in vices on a counter. The customer can put the product to the test! creating the brand experience
  • 7. what if DeWalt Tools wanted to start a jewelry store? sparkling floor MATERIALS BODY LANGUAGE concrete yellow wool I designed these graphics for the DeWalt jewelry store to have a tough and emotional metal mesh feeling simultaneously. I also considered that the hands are the connection between DeWalt tools and DeWalt jewelry. The signage is, of course, hung from mens rings, reinforcing the brand. the signature dewalt colors of black and yellow become just fancy enough against a backdrop of stainless steel, Construction, with sparkle. titanium, welded joints and sparkling lights. These aren’t your typical display Engraving cases. Not only do the titanium rings station where act as hardware to hold up the cases, customers the whole display retracts in to the can program ceiling at night. words to be engraved on their rings and watch it be engraved. creating the brand experience
  • 8. what if JCPE I was asked to furnish outdoor spaces? 5710" 531"W Planning exterior and interior mall entrances: "W " 4 4 44 44 EXIT CORRIDOR While on co-op, I was involved in this project to re-design and coordinate the exterior and interior entries of a shopping mall. 209 2719 SF concrete paver or stained concrete treatment I helped choose the pavers that I chose the exterior and interior I worked on the visual illuminated entry pylons w/ JCDecaux graphics *red line indicates JCDecaux panel would be used and plan the install furniture, planters and accessories. presentation of the vision book RED ROBIN pattern to help facilitate foot Some of these were custom we to used communicate the ENTRY illuminated bollard fixture: D "W " traffic. pieces that I worked directly with furniture package. 3 10 46 62 vendors and manufacturers to PLANTER (P-3, 4, 5) & BENCH (B-2) GROUPING achieve. w/ recessed lighting fixture: E horsetail grasses in continuous planterRED ROBIN @ edge of stair pole mtd. luminaire fixture: A JC PENNEY ROADWAY & DECK PARKING entry portal JC PENNEY MALL linear ingrade wall wash PROJECT BENCH -( B-1) ENTRANCE fixture: F ENTRANCE fluorescent downlight in soffit fixture: C PLANTER - (P-1) SIDEWALK JC PENNEY ingrade landscape uplight JC PENNEY fixture: B (ABOVE) (ABOVE) 386"W planter 203 recessed fixture in seat walls and PROJECT BENCH (B-1) PLANTER (P-1) OCCASIONAL TABLE (T-1) 830 SF PLANTER (P-2) (grouped pots w/ grasses) 201 raised planter walls fixture: E entry portal 6786 SF PEDESTRIAN PLAZA seat groupings framed w/ horz. wood trellis wall NAILS TUUCI UMBRELLAS (AC-1) LOUNGE SOFA (S-1) & CHAIR (C-1) artificial turf seat wall LITTER* Paving is (TR-1) RECEPTACLE Diagrammatic. Paving TBD. wood deck w/ cafe seating & umbrellas JEWELERS raised bench seating SAMUELS ingrade uplight turf perimeter wall fixture: B UAP TURF ANIMAL SCULPTURES integral colored concrete pavers flourescent downlights recessed in soffit abv. (AC-2) or slab fixture: C VANS ENTRY A stone sculptures PLANTER (P-8) MALL ENTRANCE GARDEN COURT PLAN potted small flowering trees N SCALE: 1/16” = 1’-0” w/ uplights FRESH CHOICE PATIO PATIO play area ±1200 sf raised roof garden tray planter seat wall LANDSCAPE FORMS CAFE SEATING artificial turf area (T-3,C-3) 201 macys OCCASIONAL TABLE (T-2) 202 TEAK LOUNGE SOFA (S-1) & CHAIR (C-1) AND OCCASIONAL TABLE (T-1) reclad exstg. seat wall 2695 SF jcp 1311 SF sears illuminated bollards at perimeter HOULIHANS K204 macys of park fixture: D 3210"W 160"W I rendered these plans in Illustrator. SEARS internally illuminated pylons w/ 354" 568" 150 SF JCDecaux graphics * red line indicates T-MOBILE exstg. stairs JCDecaux panel new opening & stairs PLANTER (P-6) PROJECT BENCH (B-1)0"0"W ENTRY C - URBAN PARK PLAN macys N02 PATIO SCALE: 1/16” = 1’-0”00 SF jcp sears macys communicating the conceptLUE S
  • 9. what if I was asked to furnish outdoor spaces? Project Bench - (B-1) Lounge Chair - C-1 Sofa - S-1 Landscape Forms, Autstin Bench DM Braun Custom DM Braun Custom - Wood seat and back with powder coated metal frame. - Cushions optional - Cushions optional - Lounge set to be customized to raise seat height - Lounge set to be customized to raise seat height - Jatoba wood frame - Jatoba wood frame Occasional Table - T-1 DM Braun Custom - Powder coated metal frame with wood top. Planter - (P-1) Planter - (P-2) Litter - TR-1 Simply Planters, Madison Planter Custom fiberglass planter by Benchmark Landscape Forms, 35 Pitch Litter Recep- - Poly Resin Plastic tacle - Side loading DM Braun Custom - Powder coated metal - Jatoba wood table. Occasional Table - Alt.-1 creating the look
  • 10. what if I was asked to furnish outdoor spaces? Umbrella - (AC-1) Turf Forms - (AC-2) Planter (P-8) Tuuci UAP Stoneyard, Roman Pond - Artificial Turf -Fiberstone Planter (P-6) Custom by Stoneyard -Fiberstone with custom glaze. Cafe Table and Chair - (T-3) (C-3) Cafe Table and Chair Alternate Landscape Forms, Parc Centre Table and Chair Landscape Forms, Verona Chair - Powder coated metal - Powder coated metal -Solid surface table top optional - Marneaux table top creating the look
  • 11. what if I was asked to furnish outdoor spaces? Cluster Plan Bench - (B-2) Landscape Forms Custom Dimension 30” x 72” Jarrah Wood Custom planters and benches required working directly with vendors. Planter - (P-3, 4, 5) Planter & Bench Grouping Custom Square Planter creating the look
  • 12. 114what if STARBUCKS COFFEE 150 SF KAY JEWELE COMPANYasked to furnish a mall’s center court? I was 115 AEROPOSTALE BEBE SPORT 1149 SF GYMBOREE EXPRESS/LERNER H IA EL M D K107 129 ZB ON ER DS 6 SF 1857 SF G PAPAYA kiosk /car display 116 CAFE CHAIR (C-1) 1889 SF 128 127 BAR STOOL (C-2) LOUNGE CHAIR (C-1) 126 6’ 1976 SF 2725 SF 6’ 2590 SF PLANTER (P-1) 125 low tables tile 5441 SF 119 118 1084 SF low ADA bar height screen 13201 SF height tables screen queue new guest service 4 5.43" 1412 K108 100 SF K110 4 5.5 4" LOUNGE SOFA (S-1) 120 SF bar height carpet OCCASIONAL TABLE (T-1) screen LOUNGE SOFA (S-2)WIRELESS VERIZON I created the space planPCS WIRELESS and chose the furniture and finishes for this area. MACYS CENTER COURT - PLAN, sponsorship concept N SCALE: 1/16” = 1’-0” communicating the concept
  • 13. what if I was asked to furnish a mall’s center court? Lounge Chair (C-1) David Edwards Occsaional Table (T-1) Lounge Sofa (S-1) -Wood Frame with laminate inset Cumberland, Gala occasional table David Edwards - Crypton or vinyl upholstery - Wood frame and top -Wood frame with laminate inset - Crypton or vinyl upholstery Lounge Sofa (S-2) Bright Chair - Wood frame - Crypton or vinyl upholstery Occasional Table Alternate Cumberland.. Lisa occasional table - Powder coated metal frame - Laminate table top Cafe Chair and Barstool (C-2, 3) Planter (P-1) Niedermaier Cafe Tables (T-2, 3) Stylex - Cast resin fiberglass with - Powder coated metal frame with laminate -Aluminum Frame with wood finish satin white lacquer finish. or solid suface table top. creating the look
  • 14. what if I was asked to furnish a mall’s center court? Furniture package I put together for an interior shopping mall court. Finish board