Fighting Burnout While Fighting Demons


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Burnout is common in life. Here is an account of when I felt burnout, but through this one action step that anyone can take, I have found my enthusiasm to keep moving on. I have found the way to keep fighting through the obstacles. Inspirational...

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Fighting Burnout While Fighting Demons

  1. 1. February 6th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleLanell BecklesFighting Burnout WhileFighting DemonsI reached a revelation last nightwhile talking to my wife…It was the type of revelation that when voiced you feel as if youcan’t help, but succeed.Have you ever had a point in your life when you have reachedthe point of burnout and you can’t remember why you werereaching for the goal in the first place? I remembered the vision of what it was like when we were old a rich.It’s quite natural and I’m going to tell you why that happensafter the story… That vision is what will save my marriage and give me the strength to do the work it takes to repair.So my wife and I are repairing our marriage. It’s not so muchas it’s personal to us, but all marriages go through a point when This is the same magic that you can use in fighting burnout inyou hit some rough patches and you have to decide one of two your life or your business. We all have come to a point in ouroptions… life or our business where we forget exactly WHY we’re doing things. We know there is a reason, but over time that begins“Do I wanna quit and walk to fade through obstacles and pain in our struggles.away?” What I suggest that you do that can make a world of difference when fighting burnout through your demons is create a visionOr… and revisit that vision OFTEN.“Do I want to fight that How often?simple urge and know that my As often as you need to keep your focus on the prize. Tell me if you recognize this occurrence in business…outcome is within reach once Iclimb over this hill?”And so my wife and I were on the couch discussing how wewere going to repair our marriage. It had gotten to the pointwhere we were two people occupying the same house; not twopeople occupying the same life.A lot of the work that would have to be done to save themarriage would be on my part and that’s a daunting tasks. For the men who are reading this, do you feel that when arelationship goes south, that it’s your fault and you have to putin more work than she does? You start out on FIRE…Well that’s how I felt… You’re taking action…And then I remembered something VERY important thatchanged the way I viewed our marriage. …and then a whole bunch of monkey wrenches are thrown into your plan of action. You make it through the first few obstacles, but you wonder why you have to keep going through this. And then it hits you… Why are you doing this? What is the purpose of all this heartache? Well, it’s simple. Revisit your vision of what you are trying to accomplish and what will happen is your fire will begin to burn 1
  2. 2. February 6th, 2013 Published by: Rokadudleagain. It will begin to reignite and put you back on the path toyour goal or intention.Another suggestion that can be very helpful is to align yourselfwith like-minded people who will take part in helping you stayon your path.It’s one of the things I love about the Empower Network. Wouldn’t you like to get daily text reminders to your phoneabout WHY you are doing what you’re doing? The EmpowerNetwork understands the struggles of building your businessand encourages you to keeping fighting.Aren’t you ready to join to join a team that has YOUR bestinterest at heart and will guide you along the way? 2