6 Blog Writing Tips to Keep Your Readers Glued


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Writing is a skill that we all can get better at. Effective blog writing is key because if no one reads your post, then the information is lost.

This slide show is about how to present your information in a manner that's appealing to the eye...and assuming your content is useful, then these tips will help keep your readers glued to your post.

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6 Blog Writing Tips to Keep Your Readers Glued

  1. 1. 6 Blog Writing Tips toKeep Visitors Glued toYour SiteBy Lanell Beckles
  2. 2. Wanna Read This?
  3. 3. Or Read This?
  4. 4. Speed ReadingPeople don’t have timeCreate posts that can be skimmed.People are A.D.D. Give em what they want If they want details, make them subscribe.
  5. 5. Blog Writing Tips (Overview)1. Headline2. Killer first sentence3. More white space4. Typeface variation5. Link to other post on site6. Call to action
  6. 6. HeadlinePurpose To get them to click on your postMust be BOLD Controversial FunnyMust be informative Tell them what they’re going to get…without telling themYour headline is the honey of your post…get the beesto come sniff your honey.
  7. 7. Who has the best headline?
  8. 8. Your First Impression (Sentence)You got one chance to keep them reading… The first sentence.BE BOLD!!BE BRAVE!!Purpose of the first sentence is to get them to readthe second sentence and so on…Good tip Ask them a question… Gets people to find the answer in the post.
  9. 9. Good First Impression? Probably not?
  10. 10. More White SpaceStudies show that best-selling authors use morewhite space Invites readers to breeze through books.Blocky texts can be intimidating.Try bullet points Quick to read Straight to the point (remember ADD)Paragraphs should be more than a 2-3sentences and a few lines long.
  11. 11. TypefaceUse variations of bold, italics, and underlining tohighlight important points Helps people skimUse headers to categorize key points Also helps with SEO (h1, h2, h3)Different type fonts draw eyes to key points Lead your readers to the end of the post. Like a Hansel and Gretel
  12. 12. Leave a Trail…
  13. 13. Link to Other PostDon’t let your readers leave…Link to other popular post to follow the trail… Lowers bounce rate Keeps readers engaged. Makes you an expert
  14. 14. Call to Action (CTA)Tell readers what to do next Like Share Comment SubscribeDirect CTA “Click here and subscribe”Indirect CTA When you click the link, you will get access to my insider tips on…Creates loyal readers who come back.
  15. 15. I Command You… Like this slide show Share it Gimme some comment luv Go to my blog for more tips for beginner and intermediate bloggers.