7 Critical Mistakes When Building a List Through Solo Ads


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Leveraging someone else's list to build your own is one of the BEST ways to market. However, it's also one of the most costly. In the game of internet marketing, a big list is not always the best list.

A critical element of email marketing is the email follow up.

Watch the presentation to see how to run an effective solo ad campaign.

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7 Critical Mistakes When Building a List Through Solo Ads

  1. 1. 7 Critical MistakesWhen Building a ListThrough Solo Ads { By Lanell Beckles
  2. 2.  Fastest way to build list  Leveraging other’s list to build your own  Joint venture  Safe swaps  Guaranteed clicks (some vendors)  Buy whole list and pay little per lead (depending on elements of solo ad)  Scalable  Drive massive traffic FASTBenefits
  3. 3.  Costly  List may be unresponsive  Lots of elements to test  Expect low ROI in beginningChallenges
  4. 4.  Talk to provider first to ask about list  How is list built?  SEO  Buy list  Etc  Other offers similar to yours  Demographics of list  Responsiveness of list  Ask lots of questions so you can write the most compelling copy FOR THAT LIST!1. Communicate with Provider
  5. 5.  Build a niche specific list  A big list is not always the BEST list.  Look for responsiveness  Can be beneficial to run ads outside of niche, but must test before you scale  Build a list of buyers.  Not just a big list2. Running ads outside your niche
  6. 6.  Congruency is key to effective solo ad advertising  If first ad bombs, tell different elements.  Headline  Email copy  Capture page  List vendor  Etc.3. Not testing elements
  7. 7.  Negotiate price.  This is a business.  Ask about buyers list  Ask about smaller list for testing4. Price Bargaining
  8. 8.  Email is critical element many miss in solo ad advertising  Effective follow up communication stating benefits to new subscribers  Email everyday to list  Sometimes twice a day  Unsubscribes are GREAT!  Never were going to buy anyway5. No email follow up
  9. 9.  Use social proof in follow up  Blog post  Video  Social media  Pictures  Press Releases  Social proof is the one best ways to influence people.6. Not using social proof
  10. 10.  Two schools of thought here  Email list what they want (lots of offers)  Email list one offer (congruency)  I choose later because:  Congruency  Trust  Once people have bought, they will buy other products as well  Trust has been built.7. Sending too many offers
  11. 11.  Looking to build your list, but can’t find good solo ad providers  Join our community at Viral Success Network  Custom capture pages  Autoresponder  Banner Ad campaigns  Up to 1000 click solo ads  Other training tools to build your business.  http://bit.ly/16FgFw5Best Solo Ad Provider
  12. 12.  Training part of 6-hour webinar with other modules on how to build an effective solo ad campaign  Learn solo ad marketing to build your list FAST and create a slew of buyers on your list with these amazing email marketing tricks.  http://bit.ly/X2NrmyBest Marketing Materials
  13. 13.  Connect with me on Facebook  Link below  Other marketing tips to build your online automated business FAST!  http://www.facebook.com/lanell.becklesConnect With Lanell B.